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They would always tell Matthew to repent and to beg forgiveness for his unnatural lustful sin but he didn't listen. Matt had died in a car accident and now he woke up in a place with black skies, ruined cities, and bodies of lava with sharp air that could cut lungs. He knew this was hell, the ACTUAL HELL of the of that stupid church book Christians would force down his throat. Matthew was... read more


Military Circumcision

by willow1

Sep 30, 2015

I went to join the army,There I wanted to be able to build my character, find discipline, and serve my nation. After saying goodbye to my folks, I boarded the spaceship and it took us to bootcamp. Of course, as we expected the first thing we did was go for a medical. All of us stripped, and exposed our naked bodies to everyone. The doctor came and gave us the instructions “all of you are to... read more

I was born in the USA so my parents had me circumcised when I was an infant. Even though my parents told me I screamed at the top of my lungs during the operation, I don’t recall the surgery or remember the pain I went through. I grew up like every other kid in the neighborhood running the streets without a care in the world. After everything that I had gone through, I can recall and... read more


All events are … surprise, not based an real events or real people. There is Male/Male sex and later even incest in this story so if you're not 18 or older than pleaseleave, but than again … I can't stop you.This is my first try to write an erotic story (and English not being my native language doesn't makeit easier) so please feel free to comment, suggest and criticize just... read more


Im Keller wurde ich von einem Wärter empfangen und wortlos wieder in den stickigen Raum gebracht, wo die Käfige standen. Mehrere Jungs erkannte ich wieder, und ich konnte trotz der dämmrigen Dunkelheit erkennen, wo sie es in den engen Käfigen miteinander trieben. Dann erreichten wir einen besonders engen Käfig, und der Wärter befahl mir hineinzukriechen. Erfreut sah ich, dass ich zumindest im... read more

Zu viel Muskeln?

by LoveToBang

Nov 27, 2012

Disclaimer: Alle Personen sind bereits 18 Jahre alt und wissen, was sie tun. Es ist reine Fiktion, Ähnlichkeiten mit irgendwelchen Personen sind Zufall.Marc sah mit einem letzten traurigen Blick in die frisch installierte Webcam, er hatte sie extra für diesen Tag gekauft. Dann wandte er sich um und besah sich nochmal den Inhalt des kleinen Kartons, welcher auf seinem Bett lag. Auf einem... read more

I went to the police station and it was all I could do not to break down there. I left and went home I had to make one of the most difficult phone calls in my life. I got home and called Justin's parents, His mom answered the phone.... read more

“They’re finally ready... Cody, Ryanand Leo”, The Scientist replied, making some notes briefly on hisclipboard, and then asked, “But where will you keep all three clones, Sir?” “An Island”, I answered, “A little one just offMaldives... Tell me, Doctor, why did you need so many of my pictures, a videoof me, and even a sample of my DNA? How am I a part of their creation?” “We... read more

That evening, 18-year-old Troye managed to sneak out to take his new humanoid robot Rambo for a test. He ran down the block with Rambo following. Troye then hid around the corner of one of the buildings which stretched up majestically, lost in the misty city night-sky. Rambo stopped at the corner and looked around for Troye. After a few seconds, he discovered where Troye was hiding, and... read more

Shepard kann nicht schlafen. Er wälzt sich schon die halbe Nacht hin und her. Schließlich steht er auf und geht auf den Balkon vor seinem Schlafraum. Er ist nackt und genießt die frische Luft. Shepard fühlt plötzlich, dass er nicht alleine ist und dreht sich um. Richtig. Im Schatten steht Tain, der Wraith und tritt ins Licht, als John ihn hat atmen hören. John tritt einen Schritt zurück.... read more

I took a moment to pause at the window in order to catch a cool breeze. The heat in the palace forge was stifling and I was so hot the sweat was dripping off me freely, and my robes were soaked. I turned back to face the room, and my bodyguards immediately caught my eyes first, a regular occurrence. Of course, considering their massive frames, it was hard to miss them. The guards were both... read more

That night, Max managed to sneek out to take his new robot Atom for a test. He ran down the block with Atom following. Max then hid around the corner of one of the buildings which stretched up majesti... read more


C H A P T E R O N ET H E Q U I E TTHE QUIET snatched Andrew Dominguez from sleep. Normally he heard noises: voices from the TV, cars coming in and out of the apartment complex, the neighbors’ loud music, or Russell’s soft snoring beside him. Even in a state of deep sleep, Andrew heard things from the outside world. Now he could hear nothing at all and instinctively, he knew... read more

Tel’Coons Arschloch ist plötzlich leer, aber noch immer weit aufgerissen. Er spürt einen kühlen Luftzug in seinem Loch. Lamaar und Maarker hatten eben noch ihre Schwänze in Shepards Maul, doch der ist verschwunden und Ford hält nicht mehr John Steifen in den Händen…Ford und die G’Laner sehen sich erstaunt an. Shepard und Ronon sind verschwunden. Es gibt keine Spur von ihnen…Während... read more

Roman Curse 1B

by himeros

May 14, 2011

If you like my story, please DO email me at hectorhimeros2010[at]gmail[dot]com Good response from you urges me to write more stories for you.SYNOPSIS: A mysterious Hispanic man, named Diego, showed up in front of Bassianus' - a Roman senator - house. Out of the blue, he claimed to know about Bassianus' plan to assassinate Emperor Constantine and offered his help. But Bassianus' centurions... read more

Roman Curse 1A

by himeros

May 10, 2011

If you like my story, please DO email me at hectorhimeros2010[at]gmail[dot]com SYNOPSIS:A mysterious Hispanic man, named Diego, showed up in front of Bassianus' - a Roman senator - house. Out of the blue, he claimed to know about Bassianus' plan to assassinate Emperor Constantine and offered his help. But Bassianus' centurions captured and tortured Diego, fearing that he was Constantine's... read more


Major John Shepard steht auf knackige Jungs, deren festen Ärsche und große Schwänze. Seitdem er zum Stargate-Team gehört und auf Atlantis seinen Dienst tut, hat er schon so manchen Geilkerl gevögelt und sich selbst ordentlich ficken lassen, wenn er durch das Gate auf fremde Planeten gereist ist.Heute ist wieder so ein Tag. John spürt es bereits in seinem Schwanz – ein herrliches Ziehen.... read more

Alex lay on his back, completely unconscious and unaware of his surroundings. His naked body was positioned on a dark green table with his feet apart. Touching a console, his captor observed a small electronic screen, checking readings. He was sure Alex would remain unconscious—the drugs feeding in from the table were very potent. After entering a few commands onto the screen,... read more


Spellbound, Part 4:“Wow.” Chris deadpanned.“You needed to know Chris, even if it freaks you out. As I said, our most binding law is to never cause harm with our magick. We have the ability to shape the world to our will Christian. And in eons past, we did. The Grand Canyon? That was one of us having a temper tantrum, so far in the past that even our records no longer hold their name.... read more

You know a good deed just keeps propagating itself...... read more

How a old trucker took on a new life as a were... read more

Clan of the Bear

by biker.bear

Jun 16, 2009

Story of a bear who finally decides that there are more things in life... read more

Spellbound Continued... read more

Jimmy was rich but he did not have everything he wanted.... read more

Peter was the average kid at his high school...... read more

Spellbound, Part 2: All Steve got was that one thrust, and Chris was torn up about that for a long time after, before he burst through the door. Chris slammed his way into Niko's room, livid with rage. Rage at himself for waiting as long as he had. Rage at Steve for violating someone this way. And Chris was filled with a perverse envy that Steve had gotten to be with Niko, that Steve was... read more

Chris is an all amerian str8 boy. But in one night his whole world will change, forever.... read more


Wesley's First Duty

by hbjockorg

Jul 13, 2008

*From an old collection of net stories* What follows is a story about the REAL Wesley Crusher. Wesley is NOT this young, hot stud who could dominate and fuck the likes of River Phoenix or anyone else for that matter. Wesley is a dweeb who dreams of being popular at any cost and who fantasizes about getting fucked silly. For all you Trekkies, this story loosely follows the real TNG... read more

Saturnicus, Part 2


Jun 22, 2008

As they came closer, Buck saw their heads tilting and their faces moving as they were sniffing at the air between them, testing each others tantalizing odors. He stared, mesmerized by the picture box while he was amazed by their silent communication, neither one uttering a word, yet seeming to understand their silent language. The intruder grasped the exercise bar with both hands and stretched... read more



Jun 21, 2008

By Keith Christensen A slow steady roll of thunder rumbled across the horizon and a huge grey mass of clouds covered the already darkening sky. “Damn,” I thought, “If I get soaking wet out here I’ll really be pissed-off. This job is miserable enough.” Because of a useless degree I had once achieved in animal husbandry, I’d been taken from a comfortable job in agriculture and been... read more

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