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I had been volunteering at the downtown church for about 7 months. I'm not religious at all but one of my professors suggested it at the start of my fall term as a way to get bonus marks and I kind of enjoyed doing it so I stayed on. It was once a month, sometimes more for certain events. I would show up any time after tea on Sunday afternoon and clean up. Sometimes I would be joined by... read more


Had plans to take break from work as businessman in New York City for two months. He’d deciding to travel all over USA by driving his rented car, green military jeep Cherokee sport, in the cool days. He informed his business partners that he won’t be back until he would be ready to return to work again. Pretty excited for his journey on the traveling to see what’s up with those cities. On... read more

My friend Innocent invited me to a new generation church somewhere at the Lagos Mainland. On that fateful Sunday, we sat in the front row. The service was splendid. The church was packed and the atmosphere was charged. From the beautiful choir’s paraphernalia to the seraphic rendition of heavenly hymns, I loved every bit of it. But the icing on the cake was when the thirty-something... read more


True Confessions

by jjis4real69

May 26, 2016

Disclaimer – This is a work of fiction. True Confessions is a fictional story and is not based on real life or people. I am mesmerized by his beauty, a beauty that goes beyond the wonderful voluptuous lips, the innocent and penetrating medium dark brown eyes, and the picture perfect smile that melts me into a puddle of cum. His name is Joel, a friend, confident,... read more

Chaplain Commando

by jjis4real69

May 26, 2016

Disclaimer – This is a work of fiction. Chaplain Commando As a hospital Chaplain, I get to be a ‘freelance’ clergy. My business card lists some of the services I offer: Home-based Counseling, Stress Relief, Anger Management, Addictions of all types, Preaching, Weddings, Funerals, etc... Over the years, as a non-traditional pastor serving in non-traditional settings... read more


At evening in New York City, there was the 5-stars rate restaurant where wealthy people enjoying feasted to fill up in their satisfaction on their time and have fun with those well-disciplined escorts. One person named Osborn that was acted as businessman. He was ready to have some fun with as he was waiting for his escort to come. However, Osborn’s allover appearance was described to be 6’... read more

In Italy at Friday night from 6-o-clock, there was a brand-new restaurant, called the Dic Evo, with some nice entertained benefit of musicians in every half-hour since it opened. It wasn’t yet to rate so they were excited for what’s going on about those atmospheres as if they wanted to have good experience by eating the creatively high-classed meals. It cost expensive because it would be... read more

At an afternoon in Moscow, Russia, the museum was called Kremlin, where people liked to learn about Russia history. But one tourist, as modeling agent from Europe, who wanted more than just to learn. He wanted to find guy who has potential to become model to put it in the fashion world. It was difficult for him to search then discover future model. Before he discovered, he enjoyed sightseeing... read more


I was ordered to visit my Leather Priest. I knew better than to refuse. It had been more than a month since our leather-gloved encounter in his van, and I was very ready for another experience with this charming and one could even say sexy man. I thought about him constantly; I believed that he had indeed become an obsession for me.I had learned that my Priest had... read more

Urban Pastor

by jjis4real69

Mar 05, 2014

Urban Pastor Jjis4real69@yahoo.comFresh out of Seminary (Grad School for Pastors) Pastor Joe accepted the challenge of leading programs for young adults in an urban setting called “The Light House.” He soon discovered urban life wasn’t going to be what he had envisioned. He discovered had to be tough and innovative in his approach to dealing with urban life… yet, his seminary... read more


I'm lost in my own thoughts but immediately I know the safe answer! And it's exactly what I want. My eyes are fixed on a beefy, muscled midsection and my tongue is very ready to touch his pulsing, blood filled cock. My excitement is making me dizzy!He's obviously looking for a more immediate answer and I feel a solid slap from a tightly gloved hand across my face. “I'm sure I know... read more

Replacement Bros pt3

by Solo_DR

Nov 07, 2013

Replacement Bros... The final chapter.It had been a few years since Sean had been fucked for the first time. The feeling of having another man inside him was more than mind blowing, it was life changing. And Jesus left a void that Sean tirelessly tried to fill every night since. He was of course still dating and living with Anna, but sex with her had become boring. He now craved the ass... read more

After going up to the cabin with Gary I guess that Larry must have thought I was mad at him for telling Gary about me because I didn't call or go to church for about a month,but it really was because I had to go out of the country for my job. When I got back I had all kinds of messages and emails from Gary and Larry. So I called them up and they both thought I was mad because of what was said... read more

The priest Larry and I had a few more meetings for sex as he just loved sucking on my cock , and he also like me to fuck him now and then . Well one day Larry came to me and said that Gary who is the owner of the cabin wanted me to call him,so when I got home I called Gary and he wanted to know if I would like to go back up to his cabin for another weekend of work ,well I ask him what kind... read more

Cabin repairs

by ilikeit

Oct 23, 2013

My new priest call me about a month later and said he had and older man in his church who owned a cabin about 3 hours away,and he told him it needed some minor repairs and did he know anyone who was a handy man,he said he did and that he would have to check to see if I had the time and if I was interested . He said the man would rather pay some one from the church then from the outside. I ask... read more

Moving to A new town

by ilikeit

Oct 16, 2013

It has been a long time since I had my first experience with a man of cloth.I just sorta got away from the church as I got older maybe about 10 years. I found a good job in another city and it was working out well. My boss and his wife where going to have a party around the holidays and invited me come. When I got to the party everyone was in a very festive move. my boss took me around... read more

Der neue Pfarrer

by Marko

Sep 11, 2013

Der neue PfarrerIch hatte ihn noch nicht gesehen – bis er bei der Hochzeit meiner Cousine die Kirche betrat. Ich staunte nicht schlecht über den neuen Pfarrer unserer Gemeinde. Jung, gut aussehend – und natürlich katholisch, was zwangsläufig hieß, dass er solo war. Das sollte für mich aber kein Hindernis werden. Ich stand als Trauzeuge neben dem Brautpaar und als der Pfarrer näher... read more

A Bible College ExperienceI was fairly new in the community and was hanging out at bar minding my own business… well actually, I was bulge watching – looking at all the hot packages on the sexy men that caught my eye. There was one hot Latino guy that really caught my eye. He seems to be very popular, his smile is mesmerizing. To my surprise, he approaches me and introduces himself:... read more

Birthday Delight with my PastorIt was my birthday; I had planned to get a little action, some sweet “man-banana” …a LITTLE “something – something.” It had been way too long since my last nut. I had my eye on a friend that had been flirting with me a while, he invited out for dinner for my b-day. After work, I rushed home, got cleaned up, dressed up nicely and rushed out to the appointed... read more

Confession #1

by jodude93.3

Mar 29, 2013

A priest who is a j/o buddy related this story which occurred earlier this year. Jack phoned the rectory to speak to a priest as he was very upset by an event that occurred the previous evening. Fr. J answered and asked the caller what he wanted. Jack asked if Fr. could hear his confession today as he was feeling quite upset about something. Fr. said that if it is that urgent, he should come... read more


Hi my name is sister Mary and I am 50 yrs. old and I am the head Nun of the training school for women who want to become nuns. Father Mike is the head priest and he is 55 yrs.old. Both me and father Mike are bye, but no one here knows that. We don't push ourselves onto anyone , but we won't turn it down if the occasion arises .We both work out in the gym in the school to stay fit and trim.... read more

Awake with father Ted

by ilikeit

Sep 20, 2012

After being wore out from the great blow job from father Mack I went to sleep for awhile and then father Ted was shaking me to wake up as dinner was ready. I got dress and we ate dinner. Afterwards father Mack went down to hear confession .Father Ted and I went out to the back yard as it was a very nice night.He ask me how long I had know father John and I said about 3 years but we were never... read more

After our trip to the retreat father John would have me come over to the church about once a week to help him do different things. It seems like every time I went over I would windup getting dirty and would have to take shower before I went home, I think he always planed it that way just so he would be able to put his hand on my body and feel me up which he new always got me excited and... read more

My Turn

by ilikeit

Sep 11, 2012

That second night in the hot pool was just great I didn't know that having sex with older men could be that great. Well we had to leave the next day so we went back to our cabin to pack .The next day we sat with father Ted & Mack and had breakfast ,and found out that both of them where from the same church which was only about 2 hrs drive from our church.Father Ted mention that in... read more

After our hike into the woods father John and I said goodby to father Ted & Mack and they said maybe will see you at the hot pool if you two are going to be there tonight. Well we got back to our cabin and I thought I would take a nap so I could be rested for the night activities . I must have been tired as I sleep for a couple of hours before I woke up.Well we went to dinner and then back to... read more

The next day we went to breakfast and we saw the two priest who we had such a great time with at the hot pool, I was so embarrass I could not look them in the eye. John ask me if there was anything wrong and I said I was just embarrass because I had such a good time last night with those two priest.John said who would know about what happen last night and not to worry about it. Well all... read more

After I had taken a nap and woke up,I found to my surprise the priest was sleeping right behind me press up against my back side still naked.I went to get up and the movement woke him up and as I look at him he had this very satisfying look about him. I took a piss and then went back into the room and he ask me if I was enjoying myself so far and how did I like this place,and I said yes it... read more

After my 2nd visit to the priest living quarters ,he really took a liking to me,every time I came out from mass he would shake my hand and say how happy he was to see me. About 3 weeks after I had went to see him at his home he ask me if I could come by and see him on Sat.morning and I said OK . Well I got there about 9:00 am and he greeted me at the door and said please come in and have a... read more


by Prama

Sep 06, 2012

After going over to the pastors house for the first ,when I left I was a little confused and I felt like I had done something wrong. Well I thought about it for sometime and I didn't go to church the following Sunday. well he called me up and was wondering if I was sick or something ,and I said no I was OK. So he ask why I didn't come to church and i said that I was feeling guilty about what... read more

was just to young

by Prama

Sep 05, 2012

I was always helping people out who went to my church,and one of them was talking to the head pastor about how helpful I have been ,so one day when I was leaving the church after mass the pastor ask me if I could come to his office where they lived behind the church say at about 6:00 pm that he wanted to talk to me,and I said yes. Well at 6 I was there. I range the door bell and the pastor came... read more