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In Paris, France, the famous people were there for nominate to see who win. There were lots of people attended in award place. Paparazzi were there, too. First time for hottest Muslim couple to get invitation from other people whom decided to nominate. They worked so hard to get their community feeling inspiring. They were successful about it as if they keep themselves to be positive and help... read more

On a recent business trip, I had put in a full day of consulting for a long-term client. I decided to catch an early dinner, then back to my Jacuzzi suite at the hotel for an evening of relaxation. Perhaps even pleasure. I chose a sports bar, for it was 1/2 way from client to hotel, and I wanted to eat a light dinner (e.g., sandwich). When I entered the establishment, I noted it was very busy.... read more

My First Dick Part-1-of-1 I was eighteen years old and I was extremely nervous all day because I knew I was going to force myself to try it…a gloryhole. There was a place a few miles out of town called the XXX bookstore that was opened 24/7. My friends and I had gone in there a few times and one time when I went to use the restroom I saw a strange hall with a lot of doors on either... read more

In the Shower Part-1-of-1 My name is John. I’m nineteen years old and in college living away from home for the first time in my life. I've dated the same girl since I was fifteen and Wendy is thrilled that I’m now home for the summer. The problem is, I had my first gay experience while away and as much as I love her, these experiences were hot as hell and I get hard just thinking about them.... read more

Mein geiler Vater

by mexxx

Jul 30, 2016

Mein Rückweg von der Schule führte mich wie immer am Nachmittag, an einem Waldstück vorbei. Heute hielt ich wieder einmal mit meinem Velo an, um eine kurze Pause einzulegen. Ich setzte mich an einem Baum und dachte so über ein kleines Erlebnis in diesem Wald nach. Ab und zu kommen ein paar schwule Velofahrer hierher. Und mir hat einer mal meinen Schwanz gesaugt. Viel habe ich ja noch... read more

In my younger years sex was not even thought of due to heavy brainwashing and religious indoctrination and I was a very late bloomer to enjoying the pleasures of sexual activity. I had a part-time job working for a florist over busy holidays. My first day was Wednesday of Holy Week and it was mainly to show me what I will be doing. The shop was a one-man operation although there was a... read more

Best friends dad

by dik8inch

Jul 23, 2016

so me and my friend (ross) went clubbing one night drank to much like you always do i was staying at his that night around 3 in the morning we went and got some food and headed back to his house we sat on the sofa eating our food laughing at silly things and woke his day up so he come down told us to keep it down we both said okay and that was that we both had finished our food so we headed up to... read more

There was a nice big yacht at the marina in Florida before they celebrating the holiday that called Independence Day tonight, 5 male people arrived there and entered into his to party. The owner sailed away from the deck to get there and then, stopped itself in the water area. The sky got darker and darker but it was nice feeling from the air that blew away those men’s exposed skin while they... read more

Irgendwie überkam mich dann doch ein etwas mulmiges Gefühl, als ich nur noch wenige Kilometer von dem verabredeten Treffpunkt entfernt war. Ich war gerade 19 und auf dem Weg zu einem Parkplatz am Badesee, an dem ich nie zuvor war. Da ich nicht einschätzen könnte, wie lange ich für den Weg brauchen würde, war ich also etwas früh dran. "Das ist auch gut so." dachte ich mir "So bleibt mir... read more

Originally posted with illustrative images on my blog . This is a real life love story of a guy who moved to a new city and shares a room with another guy. Follow the blog to read most recent incidents from his life and to see how the his roommate persuades him to fall in love and accept his love. ========================================== Thermo... read more

I am an Asian guy, 5.5 ft, 187 lb, Malay guy to be exactly and I live in Malaysia. I am exposed to gay sex since I was 16 and now I am 27. For almost ten years I am a top, fucking a lot of men and spreading my juice in their ass. However, everything was changed when I met a guy that now becoming my life partner. He is dark skin, 5.5 ft, 176 lb and also Malay like me. I found him in Growlr app... read more

There was gym that named “McFit” in Austria on Monday at early morning as 3am, the guy did his biceps and legs sessions for two hours from Monday to Friday. He worked hard for himself on good cause like he made his charm on anyone to get good feeling for hang out with. His name was Michael. His appearance was to be 6’ tall blonde [shaved] athletic-looking Caucasian that aged 25 years old. He was... read more

There was well-decorated small town in North Carolina, it was about 7,000 for population to live. It didn’t have a lot of shopping but it was laid-back atmosphere as well. It had nice feeling from cool weather due by spring season. To meet few of people who live in this town, there was Will that was described to be 5’10” athletic brunette Caucasian. His body would be lean fit. He liked to... read more

Mike,is in his early 30s,W,5:10,190lbs,6cut, He has no problem with the lady's. One Saturday he stop by his brother & his partner house his brother is gay. They was having a barbecue and had company about 15 guy friends. Some Mike, knew and some he didn't. His brother & partner wanted Mike,to stay and have a good time. Every body was having a great time. Some was in the pool,Some playing... read more

Victor Several years ago my best friend, Victor…Vic for short came to visit from out-of-state, from Arizona actually. We’d been best friends since middle school. One drunken Saturday afternoon after many years of being very curious about it I decided to make my move. I said, “Hey I have been watching gay porn on the internet and it is really hot. Do you think that’s queer?” Much to my... read more

Sucking Shawn’s Cock Part-1-of-1 . What’s wrong with me? I’m str8 guy but can’t I stop sucking my friends cock. It all started with me having a huge thing for my best friend Shawn’s girlfriend. Linda was 5-foot 5, 120 lbs. and very sexual. And best of all she loved to suck cock more than anything. Shawn dated her for 2 yrs. A year after I got to spend 2 weeks fucking her. She took my... read more

Paddling out

by RolfUdo

Apr 16, 2016

Mit kräftigen Armen schwang ich das Paddel durch das grünliche Wasser des Baggersees. Es waren Ferien. Ich hatte die elfte Klasse und vor einem Monat den achtzehnten Geburtstag hinter mir. Nun wollte ich erst einmal zwei Wochen ausspannen. Das Wetter war gut. Blauer Himmel, in den Morgenstunden noch nicht allzu heiß. Ein laues Lüftchen wehte von Osten und versprach weiterhin gutes Wetter. Mein... read more

FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE FURLONGS' PART 1 by Robert Furlong === === The first night I slept with my twenty-year-old cousin Jake, the two of us snuggled up arms around each other in his double bed, confirmed to me that I was more into guys than I was into girls. It just felt so right to be close to another dude like that, our two big... read more

Am I Queer? Part-1-of-1 FYI: This is more or less a true story. Because the story took place in the 60s before the term ‘gay’ started to be used for homosexuals the term ‘queer’ is used. It isn’t meant to be derogatory just accurate for the times. When I was a young man I used to hitchhike a lot because I had no other mode of transportation. I came from a poor background and hitching gave... read more

An acquired taste Part-1-of-1 Our sex life seemed great before Barbara and I got married and even for a couple of years after and then it happened, our sex life began to dwindle. Despite that Barbara wanted to just ignore that our sex life was becoming more mundane and distant as time progressed, I tried to communicate with her. I think the problem was that we’d just gotten bored with each... read more

FURTHER INTO THE FURLONGS PART 2by Robert was still a bit offish with me next morning, giving me a wide berth in the house and keeping conversation to a minimum. After lunch we went to meet a couple of his mates and I thought he might be a dork by dissing me in front of them and taking the piss out of my... read more

I was in my late 20's and in the middle of a divorce. Sex was hard to come by so I was doing a lot of masturbating. Since it was before internet porn I had to buy magazines at the local adult bookstore. The pictures in the magazines were good but there just weren't very many of them. So much of my time was spent reading the "letters" that were printed. A lot of those stories got me off... read more

Ive been sucking cock for thirty years ever since some dirty old man caught me looking at his big cock and told me to get on my knees and suck him off. I couldn't believe how much it turned me on to be used like some slut by an old man in public and he could see it and started calling me a filthy little cocksucking faggot. I was so turned on I shot my load all over the floor without... read more

The Return Visit Part-1-of-1 I've visited our local adult bookstore several times now, usually only when my wife Barbara is out of town. I'm not sure I could think up any excuse good enough to explain to her why I wanted to head out late in the evening, alone, and without needing anything at the store. Last Friday night happened to be one of those rare occasions. She was out of town for the... read more

My FirstPart-1-of-1As my husband, Calvin and I pulled up to the front of the building i was as nervous as you could get. Having heard about some of the things that go on in glory holes I was nervous about who and what i might find.I was the only woman in there and I felt like every eye in the place was on me.After walking around and looking at all the myrid of dildos and books,... read more

Chapter 2The PartyAt the end of their successful meeting Serge invited Adrian and of course Daniel to a party at the home of his employer for that evening. It was an event with a large number of people invited from the arts and business community artists, buyers and supporters of the arts and some musicians and a few from the theatre community. Adrian and Daniel arrived together and Daniel... read more

Straight Young GuyPart-1-of-1.I’m into giving head to guys in their late teens and early twenties. Straight guys of that age range make me especially horny. I responded to an ad I saw on line last Thursday of a straight young married guy looking for a first time m4m experience and his location was my neighborhood. I wrote back and offered to give him his first man to man blowjob. I was kind... read more

My First Gloryhole Part-1-of-1Back in 1984 I made my first trip to an adult bookstore. It was in Kennedale, a suburb of Fort Worth. I was very curious about seeing my first porn movie and the life behind the other side of the bookstore. When I walked in the front door I could smell the disinfectant odor that permeated the building, a smell that told me I was in the right place.The... read more

WHAT HAPPENED IN HARVEY'S ROOMPART 1: CIRCLE JERKby Robert five of us gathered round Harvey's laptop, pulled our dicks out and he loaded up the movie so we could all wank off to it.I was new to the academy and I'd never been in a circle jerk before, so it seemed funny and horny at the same time for us... read more

So, my best friend has this beautiful circumcised gigantic 9... read more

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