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Meeting Ken

by Johnwa

Mar 24, 2019

This is a true story that I have tried to write about over the last several years. In 1993 at the age 22 I got into some trouble pm me if you need to know what for. I received a sentence of 30 months and if I stayed out of trouble would be out in 20 and eligible for work release for last 6 months. Where I live all prisoners go to a reception prison, where new prisoners are brought in and... read more


Jail Sissy

by sluttybttm4u

Sep 21, 2017

I will never forget when I got sentenced to jail. In our state, if you get sentenced for a year or more you go to the state prison. Though I was convicted of a "misdemeanor." My name was Josh I was convicted of repeated street racing and the judge who was tired of me being brought before him he gave me the stiffest sentence possible. The sentence was for a 1 1/2... read more

Eventually, the evening drew with the cold air breezing. After our evening meal, we all retired to our respective cells. Throughout the day I did not see Sule. About ten men were brought in that day and taken to solitary cell, where we called it The VIP. We were told that they were insurgents caught with explosives around the emir’s palace. Apparently they intended to bomb the paklace.... read more

First off, I was an arrogant 18-year-old when I was convicted of embezzlement. I heard the stories although I was only 5'6" tall I was pretty muscular at 180 lbs. Besides I was only going to be locked up for 3 years what could happen right? I was told in jail don't show fear even as you are walking naked to the change room in the cellblock. We were riding in the van and the guy... read more

My name is Aliyu. I am twenty years old, from the northern part of Nigeria. My father died when I was only fourteen and in secondary school-leaving a gulf that forever changed my large, polygamous family.Because of our large family, (he had three wives and sixteen children), we owned one of the biggest house in the village of Bama. My mother was the first wife and I was the seventh of... read more


Prison Diaries

by nj19

Sep 14, 2016

My name is jack I am a 19 year old pale Irish white man. I am short and thin only 5 7' and 140 pounds. I have dark brown hair its short. I was a frat star at Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I was being groomed to be president of the frat my third year at the fraternity. I was out one night trying to impress the current president. Long story short I was driving drunk and caused a car accident near... read more