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Before I even opened my eyes I smelled his smell. Waking up in Chuck’s bed gave me an indescribably positive feeling. I felt myself smiling. I opened my eyes. We had been cuddling in our sleep. We must have fallen asleep while spooning and turned onto our stomachs together. My head was now resting on Chuck’s muscular shoulder, my arm around his waist. Chuck’s regular breathing... read more


It was after P.E.. P.E. is our last lesson on Fridays in college. Because I had a detention I had to stay back for 20 mins. Everyone was gone except for the other 2 who also had a detention with me. One was Zac, the hot as a desert hot muscular hunk. The other one was Brody who is much shorter then me and he is also a blonde. Even though I wasn't gay I had a huge crush on Zac. A... read more

I woke up and looked around the room. I stretched my body without getting up. The duvet was tenting by my crotch, but I ignored it. Yesterday had been a pretty good first day. Five of the hockey guys stuck around in the cafeteria to have a few drinks, and get to know me. Or at least, Josh Roberts, a fake me. Ed, Aaron, James, Brandon, and my suspect, Dylan had stayed. It was mainly... read more

Nama aku ashraf, berusia 22 tahun. Ketinggian aku ialah 173 cm, manakala berat aku hanya 45 kg. Secara fizikal-nya aku memang seorang yang sangat kurus, berbanding dengan kawan-kawan lelaki aku yang lain. Memang dari kecik lagi fizikal aku agak tinggi dan kurus. Sebab tu jugak lah aku mendapat nama panggilan Ked. Singkatan untuk “keding”. Selalu jugak aku diperli disebabkan fizikal... read more

Kau tak perlu berbohong Kau masih menginginkannya Ku rela kau dengannya Asalkan kau bahagia.. Aku buka mata. Ya itu alarm setiap pagi. Lagu Asal Kau Bahagia oleh Armada Band. Memang aku sengaja guna lagu favourite berbanding bunyi default sebagai alarm untuk wujudkan mood setiap pagi. Hari ini Sabtu. Genap seminggu selepas perjumpaan aku dan Ashraff yang pertama. Selepas... read more

I knocked on the Driscoll's that evening as appointed. I had shaved and used my expensive aftershave, washed and groomed my hair at the salon. Then I wore a loose fitting knee length trousers and a pair of moccasin shoes. I was looking casually fetching by the looks thrown at me by passersby - both male and female:both young and old.The open winks I got could have got me to a runway!... read more

NOTE: In this story it dominates the romantic feeling over sexual one.Nice story though ?? "I've always hated David. In fact, I hated him since of the beginning of our friendship. He's always been so overprotective in me that he really annoys me. Can you imagine? That little creep did even broke me up with my girlfriend. Why he should be like that? Best friends are not meant to be like... read more

I did not call again as promised. In fact I avoided meeting with Moses or his father. Many times Moses would come over to talk to me but I would find one excuse or another, all in a bid to avoid being close to that family. Truth be told, I was afraid of the prospect of developing feelings for Eric Driscoll. One day, I spotted Moses with a crowd of guys his age, near the Hydrangeas... read more


I met Abike on Facebook. I noticed that immediately after I accepted her friend’s request, she was on up my business. Everything I posted, she would be the first t ‘like’. At a point, I thought she could be a stalker, despite her impressive profile information. She was a media consultant in her early twenties. As a banker myself, I hardly had time to socialize. But I found solace in... read more