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Jun 16, 2024

Jamie Lays Luke

by Hot College Fucks

From the moment he saw Jamie, Luke wanted to have her. He knew that if she just let him give her a taste of what he has to offer that she wouldn’t regret it. After all, Luke doesn’t have a problem getting laid, and he’s never had to beg a girl for another go rather the other way around! His chiseled, abs, gorgeous cock, and affinity to satisfy even the hardest to please partners makes him the ideal guy for our sultry coed who’s always looking for that perfect fuck. Luke doesn’t hold back a single second. From the start their eyes lock and the intimacy and mutual attraction is undeniable. She begs to be fucked and he gives it to her with all he’s got. His cock is hardest than it’s ever been with a girl. He pounds her for a sweaty marathon sex session that leaves them both exhausted and happy!

By Hot College Fucks

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Jun 15, 2024

Loaded: Give It To Me Raw!

by Raging Stallion

Vacation sex between lovers on a great big bed can be the best, and what better way to make a new friend than for beefy uncut muscle daddy Wade Wolfgar to offer up his eager-to-please playmate Jake Nicola's obedient hole to their tall and well-hung buddy Julian Gray? With a submissive gleam in his eye, a boyish face on a man's body and a willing whimper, woofy bear cub Jake can take it like a champ and surrenders his eager raw ass, especially when Julian swaps out and Wade dominates him bareback, plowing Jake on his back and all fours. The huge grin on his mug speaks loads as Jake happily takes Wade to the hilt and deepthroats Julian. Soon it's Julian's turn to get impaled, and Jake rolls over to show off his impressive tool. Julian squats down and rides Jake hard, opening his own hole and priming it for Wade's even bigger trade.

By Raging Stallion

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Jun 15, 2024

Bradley's Massage

by Spunk Worthy

I'd been hoping to hear from Bradley again. A few months had gone by since his solo shoot before he sent a text late one night recently: "Hey, man. Can we do that massage video this weekend?" Of course, I was ready as soon as he said the word. And, so it seemed, was Bradley. After he showed up and we got to talking, I could see the bulge swelling from behind his jeans. Even though he's married, Bradley has a sex drive that is always on. Bradley had actually gotten a happy ending massage once before. Not by going to a parlor while on deployment like a lot of the military guys, but he was hit up by a guy who offered him some cash to rub him down. "I didn't even know what a 'happy ending' was until we got to the fun stuff," Bradley said with a laugh.

By Spunk Worthy

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Jun 15, 2024

Trace Parkerz & Mitch O'Brien

by Treasure Island Media

Trace Parkerz has a big meaty thick dick that would open up any tight hole. Mitch O'Brien spreads his cheeks and moans as Trace pushes in and fucks til he nuts.

By Treasure Island Media

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Jun 15, 2024

Falcon 1971

by Falcon Studios

With the Miami sun beaming down on them, muscle men Joseph Hart and Johnny Donovan are eager to recreate Falcon Studios' aquatic 'Champs' hookup as they head outdoors and board their private boat. Taking the lead from iconic gay porn stars Dick Fisk and Sky Dawson, Joseph swallows down Johnny's big dick while on the water before being rimmed by his mustachioed buddy. Johnny, glistening from the sweat covering his built bod, then buries his throbbing cock into Joseph as the two fuck bareback until they're both blasting loads and releasing all over Joseph.

By Falcon Studios

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Jun 15, 2024


by Naked Sword

All The Way Inn: It’s not just the eggs that are “over easy” at the ‘All The Way Inn’, NakedSword Originals’ all-new ‘Bred & Breakfast’. Owned and operated by handsome proprietor Heath Halo, the B&B is nestled in the heart of Venice Beach, California, and, for some reason, it seems to attract the hottest traveling men. Take road-tripper Derek Kage, for example. His piercing eyes and stunning good looks pull Heath into a wild morning of edgy sex that leaves them both dripping wet. Then there’s hotel handyman Beau Butler, who’s ready to fix guest Sumner Blayne’s enormous leaking pipe. Later, Carter Collins and Damian Night celebrate their second anniversary by sunning themselves in the property’s garden, eventually helping to relax each other with hot oil and a passionate outdoor fuck.

By Naked Sword

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Jun 15, 2024

Zane & Aiden

by Cocky Boys

Zane Kazan debuts at CockyBoys with Aiden Ward, who finds that the comparative newcomer is like a seasoned pro who winds up getting him off twice! Zane is out to have fun, but things get intense quickly as he voraciously sucks cock and as Aiden goes after his hole. It's inevitable that Aiden will top, but it's Zane who gets it going by riding him. Zane rides Aiden's cock with wild energy until Aiden flips him on his back to suck his thick uncut cock and fuck the surprisingly flexible bottom. He soon flips Zane again to drill him hard non-stop and breed him with a huge load. Aiden is still hard and not only fucks a load out of Zane, he cums again giving him a tasty open mouth facial. And it still looks like they could go for more!

By Cocky Boys

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Jun 15, 2024

Tony 2 Navy & Anal

by Military Classified

Tony is back and damn has this boy gotten hotter! I'm told that I really make models comfortable and thus able to just let themselves go when we tape and Tony was no exception. This time around Tony came a knockin' wanting to do a little bit more than most straight guys would do. A conservative Navy Squid from Washington with a nice 6.5 incher and an ass that won't quit, Tony performed like a pro as he bent me over and fucked the shit out of my ass which was no surprise of course. What was a surprise is what happened next take a look. We squared away all the paperwork and then talked about what to shoot and he blurted out that he wanted to try some new things that he'd never tried before let alone on tape. So we rolled the cameras and he took to my blowjob like a baby to a bottle.

By Military Classified

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Jun 15, 2024

Jimmie & Rico

by Freshmen

Jimmie Ackerman had his hardcore debut in a five-some in issue 392 but that wasn’t exactly his first time. Today we get to see Jimmie in his very first on camera sex encounter where he will deliver his ass to handsome Rico Gabbani. The director Jerome follows the couple throughout the video and captures the scintillating intimate connection between the two boys. Jimmie enjoys a blowjob and rim-job from his sexy partner before he offers his pink hole for fucking. Rico’s nice cock slides into Jimmie who enjoys the experience to the fullest. Before long, Rico delivers his load over his partner’s ass and then uses his mouth to bring him to climax as well. Great job, Jimmie!

By Freshmen

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Jun 14, 2024

Backdoor Bust Down

by XL Fucker

10 inches can go a long way on a tight bottom like João. Watch Guto completely wreck his hole with a non stop hardcore, balls deep, 20 minute pounding! It's a real "Back Door Bust Down!"

By XL Fucker

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Jun 14, 2024


by Private Playground XXX

It's cardio day at the PPX gym and we all know the best exercise for strength training is a HARDCORE FUCK SESH! Time to get your pump on! In more ways than one.

By Private Playground XXX

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Jun 14, 2024

Jordan & Zack Ch 2

by Jock Breeders

Twink sensation Zack Dean is a pure mix of smooth blonde cherub and Greco-Roman wrestler. Zack's got a banging bod and super-hunk Jordan Starr can't keep his dirty mind or eyes off of that ass.

By Jock Breeders

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