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Geheime Vorlieben #2

by FreeBird

Nov 26, 2017

Zweites Kapitel: Die geklauten Socken und das vergessene Handy Die letzten Wochen gemeinsames Training mit Leon schienen erste Erfolge zu zeigen. Meine Mutter betonte, wann immer sie konnte, dass ich nicht mehr so blass im Gesicht sei. Mein Sportlehrer, Herr Schneider, lobte mich, dass meine Ausdauer nun viel größer war. Vielleicht war beim Schulmarathon ja doch etwas besseres als der... read more

Time To Pop Your Cherry

by sissy

Oct 21, 2017

In school I was not what you would call masculine. In fact, I was small people would say I was cute like a girl. I hated gym class not so much P.E. itself I was pretty agile but the locker room while changing. I was a freshman and we just got done playing dodge ball and I ran into the locker room and tried to get a shower before most of the boys come in. I just got done... read more

Well, well, well I finally caught you. I finally caught you in the act and what you didn't know was my best friend was helping me. I suspected you who has tried to pass yourself as a Straight Man was a really a little fag sissy. Ya, that is what even those in the gay community call you. Now, you have 1 of 2 choices and that is to submit to your nature or I plaster the pics... read more

"The Bat," The Joker said. Bane put on a powerful glove with Titanium electric pulses. Batman tried to dodge, but Killer Croc put him in a full Nelson. Batman's ass rubbed against Killer Croc who was horny from the Nightwing ball busting abuse. Bane did a flying kick to Batman's codpiece. His plump balls smashed into the pit of his stomach. Next Bane kneeled and twisted Batman's balls... read more

Candy Ass

by sluttybttm4u

Jul 16, 2017

I am a faggot who will do anything to please my man. I have a tramp stamp that boldly says FAGGOT and did that for him. Now I was not always a fag and I looked at them with disdain never would hunt them down or anything like that just would shake my head in disgust when I would see one at the gym. How I became a fag was when I went to prison for a crime I didn't commit. I was... read more

(As always I don't know the sexuality pefance of go bobby Ryan this is fiction) Its 9 in the evening at Bobby Ryan's off season home in Idaho Bobby was in his basement when he walked up stairs where he see a guy holding a gun bobby puts his hands up his hands are tied behind his back the man leads bobby In to the dining room forcing bobby to sit in a chair and ties bobby to the... read more

(Disclaimer this is fantasy don't know anyone in thehh story or there sexual pefrence It has been two week since Atlanta Flacons QB Matt Ryan was kidnapped Mr johns and finished matt expdided training end two nights ago and tonight was the auction Mr johns said he would start the bidding at six million it time matt as step on a block OK we have matt Ryan this sexy QB has been trained he did so... read more

Nightwing was tied up like a slab of prime beef. His lacerations and bruises were all over his body. His handsome face was bruised and the hero tried to get away. Nightwing's muscles still were in tact. Killer Croc began his assault with his claws and gripped the hero. "don't hurt his genitals," Joker said. Killer Croc looked at Nightwing's compact nuts. Plump and juicy. He couldn't help... read more

Zum Homo erpresst Copyrights Ruedi by Erstellungszeitraum August 2007 TEIL 2 Bei dieser Story handelt es sich um ein SM-Märchen ohne jeden Bezug zur Realität. Wir warnen deshalb vor Nachahmungen oder Ausprobieren der beschriebenen Praktiken. Außerdem weisen wir drauf hin dass der größte Teil der Story homoerotischen Inhalts ist. Ungenehmigte Verbreitung in anderen... read more

Zum Homo erpresst Copyrights Ruedi by Erstellungszeitraum Juli 2007 – August 2007 TEIL 1 Bei dieser Story handelt es sich um ein SM-Märchen ohne jeden Bezug zur Realität. Wir warnen deshalb vor Nachahmungen oder Ausprobieren der beschriebenen Praktiken. Außerdem weisen wir drauf hin dass der größte Teil der Story homoeroti-schen Inhalts ist. Ungenehmigte Verbreitung... read more


This is my first time ever writing a story, and it’s basically all true with name changes. There’s at least one more part to it (I had no idea how easily these things can get so long). If there’s any interest I may release the second part. This happened awhile ago, but this sub’s got me thinking bout one of my old coworkers. Also, I’m sure it’s a fetish but this doesn’t actually have to... read more

Dale Earnhardt Jr gets kidnapped by pirates note I don't know the sexual prefance of Data Earnhardt Jr this a work of fiction while on a guys weekend Dale Earnhardt Jr boat get sized by pirates and the fun begins one day in the middle of the Atlantic ocean Dale Earnhardt Jr. and a hunch of his friends are enjoying a guys only weekend on a big private ship sunbathing when... read more


Mein Opa, der Sexsklave 2Manchmal kommt es mir so vor als wäre es erst Gestern gewesen als ich die geheime Identität meines Opas entdeckt hatte. Ich kann mich noch gut erinnern wie irritierend es für mich war zu erfahren, dass mein Opa ein Sexsklave ist und sich von einem Meister im Internet öffentlich vorführen lies. Dieser Umstand hatte mein Weltbild als naiver, gerade erst 18 Jahre... read more

Nach dieser geilen Session, nehme ich Vincent die Augenbinde ab und erlöse ihn von seinen Fesseln. Erst entferne ich die Beinmanschetten, dann setze ich mich auf ihn und befreie ihn von den Armfesseln. Kaum hab ich diese entfernt, fährt er hoch und stößt mich zur Seite, so dass ich mit der Brust auf dem Bett liege und setzt sich auf mich. Ich kann mich kaum bewegen und bekomme aus meiner... read more

Max & Alex, Part 1

by Sebastian

Feb 27, 2015

This is a story about two straight men. Both are in their late teens, and both study at the same university. Alex is extremely popular, both with men and with women. He’s athletic and attractive to the extent that he’s even done some modelling work. He’s a keen member of the soccer and athletics teams. He’s one of those people that others tend to envy, born with good looks and a wide... read more


I knew what Island House was going to be, sort of a clothing optional resort with a little bathhouse element to it. For my first vacation by myself I thought I would give it a shot and see if I would be brave enough to participate in the possible goings on. I arrived on Saturday December 13th and got a quick tour and went to my room. I spent a few days wanting to get naked and wander... read more


by candiddaniel

Nov 16, 2014

For the past few weeks, I've been in dire need of attention and an enduring spanking. One of those that lasts for 15-20 minutes and just gives me some release. I've been on my worst behaviour in an attempt to get both: back talking, saying no, just being a brat in general. Finally, I push your last button. I'm sitting opposite of you in the living room. You beckon me over to cuddle up with... read more

i had just moved to Hartford, CT for a low paying job at one of the large insurance companies. looking for apartments sucks. i was having trouble finding a one bedroom in my range and even met a couple possible roommates. a lot of people weren't even calling me back. i was about to call one of the possible roommates when my phone rang. it was an 860 area code. i answered. it was a... read more

Peter`s model-job: part 1- a young jock became deceived and wakes up in bondage (That is the boy, I had in mind) author`s note: Please pardon my perhaps confusing diction, I am not experienced in writing in English. Hope you can enjoy it, nevertheless! Please sent me... read more

Using My Straight Neighbour Against His WillI'm not going to tell you how I did it. What’s important to anyone reading this is that it worked and I got what I wanted. If I were to reveal my methods… the legal consequences don’t even bare thinking about. I'm a middle-aged man with a taste in young men. All kinds of young men. Very often they’re straight, and I never see that as an... read more

Zehn Tage vorher stand Laurenz sehr nervös auf einem großen Platz in seiner Heimatstadt und sah sich um. Er konnte selbst kaum fassen, dass er hier war…er hatte auf diese seltsame Anzeige im Internet geantwortet, irgendjemand suchte Sklaven, junge schwule Jungs, die sich in perverse Zwickmühlen bringen lassen wollten. Auf seine E-Mail war sehr schnell eine Antwort gekommen, und nach einigem Hin... read more

Jochen öffnet die Augen. Er braucht eine Weile, um sich zu orientieren, zu viele Eindrücke auf einmal bieten sich ihm dar und scheinen keinen Sinn zu ergeben: Er sitzt auf einem metallenen Stuhl, völlig nackt. Sein unbehaarter, durchtrainierter Oberkörper ist mit einem Bügel in Höhe des Bauchnabelns und einem in Achselhöhe an den Sitz gefesselt, seine Hände sind an die Enden der Armlehnen mit... read more

Liebe Leser, hier ist der 2. Teil meiner SM-Geschichte. Kommentare und Kritik, aber auch Wünsche für zukünftige Geschichten gerne an # # Julian wacht auf, weil etwas auf sein Gesicht tropft. Er steht auf, schaut sich um und entdeckt, dass er sich in einem gläsernen Kasten befindet, etwa einen Meter lang, zwei Meter breit und sehr hoch, zu hoch um hinauszukommen.... read more

Laurenz erwacht und befindet sich in einem schummrigen Kellerraum. Er ist nackt. Zwischen seinen Beinen baumelt halbsteif sein Schwanz, mittelgroß und unbeschnitten, die Vorhaut verdeckt seine runde Eichel. Seine ganze Haut ist gut gebräunt, er ist ein dunkelhäutiger Typ und seine schwarzen Haare sind wuschelig.Und er merkt sehr schnell, dass er sich nicht bewegen kann. Völlig hilflos ist der... read more

Es war einer dieser dunklen, tristen Herbsttage an denen man eigentlich den ganzen Tag nicht so recht weiß was man tun soll. Ich war gerade 19 geworden, hatte vor kurzem mein Abi gemacht und jetzt jede Menge Zeit. Das Studium würde erst im Oktober beginnen und die viele Freizeit wollte ich dazu nutzen meine Erfahrungen mit Männern zu intensivieren. Seit ich als Jugendlicher gemerkt hatte, dass... read more

I was ordered to visit my Leather Priest. I knew better than to refuse. It had been more than a month since our leather-gloved encounter in his van, and I was very ready for another experience with this charming and one could even say sexy man. I thought about him constantly; I believed that he had indeed become an obsession for me.I had learned that my Priest had... read more

Dies ist eine wahre Geschichte die ich selber so erlebt habe.Ich war zu der Zeit um die 35 Jahre alt und würde mich als... read more


I'm lost in my own thoughts but immediately I know the safe answer! And it's exactly what I want. My eyes are fixed on a beefy, muscled midsection and my tongue is very ready to touch his pulsing, blood filled cock. My excitement is making me dizzy!He's obviously looking for a more immediate answer and I feel a solid slap from a tightly gloved hand across my face. “I'm sure I know... read more

A Semi Autobiographic Rape Fantasy?..............As a writer, I spend a considerable amount of time at home, in my little studio apartment in Alphabet city. That was, especially so at the time of this story. I was in the beginning phases of compiling a volume of my old college essays, and short stories for publishing. An old professor of mine thought it'd be a great idea to publish... read more

Berikut fantasi seks penulis. Segala olahan, cerita mahupun watak dalam cerita ini tidak berkaitan pun dengan yang mati ataupun yang hidup. Sila gunakan perlindungan seperti kondom untuk mengelakan penyakit bawaan seks (Sexual Transmitted Disease).Semasa berusia 18, saya telah dibebaskan daripada rumah perlindungan anak yatim. Walau bagaimanapun, canselor di rumah itu telah... read more

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