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) It's been a couple of weeks since the whole thing with Peyton and about 2 weeks before wedding in Las Vegas all of the preparations are done Carson is asked me to wear a wedding dress if I will be the wife in this relationship everything is set up including the dress is (KJ) beautiful white backless gown (Carson in Nashville) Hey Peyton thanks for meetting me Carson said No,... read more

(authors note always a do not know the sexual preference of anyone I write this is pure fiction) Early Friday morning in Las Vegas Bryce Harper lays in his bed to sleep when you feel something go around his wrist and over his eyes before he could even move his hands were tied behind his back with leather handcuffs a dark sleepmask blindfoldis covered his eyes he is rushed to... read more

Well, the wedding plans have been finalized as the wedding is less than a week away. Although with all of the excitement and anticipation of our up coming nuptials, Carson has been in a bit of a funk because the eagles missed the playoffs this season. Therefore, I’m hoping my surprise brings him out of it. He was looking over his schedule for the up coming week and asked... read more

We returned from out mini vacation well rested and very happy. I’m still a bit the shock of now being engaged to my hot cub and life couldn’t be happier. The shock of also now having to plan a wedding is in the air. Luckily for me I have a job that I can do from home. Upon returning to Philadelphia I moved into Carson's Home I called up my boss and made the necessary arrangements with... read more


Well, my new life with Carson has been amazing to say the least. Aside from the perks of him giving me a weekly salary for me to use as for spending, my Porsche, and my apartment on one of the most famous parts of Philadelphia, South Street, and of course the AMAZING sex. Life to say the least has been quite surreal. I still feel like it is all been a dream come true. Albeit I wish I... read more

Author’s note: I do not know the sexual preference of any of the person written about in this story. Also, do not imply the sexual preference of any character’s written about in this story. Also, this story is completely pure fiction. I don’t know the real life story of the person this story is about. This story also includes men performing sexual acts so, if you are not the legal age in... read more

Matt Ryan gets a wife

by tt815

Oct 27, 2018

As always I do not know the sexual preference of the people I write about this is pure fiction As always I do not know the sexual preference of the people I write about this is pure fiction Two weeks after Super Bowl 52 and filing for divorce after realizing he was gay not Ryan walked into his favorite gay bar in Atlanta when a familiar face walked in Tom Brady I heard you were... read more

(as always I do not know the sexual preference with the people I write about this is Pure Fantasy) Drew Brees has always known that he was bisexual he still love his wife but he needed male companionship so he ask his friend Peyton Manning to him at his house since was already in New Orleans 10 minutes later Peyton rang the doorbell after Drew gets each a beer So Drew what do you want... read more

As always I do not know the sexual preference the people I write about this is 100% fiction Mark Wahlberg was sitting at the bar his favorite Boston hot spot when Rob Gronkowski the All-Pro played in the New England Patriots walked in Funny seeing you here Rob Mark said yeah I heard you were here want to play some pool Gronk ask Sure what's on the line ask Mark Groveport knowing... read more

Josh Hamilton Gets Sold

by tt815

Aug 11, 2018

As always i do not know the people I write about and their sexually preference this is fiction. Five months after announcing his relapse Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers was called to The Commissioner office. Well Josh your last drug test came back positive for cocaine as we agree you are going to be sold to the highest bidder this afternoon now strip to your boxes and get on you bitch said... read more

( I do not know Nick Foles or his sexual pefrance this is fantasy) All his life Nick Foles know he was bisexual and like to be tied up but never tried it after winning super bowl LII he know he had too so whlie at his offseason home in Los Angeles he look for a master in Philadelphia. Nick found one he liked they taked on the phone for two days intil the plan was final . Nick wold... read more

Was at Mall shopping when in Corner I saw 2 man hugging and kissing one was fat clean shaven but handsome wearing tight blue jeans and pink strip shirt. He had a sexy ass, he was kissing another man was tall and leaner with mustache he was wearing tight black jeans and white tshirt he also was having great ass. They both were kissing and grabbing each other ass.... read more


Dale earnhart Jr. gets kidnapped by pirates part 4. Same note, as always. 3 days later. Dale captain Buttfuck and Tom Brady reached the junior's house. Welcome home prisoner. the captain says to Tom Brady Dale take him down to the basement and tie him up. We need our privacy JR takes him down to the basement and ties him to a chair and blindfolds him sorry about this... read more

(As always I don't know the sexual pefrance of the people I write about this 100% friction ) OK dad I want another shot at taker I can beat him shane said OK I give you one more match but if you lose you will be my slave and its a casket match deal vince said But I win I get the company deal Shane said Deal _________________________________ 2 weeks later Shane face taker and... read more

Matt Ryan Gets Sold

by tt815

Jul 08, 2017

(Disclaimer this is fantasy don't know anyone in thehh story or there sexual pefrence It has been two week since Atlanta Flacons QB Matt Ryan was kidnapped Mr johns and finished matt expdided training end two nights ago and tonight was the auction Mr johns said he would start the bidding at six million it time matt as step on a block OK we have matt Ryan this sexy QB has been trained... read more

Matt Ryan get abducted part 1 (Note as always this is fiction I don't know matt Ryan's sexual prefence) Its midnight outside a club in Atlanta as Matt Ryan get in his limo to head home to his wife the driver pulls in to traffic five min the driver pulls in to a alley what's going on matt asked Car trouble the driver said as put up the window and Matt's door opens two masked men get... read more

osest oncDale Earnhardt JR gets kidnapped by pirates part 3 (Note same as always I don't mean or do any thing or condoned it being this is pure fiction) Dale legs hurt from standing tied to the mast for a hour finally the crew returns with chest of clothes and jewelry the captain goes over to Dale and kissed him there was son beautiful women's clothes they will be yours you're going to... read more

Disclaimer see part 1 The next morning Carson woke up with his arm still around Mikes naked body he unties and unblindfolds Mike time to shower baby Carson said leading Mike to the bathroom turns on the shower and forcing Mike to his knee's suck me off Carson said Mike opens up after five minutes on your feet Carson said Mike did what he was told as Carson pushed his 8 inch hard... read more

Dale Earnhardt Jr gets kidnapped by pirates part 2 (Same note as part 1) The next day Dale Jr woke up underneath the naked pirate captain who had mounted him during the night and stuffed his manhood balls deep in junior's ass he felt the captain got hard and soft over four time after the last time Junior finally fell asleep Ten minutes later the captain awakes kissing Junior... read more

Mike Trout becomes Carson Wentz's sex slave (I do not know Carson Wentz or Mike Trout sexurial pefance this is fantasy) After the eagles final game of the season Doug Peterson told Carson Wentz to meet him at his office at 11:30 that night. Later that night Carson walked in to the office Everyone In the organization know that Carson was gay and signed contracts not to tell... read more


Dale Earnhardt Jr gets a wife part 4 the honeymoon as usual I don't know the sexual preference of Dale Earnhardt Jr this is pure fiction after the wedding Dale and Mike went to there suite junior opens the door and pick up mike and Carried mike to the bed lets consummate our marriage junior said as they tear off there clothes mike is tossed on the bed I love baby mike said as... read more

Dale Earnhardt Jr gets a wife part 3 disclaimer same as before part 3 the wedding after they were done packing for vegas junior calls a press conference and comes out that he's been think about coming out for awhile now but this was the right time Dale returns home babe I'm home where are you in the kitchen mike was make junior 's lunch that sandwich better be for. me it is babe... read more

Dale Earnhardt Jr gets a wife part 2 the next day as always this is fiction the next day mike woke up thinking that it was a dream he opens his eyes seeing light but nothing else and feels Dale Jr's cock in his ass yes this was not a dream as Junior kisses him morning baby you felt so good last night I'm going to unlock you from the bed and we've gone to taje a shower after removing the... read more

Dale Earnhardt, Jr Gets a wife as a pizza delivery guy I get a lot of calls on night I took one for dale Earnhardt Jr I got to door no one answered the door I though it was a prank the door was open I walk junior comes down the stairs sorry I was in the bathroom sign here I give a big tip if you suck my cock ok the pizza guy got down on his knees as Junior taks out his cock... read more

]Eli Manning becomes big brother's sex slave part 6 (same note as all my stories) ten minutes later Peyton return s to Eli he opens the door and see Eli in the maids costume he but a ankle monter on him good boy Peyton said you are to clean the house and order me diner while I fuck cooper and that monter his hook to you collar if you try to leave it will Shock the guards will... read more

Dale Earnhardt Jr gets kidnapped by pirates note I don't know the sexual prefance of Data Earnhardt Jr this a work of fiction while on a guys weekend Dale Earnhardt Jr boat get sized by pirates and the fun begins one day in the middle of the Atlantic ocean Dale Earnhardt Jr. and a hunch of his friends are enjoying a guys only weekend on a big private ship sunbathing when... read more

(I by no means know the true sexual identities of the characters in this story which should not be taken seriously) My name is Todd Mackie. I'm a simple, pastey white Florida born guy on a summer internship program at the GOP in D.C. forced on me by my conservative parents. I hated it there. The only thing that help me tolerate working with those bigots was to at least see Paul Ryan almost... read more

Eli Manning becomes big brother's sex slave part 5 same note as always after peyton left cooper throes eli on the bed we'll eat in a little bit as he give eli a kiss and gets on top eli opens his legs and cooper goes in all the way fast and hard like a piston ohh you fell so good baby take it like the bitch you are as cooper and eli are have sex peyton is at a costume shop get eli a... read more

Eli Manning becomes his big brother's sex slave part 4 same note as all in the series Peyton opens the door for his older brother cooper hey coop how was your flight good where is E at tied to my bed one more doss of the drugs and his mind will belong to me did you bring the the shaving cream and the razers yep so where do want to do this my gym ther's a place to shower down there... read more

Eli manning becomes big brother's sex slave part 3 same not as all the rest Eli sits in the darkness it felt so like days but it was a few hours the light comes on peyton reaches though the bars and unlocks the handcuffs you can take off the blindfold you have been a good boy I have deiced to give you daily rations of white bread and water don't move peyton opens the cage places the... read more