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I had been dating Darnell for four months. by that I mean I tell my friends and my parents that Darnel and I are dating, but in reality Darnell owns me. I was freshly out of college and had moved to Crown Heights Brooklyn work in the city. It was an entry-level job, but my parents were helping me so I was able to get a small studio apartment in a transitioning area. I met Darnell... read more

Hi, I'm Sam. I'm 34, 6'1", athletic build, 165 pounds, and gay. I work for a company that puts on conferences all across the United States. I travel every week to a different city making conferences happen for different groups/companies. As such, my life is living out of a suitcase, hotel rooms, and meeting lots of interesting people. This is a TRUE story of one of the many times... read more

Rubber Suit, Guaranteed to fit !!! I spotted this ad on the internet whilst browsing the rubber suits. Always wanted a rubber suit but never been brave enough to try one on. The ad said ****Guaranteed to fit Rubber suits, any colour, various model types please call............****. I phoned the number, the man said name “Charlie Adams” I gave him “How tall are you ?” “ 6*2””... read more

I was sitting having a coffee in my local gay club, after work, when a man sat at the bar kept looking at me and winking. Whoops I thought, have I clicked here and it's only 6 pm!! Looked at my watch 6.30 pm time to get home and get my evening meal. I got up and turned to walk out straight into the guy from the bar, “Sorry” he said “Both had the same idea to leave at the same time, been... read more

Terry moans eyes closed, Marcus bobs up , and down taking in all of Terry's manhood. 'Oh fuck it feels so good." Terry says. Marcus whispers'"Yeah? watch me drain you, Marcus says, and winks. "Oh shit, this feels good." Terry says. Marcus stops and says" I want you to cum all over my platform boot. You like me in them, see how polish they are baby. Marcus stands up, and put his polished... read more

Stud Marcus Part 18

by 70sman

Jan 04, 2019

Marcus ducks behind the desk, and the bullets miss him, Marcus grabs a chair, and throws it at Mr. Corelli hitting him knocking him down. Marcus jumps over the table, and wrestles Corelli for the gun.Corelli head butts Marcus knocking him back. Corelli picks the gun up , and tries to fire it at Marcus when hard stabbing sound hit Corelli in his back. Corelli falls to the floor. Terry... read more

Stud Marcus Part 17

by 70sman

Jan 04, 2019

Marcus walks down the hallway where the bartender directed him to find Terry. Marcus hears voices coming from the office."Boss, what are we going to with the fairy here?'' Sal tells Mr. Corelli, "Funny, you use that term when I know you have the same fairy tendencies as this faggot, what the fuck your poor papa would think?" "Having a cocksucker for a son, who would have thought." Sal... read more


A few weeks ago I had a date with a fucking horny couple in Antwerp (Belgium). They were already playing a few days. But fortunately they were still in good horny condition. We got well chemmed up. I was wearing my chaps and my harness. The other guys started with shiny sports shorts and harnesses. But those shorts disappeared quickly. We were three horny bare fucking pigs. I shove... read more

Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 2 by Stimle ( Synopsis: A straight, by the book cop is dominated by his new partner. Note: Chapter 2 takes place immediately after the events of Chapter 1. I collapsed onto my still-cuffed forearms when Jason finally pulled out. I was thoroughly humiliated and buried my face into my pillow, which was wet with my drool and the cum that... read more

Neighborhood Jerk Gets His Due by I was pulling into my driveway after a long night out with friends when my headlights flashed on somebody sitting on my neighbor Pete’s front steps. I stopped to get a better look and realized it was Pete himself. He was slumped against the railing asleep or passed out. I rolled my eyes. Mid-30s and Pete was still out partying to all... read more

The last week at work had been slightly awkward. After Greg and I had practiced wrestling at my apartment last weekend, and I had knocked him out cold three times, we sat down and talked. I advised him again not to come to tonight’s wrestling meet, as I knew he would be eaten alive and be expected to engage in gay sexual activity. The fact that wrestling me already got him aroused to... read more

Stud Marcus Part 16

by 70sman

Nov 11, 2018

Marcus walks to the back of the club to meet up with 2 goons of Corelli's, Marcus just rubs his forehead, and says "Do you guys want to just walk away from me, or face a ass whipping?" "Because right now I'm pissed that your buddy the bartender set me up, and my friend is missing!" The first goon jumps forward, and swings a pipe to Marcus, Marcus ducks, and elbows the face of the goon ,... read more

Geheime Vorlieben #4

by FreeBird

Nov 06, 2018

Hier ist der neuste Teil meiner Reihe „Geheime Vorlieben“. Und es hat ausnahmsweise mal nicht ein knappes Jahr gedauert bis er fertig war – Wunder geschehen! ;-) Ich bin schon auf euer Feedback gespannt, viel Spaß beim Lesen! Viertes Kapitel: Der Rohrstock und der Blowjob Seit dem „Vorfall“ mit Leon in meinem Badezimmer hatte ich nicht mehr mit ihm gesprochen. Es war inzwischen über... read more

At that time I had just moved to a residential complex that had opened a couple of months ago. The house had been bought on a plan before the houses were built, but I did not start the move until the summer holidays. It was in a complex of closed blocks that has all the facilities that modern man seems to need. In the central area there was a large swimming pool, tennis courts, and a garden... read more

Por aquel entonces me acababa de mudar a un complejo residencial que habían inaugurado hacía un par de meses. La casa la había comprado sobre plano antes de que empezaran a construir las viviendas, pero no empezé el traslado hasta la vacaciones de verano. Era en un complejo de bloques cerrados que tenía todas las facilidades que parece necesitar el hombre moderno. En la zona central había una... read more

Erwischt beim Pissen

by Smaug

Oct 30, 2018

Eines Nachmittags wollte ich aus meinem Haus auf die Straße gehen, dabei muss ich ein Eisentor durchqueren, als ich direkt am Tor einen jungen Kerl stehen sah der ungeniert durch die Gitterstäbe in den Hausflur pinkelte. Er war etwa 24 und trug ein Kappu und ne weite Jeans. im Gesicht hatte er einen Dreitagebart und ein Septumpiercing. Er war hochkonzentriert dabei in den Hausflur zu... read more

Stud Marcus Part 15

by 70sman

Oct 26, 2018

Terry wakes up in Corelli's office bonded, and gagged, his hands tied up, and feet tied up as well. "Looky here, boys the fairy has awakened." "Now that you're up, where's my money motherfucker?" Corelli demands. "Oh fuck, that's right your faggot ass can't talk through the gag in your mouth, Sal remove it." Corelli tells Salvador. Salvador removes the gag from Terry's mouth. "Hey man I... read more

Stud Marcus Part 14

by 70sman

Oct 23, 2018

Salvador leads Terry to a white room where a white sofa, and table sits. they both sit down as Salvador goes in for a sexy kiss to Terry. They both close their eyes, and kiss passionately. Salvador takes his jacket off, then starts to remove his shirt, when Terry says"No, I want you to suck me off, as well as I suck you off." "69?" Salvador asks. "Yes , Terry says. Terry unzips Salvador... read more

Stud Marcus Part 13

by 70sman

Oct 23, 2018

"Sure, man I'd like that, Terry sits down at the bar, when Salvador sits also at the bar. "Fuck, I love this groove , you know?" Salvador tells Terry. Terry says, "Yeah, it sounds good." "Man, I haven't seen you before, where the fuck have you been all my life, sexy? Salvador says. Terry starts laughing, and says"Fuck, dude that's a bad line." Salvador laughs back in return saying "Yeah,... read more

Stud Marcus Part 12

by 70sman

Oct 23, 2018

Marcus steps out of his bedroom wearing a cool white North Beach whipped stitched leather suit, buttoned down to his ripped stomach, tight in the thighs, and cock, and ass bell bottoms., gold diamond medallion chain, and on his feet a pair of polished cowhide black bump toed platform slip ons with 6 inch heels. Terry watched Marcus come out of the room glancing at his wonderful sexy body... read more

The past week had gone by so fast. Greg had been really friendly in the office, we were starting to become friends. Elsie had become suspicious, asking me if I was sure nothing had happened once I dropped Greg off at his place. I had promised Greg not to tell anyone in the office about the attempted robbery, and I had kept that promise. So I had just laughed and said that nothing had... read more

Stud Marcus Part 11

by 70sman

Oct 03, 2018

Marcus, and Terry both shower after the hard fucking Marcus did to Terry. Marcus says to Terry"You alright my man?" Terry says to Marcus "Fuck, man my hole is sore you ripped me a new one." Marcus smiles and says"Yeah, I know, I love fucking! with a dimpled smile. "Yeah, man but you didn't have to do it so raw, I mean no lubricant?" Terry replies. "Well man I had some aggression to pull... read more

Stud Marcus part 10

by 70sman

Oct 02, 2018

Marcus pulls up to his townhouse, and gets out, and goes in."How was your workout man?"Wish I could have joined you.Terry says, "It was a good workout between me kicking the ass of two more of Corelli's thugs! Marcus says. "What the hell? Really? Terry looks at Marcus with amazement. " You don't have a fucking scar on you, man." "That's right man, I don't fuck around when it comes to... read more

Banged in Boron

by GayMohave

Sep 25, 2018

Banged in Boron In late summer of 2009 I was driving back across the desert from a trip to the Bay Area. It was a relatively quiet week night on the usually hectic California Highway 58, hot and clear and a perfect night for a stop to soak up the stars. I needed to get out of the car anyway because my panties were sticking to my fanny and my heels were getting tight. A quick walk around a... read more

Stud Marcus Part 9

by 70sman

Sep 24, 2018

The two goons in the green sedan are still waiting for Marcus to go back to his car. Marcus walks out of the gym, heading back to his car after a massive 2 hour work out.The two thugs watches as Marcus pulls out. They follow Marcus to a 7 eleven parking lot. Marcus gets out to get some Gatorade, when the two thugs pull out guns, and one says" You're going with us." "Okay guys let me at... read more

Stud Marcus Part 8

by 70sman

Sep 24, 2018

The next morning Marcus comes downstairs of his townhouse in his gym clothes, wearing a white wife beater, tight gym shorts, knee length sweat socks, and a cool white pair of tennis shoes. "GGood Morning Marcus." Terry stutters fearing Marcus might take a piece of his ass, and not in a good way. " Marcus, please man say something to me okay?" Terry pleads. "Right now man I'm heading to... read more

This story is dedicated to and inspired by my friend 'greg crush' on Flickr. ----------------------------------- “I told him the file is on the bottom shelf. I have it right here.” I snapped out of it. For maybe only a few seconds I had been staring at my new co-worker Greg. His khaki chinos were tested to the limit as I saw him walk to a file cabinet directly in my eye sight from... read more

Geheime Vorlieben #3

by FreeBird

Sep 10, 2018

Drittes Kapitel: Die Strafe und der Kuss Allmählich wurde ich nervös. Ich hatte den Inhalt meines kompletten Schulrucksacks auf dem Boden meines Zimmers verteilt und drei mal durchsucht. Zum x-ten mal suchte ich meine Hosentaschen ab. Den Weg von der Bushaltestelle zur Haustür war ich nun auch schon mehrere Male abgelaufen, doch von meinem Handy war keine Spur. Es gab also nur noch... read more

Stud Marcus Part 7

by 70sman

Sep 07, 2018

Bruno turns his gun on Marcus when Terry pushes his arm way from Marcus, and the gun fires missing Marcus. Marcus steps up with a roundhouse kick to Bruno's hand knocking the gun out of Bruno's hand. " I can kick your ass, without my gun." Bruno says, and gets a good punch to Marcus's face knocking him backward. Marcus shakes it off, and signals for Bruno to come, and do it again. Bruno... read more

Stud Marcus Part 6

by 70sman

Sep 07, 2018

Terry hurries to the bathroom, when the two goons follow behind him. Marcus continues to stare at the menu. Terry goes to the stall and unloads his piss into the toilet when the thugs await for Terry to walk out, as soon as Terry starts whistling exiting the stall one of the goons puts a gun to Terry's head, and Terry says"What the fuck?'" "Thats a good answer, prick." one of the thugs... read more