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A few weeks ago I had a date with a fucking horny couple in Antwerp (Belgium). They were already playing a few days. But fortunately they were still in good horny condition. We got well chemmed up. I was wearing my chaps and my harness. The other guys started with shiny sports shorts and harnesses. But those shorts disappeared quickly. We were three horny bare fucking pigs. I shove... read more

In Midwest City, Oklahoma, there's a park that, years ago, was a VERY hot spot to meet up with guys for illicit sex. So much cruising was going on there that they have closed off part of the park, demolished one of the bathroom buildings, revamped the setup, fenced off the wooded areas. But, back in its day, it was a great place and I would often stop by the park before work or after my... read more

An Evening at the Apollo Last year I spent a few months commuting for work to Lancaster, California. Staying in the motel at night watching TV got tired and even though I was working brutal hours with more than a few all nighters, I wanted to get out. During August in the high desert of Southern California it can be pretty decent after the sun goes down but before that you need to be out of... read more


Had plans to take break from work as businessman in New York City for two months. He’d deciding to travel all over USA by driving his rented car, green military jeep Cherokee sport, in the cool days. He informed his business partners that he won’t be back until he would be ready to return to work again. Pretty excited for his journey on the traveling to see what’s up with those cities. On... read more

“What the fuck dude?” A guy in a jeep honks his horn and passes a young Ricky Toho who is spending his summer day longboarding naked down the hilly coast. Ricky was loving every minute of it. He sported his signature Oakleys and red Converse as he gracefully shifted down the curvy roads, his hung, brazilian cock flailing in the wind. More cars pass and whistle, he only smiles and... read more

“Not this guy again,” said a beefy construction worker as he turns to see a naked Brazilian boy jerking off fiercely in the nearby woods. The boy was an eighteen-year-old Ricky Toho. He had been coming to that same spot for the last month to put on a show for the construction crew. Two other workers join the beefy one. "Should we like call the police or something?“ Says a tall, thin... read more


Waggoner Park Part-1-of-1 I’d found the park on a gay web-site that rated cruise site and gave tips about the best time to go and what to look out for. So I can’t say that I was completely innocent about what went on there. Waggoner Park had been there for years. I’d even played junior league games on the baseball fields and had never once imagined what went on here in the woods across the... read more

The Rest Area Part-1-of-1 Before I gave my first blowjob, I’d had a few experiences with guys, where I played with one guy’s cock for a while before he stroked me off and another instance where I sucked a guy for a little bit before he got me off. In both cases the guys seemed more satisfied than I was and I never got the chance to pursue taking another guy’s load. However, one night while... read more

Restrooms by the Lake Part-1-of-1 At age twenty-seven I realized that I’m like a lot of men the world over. Men who consider themselves essentially straight but men who aren’t opposed, however, to receiving an occasional blowjob from guys who offer it with no strings attached. Men who would blow their load down another guy's throat with no real involvement, no reciprocation and, more often... read more


A Good Day

by guystuff

Sep 18, 2015

I am a mwm, 53, who, like a lot of other guys, likes to play m2m on the side sometimes. So when I get horny I usually cruise CL and some of the other hookup sites and I have found it there from time to time, but I live in a small conservative metro area and there is very little on-line action around here.We do however have three city parks that can be fairly productive. There are a... read more


by Buttascotch26

Aug 20, 2015

The alarm goes off, and I immediately jump out of my sleep. Damn this hangover is killing me. My head is throbbing, it feels like my brain is pounding on my skull, but i have to get up. I can't afford to be late, being a singer with the reputation that I've worked so hard to build. I have a performance at this new club named... read more

Big Dick Korean

by rick265

Jun 26, 2015

There is a park near where I live that is pretty cruisy. It's been there for years and there have been crackdowns, and landscaping changes, but the action continues. While it's hit or miss, it can be really hot.The other night I went to the park, parked my car and walked around a bit. It was just getting dark. There were a few guys, but no one seemed interested in me. I'm 55 and have a... read more

Skater unter sich

by FreeBird

Jun 24, 2015

Skater unter sich„Verdammt Max, geht’s vielleicht auch ein bisschen schneller? Ich hab keinen Bock wegen dir schon wieder den Bus zu verpassen!“ hörte ich die Jans Stimme rufen.„Ja jetzt chill' doch mal ich komme ja schon“ antwortete ich müde und hetzte ihm hinterher.Er konnte wirklich eine Nervensäge sein, aber irgendwie war Jan eine Art gutes Gewissen von mir. Ich will mir... read more

At about 312 BC in most beautiful city called Rome Republic, where those people lived in the luxurious lifestyle. The nine of ten on those people in the empire were extremely good-looking. It was very breathtaking of their naturally beauty from God’s masterpiece. However, there had many kinds of the events for people to enjoying the entertainment of hot naked sport players. Only fully mature... read more


Today was a good day in the woods! I have been going to this place for over 10 years and it almost never disappoints. Today was no exception!! I took a personal day from work with the intention of going here and having fun all day long. I got up with a huge hard on my cock was awake before me knowing of the fun we had in store. I jumped in the shower and prepared my self for a long... read more

I like to hike the trails in our local parks. one day I went to my favorite area to walk the trails. there were no other cars around, so I figured I was alone there. I started to walk up the trail and about a third of the way up the trail I heard a sound of water but there were no streams on this trail. then it hit me someone was taking a pee. I continued up the trail and then I saw a man... read more

Trail Tales #3

by diggy

Apr 13, 2014

We made it back home before the crowds hit the park for the weekend. I took a quick shower, fed Sarge, grabbed a sandwich and beer then headed to the porch for some chill out time after the afternoon’s activities. Finishing my sandwich I laid back on the lounge recliner and thought wouldn’t it be nice if every walk ended that way. The setting at the campsite was prefect and out of site of... read more

I remember a friend of mine telling me that since I loved sucking cock so much to go try the City Park.Well, I did just that but during the day it's kinda hard to see who want's to play or is just there for the day. I remember this one time I went looking to suck cock a car in front of me was parked and he kept hitting his brake lights. I kinda felt and knew that I had found what I was... read more


Park Ranger

by n2oldmn

Oct 05, 2013

This story is fictional and there are no underage characters.Early morning is a great time to meet and greet... read more

Saturday's weather was glorious. My wife was busy so I ventured out for a walk. Not far from home, there is a beautiful park so I headed there.I sat on a park bench for a few minutes, warming myself in the sun. I noticed a car in the parking lot. It appeared to be occupied by a man about my age. I got up and wandered around the perimeter of the park and wound up in the parking lot. The... read more

Ever since I was a young man I realized I was born with a nice round bubble butt. I always played the part of a heterosexual male and whenever I was with woman they would always compliment me on my nice swimmers body and cute butt. When alone I would often get naked and look at my butt in the mirror and fantasize about having a cock in it. On occasion, men would approach me at the gym or in the... read more

Chapter 90NOTE: If you would like an updated list of characters in all the chapters, a map of my vision of the campground, and/or a listing of all the plots of all the chapters. Just email me. I do all this for myself to keep everything sorted out. Written by As we headed down the road, at the intersection I turned left toward town instead of right toward the... read more

Chapter 89NOTE: If you would like an updated list of characters in all the chapters, a map of my vision of the campground, and/or a listing of all the plots of all the chapters. Just email me. I do all this for myself to keep everything sorted out. Written by jarbear1974@yahoo.comIf you enjoy the stories on this Nifty website, your monetary contribution would certainly help to keep it... read more


The first time I saw him when he was sitting alone on a bench in the park. It was hot and he was not wearing a shirt. He just sat there in jeans and sneakers and a sports cap on his head, his skateboard leaned next to him on the bench, and he dozed in the sun. His toned body naturally caught my eye. I appreciated the guy to a maximum of 18 or 19 years, so a good 10 years younger than me.... read more

Amusement Park

by dickdude

Oct 01, 2012

Here I was at the amusement park doing the obligatory family thing, it was hot as hell so when someone suggested we ride one of the water rides I was all for it. We had to wait in line as everyone had the same idea. After a few turns and drops it was official I was absolutely soaked but cooled off none the less. I grabbed my things from the center of the ride and started to exit,... read more


by bobapple

Aug 09, 2012

While my wife was at the hospital visiting with her cousin, I drove to a nearby park to kill the time. The park borders a lake on one side and houses on the other 3 sides. The day is a little cool, cloudy with a light breeze. I don't see any other people around but there is a black Ford F150 in the parking lot. I park beside it, leaving about 6' between us. I wander up and down the pathways,... read more

Stroke, sat down on the toilet in front of me. His thick, hairless thighs splayed wide apart. He was naked except for a pair of hi-top shoes and a cockring which was fastened snugly at the base of his 12-inch tree-trunk like cock stick. His balls were smooth and swollen and they resembled a softball in both size and shape. The very tip of his mighty, baseball bat phallus was smeared with... read more


The Northwoods

by Michael Thomas

Aug 16, 2011

The Northwoods can be pretty harsh living through the winters in Wisconsin…but there are good sides to this climate, too. Summers can be quite pleasant, provided you can find a spot where the state bird (the mosquito) doesn’t congregate.I was lucky enough to find a great spot today, to catch up on some reading, and hopefully meet someone interesting. After mowing the lawn this... read more

This is a story told to me by a guy I had just sucked off and we were talking to calm ourselves down.George (Not his real name) was maybe 30, quite masculine, good looking in a sort of boyish way and had the self confidence of a man who had made his fortune and was now casting about for something to do to keep himself busy. His cock, for those of you who feel that is important, was... read more

Getting Lucky

by Michael Thomas

Mar 26, 2011

Getting Lucky “Getting lucky” is a phrase that rarely happens to me it seems. And I can understand why…I’m no longer the young stud I used to be. Age has crept up on me, and so has gravity. And besides, most guys aren’t interested in men in their 50’s. Just a fact of life, I guess. I must say though, I’m not too out of shape…all things considered. And even though I don’t... read more