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Strange Adult Theater Fun Part-1-of-1 I was feeling kind of horny and didn’t wanting to jerk off so I decided to go to a place where I’d heard a guy could get sucked off with no problem. In fact there were a couple places in town that was rumored would accommodate a guy’s cock. One was a bookstore with private viewing booths and a couple of glory holes. The other was a small adult... read more

Unleashed a beast Part-1-of-1 My wife Barbara and I’d been fantasizing and talking about swinging for a good while and it would really get things hot while having sex and talking about it. I created a profile on a lifestyle site and started looking around. At first when Barbara found out that I’d done this she was taken back but when she started checking out the site she warmed up to the... read more

The Rest Area Part-1-of-1 Before I gave my first blowjob, I’d had a few experiences with guys, where I played with one guy’s cock for a while before he stroked me off and another instance where I sucked a guy for just a little bit before he got me off. In both cases the guys seemed more satisfied than I was and I never got the chance to pursue taking another guy’s load. However, one night... read more

Ok, so for those who are avid readers of my content, you'll know who I'm talking about. George, Mr. 9", my best buddy. So, I'm here to tell you about my second time having anal sex with him. So, we were hanging out around the time of Canada Day, and I take over some booze. Hard liquer, we both like 40% stuff. I'm whiskey, he's gin. For some dumb reason we decided to both drink around 4... read more

My Ex-Girlfriend Barbara Part-1-of-1 So my ex-girlfriend, Barbara, dumped me recently. She said that the only way she'd even consider taking me back was if I at least tried giving a man a blowjob. While we dated, we had a very unorthodox and kinky relationship. Barbara was very dominant and thrived on taking control and seeing what she could get away with. I was straight and her... read more

In Paris, France, the famous people were there for nominate to see who win. There were lots of people attended in award place. Paparazzi were there, too. First time for hottest Muslim couple to get invitation from other people whom decided to nominate. They worked so hard to get their community feeling inspiring. They were successful about it as if they keep themselves to be positive and help... read more

My First Dick Part-1-of-1 I was eighteen years old and I was extremely nervous all day because I knew I was going to force myself to try it…a gloryhole. There was a place a few miles out of town called the XXX bookstore that was opened 24/7. My friends and I had gone in there a few times and one time when I went to use the restroom I saw a strange hall with a lot of doors on either... read more

In the Shower Part-1-of-1 My name is John. I’m nineteen years old and in college living away from home for the first time in my life. I've dated the same girl since I was fifteen and Wendy is thrilled that I’m now home for the summer. The problem is, I had my first gay experience while away and as much as I love her, these experiences were hot as hell and I get hard just thinking about them.... read more

The Porn Theater Part-1-of-1 While visiting in Fort Worth for a conference I met Kevin, another Houstonian. He was staying in a room near me so we quickly became friends and attended the conference and had dinner together. After dinner together, Kevin said, "Come with me, I know exactly what you need." . He drove me to Kennedale to the Log Cabin, a dingy little adult bookstore with a... read more

Kevin Part-1-of-1 My first time sucking a cock was when I was twenty. I’d been talking to this older man on line for a while and eventually he asked, “Would it be ok if I come to your location to meet you in person?” I said, “Yes, I’d be gladly for you to do that.” I was so fascinated by Kevin that we would often talk for hours on line about more than just sex, we’d also talk of such... read more

Originally posted with illustrative images on my blog . This is a real life love story of a guy who moved to a new city and shares a room with another guy. Follow the blog to read most recent incidents from his life and to see how the his roommate persuades him to fall in love and accept his love. ========================================== Thermo... read more

Originally posted with illustrative images on my blog . This is a real life love story of a guy who moved to a new city and shares a room with another guy. Follow the blog to read most recent incidents from his life and to see how the his roommate persuades him to fall in love and accept his love.... read more

Calvin Part-1-of-1 A few nights ago while having a little fun sex. Calvin, a friend’s name came up. We’d had him join us a couple times before and he has a big cock, over nine inches long, that my girl Linda really enjoyed. We decided to see if he wanted to stop by for a little fun. He of course said, “Yes,” and came over the next morning on his way to his mother’s house for a late... read more

Joe had already fucked my throat and asshole five times each at his mother's before and I wasn't done serving his monster 11 inch perfect ccck. I needed more. I was going to get a lot more than I bargained for and I ended up loving every bit of it. After he brutalized my ass and it did take only four days to recover and we both thought it would take a week. I'd impressed Daddy that... read more

Chris Part-1-of-1 I was forty-five years old when Chris, a guy who I’d been meeting with on regular basis for mutual oral, blew his load in my mouth. A little bit of history about myself, I’m bi and was sucking cock long before I could vote. However until that moment I’d never let any guy to cum in my mouth. I’m really not sure why all those years I never allowed guys to cum in my mouth.... read more

A True Story Part-1-of-1 . It was early afternoon when the phone rang. “Hello.” . “Is this Jason?” . I smiled, knowing immediate what he wanted because Jason was my cocksucking name. “Yes, what can I do for you?” . “Ugh … ugh …” I smiled to myself as he stuttered, obviously new at this. Then in shy voice went on, “I got this number off the wall.” . “The wall,” I asked, knowing... read more

It was my second year of college and thus, my second year of living away from home. My parents lived halfway across the country so I only saw them on major holidays, and usually only when I went to visit them. I didn't have a living arrangement for that. I was renting a room in a large three story house owned by a lovely older couple, Jon and Barbra. About 10 years ago, after Jon... read more

college fun

by bitwiceasgood

Apr 05, 2016

my wife and i have had many great experiences in the course of our swinging bi-life; we met at a party that involved my college buds and a few guests, one of whom brought her. after plenty of beer, most of us got naked and i quickly started sucking cock. during a break in the action, she came over and asked if i would suck off her straight boyfriend while she watched. i laughed and... read more

The Truck Stop Part-1-of-1 For those who didn’t read my first story let me introduce myself again. I’m in my mid-thirties and just an average guy. I’m married, six-feet tall, one hundred and eighty-five pounds, with dirty-blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Some say that they’re bedroom eyes. I’d found my first glory hole in a nearby truck stop out on the interstate. It was off I-20... read more

My FirstPart-1-of-1As my husband, Calvin and I pulled up to the front of the building i was as nervous as you could get. Having heard about some of the things that go on in glory holes I was nervous about who and what i might find.I was the only woman in there and I felt like every eye in the place was on me.After walking around and looking at all the myrid of dildos and books,... read more

Pool PartyPart-1-of-1.I made my public debut as a cocksucker in front of seven of my best friends and this is how it happened. My girlfriend, Linda and I were at a pool party with three other couples. Tony and Sandra owned the place. They’d been friends for years with Linda and me, Bruce and Paige, and Gene and Barbara..We had a great afternoon of swimming and sunning. None of us... read more

Because I Wanted toPart-2-of-2I still sat out on the deck and watch him stretch his lithesome body and then like a gazelle run out of sight down the beach until he was out of sight. Then I would sit on the deck counting my blessings until he came back into sight. Then I’d watch in awe as he ran. Anyone who saw my face as I watch the rippling of his sleek muscles as he jogged up the stairs... read more

Because I Wanted toPart-1-of-2I’ve read all kinds of stories on line about guys who were coerced into sucking dicks by a boyhood friend-an older relative-trusted family friend or what have...a myriad of reason too numerous to list. I can’t use any of those excuses. The truth is I started sucking dicks because I wanted too. That’s right, no one tricked me into it or anything like that I did... read more

Mr. Clean!

by GarysRightHandMan

Jan 26, 2016

Mr. CleanThis is a true encounter with an amazing otherwise straight man!June 30, 2016 7:17PM“Great Ad. Finally another guy that knows what he wants and needs!Yes, I am an insatiable cock sucker. VERY discrete and am able to host. I am available Monday through Friday before 7:30AM or after 5:30PM, weekends I am mostly around but do like to get out of town on occasion. I am 54 five foot... read more

This is a true story. Names have been changed, but the storyline is true and real. Keith became a regular visitor to my apartment as the weeks and months passed. The more he and Teri argued, the more I was on my knees sucking this straight mother fuckers hot cock! Keith was a cum-machine. I never met a dude that was able to recharge and shoot load after load the way Keith did. Keith would... read more

The Reunion Part-1-of-1.I used to see Tyler very regularly. We are both married and both very bi. But I haven’t seen him in a number of years thanks to a job transfer. Yesterday, out of the blue, I got an email from him telling me that he was in town and that he wanted to see me..I was as nervous as a teenager on his first date, worrying about what to wear, had I aged well, would he... read more

Hello there boys (and maybe girls who like reading gay shit??? lol), I've got a story for you that will rock your cocks (or your vaginas???) off. I recently found out and came out to a lot of my friends that I am openly bisexual. I would fuck any single one of them if they needed some sex in their life. I found this out by starting a D club with my best friend George (read my first story,... read more

So, I'm a bisexual 19-year-old who wants sex like nothing else in the world at this point in his life so I want either a girl or a boy to ravage my virginity out of me. My cock throbs for both sexes, but I'm definitely more curious about penetration. More specifically, my own. I've got a friend (who is 19 pls don't sue me), let's call him George to protect the innocent. He has the most... read more

My husband was gay Part-1-of-1.I married my husband, Curtis when I was 19 and he was 22. Curtis had been blessed with a large cock that was 8-inches long and 5-inches around, the perfect size for sucking. He loved his cock which he felt wasn’t too big but bigger than most. One look at it and I wanted to suck it. .Curtis stood 6-foot 2, 220lb, with broad shoulders, and a soft fury... read more


In Paris, France, there were two hot guys just came out of the ice cream store as they licked it. They brought it after their lunch time. Anything was so romancing about them as if they loved each other. Paris may be known as it called city of love. However, French-Vietnamese Twink-size guy named Exiqu Sano described to be 5’ tall, long black-haired, and aged 31 years old. His dream job was... read more

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