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Electric Ecstasy

By Savannah Skye

submitted December 6, 2001

Categories: Erotic Poetry

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Waves thru me

As you touch me

My velvet curve to your subtle sex

You know I want you

Waves thru me

As you lie next to me

My curved back to your hidden agenda

Did you hear my mind calling you

Waves thru me

As you touch

Your hand on the curve of my ass

Touch me, my body needs it

Waves thru me

Finally nude

Both me and you

Your touch is never too much

Waves thru me

My breasts on your chest

A 4-way nipple fest

My breath into your breath

Waves thru me

As you lick

Your tongue on my nipples

Sweet pink elation

Waves thru me

As I slide over you

With you under me

Round and round I go

When will I stop, neither you or I know

Waves thru me

As we kiss

Your mouth to my mouth

2 breaths melt into 1 kiss

Electric ecstasy

Waves thru me

As you lick

Heading south

Your tongue on my clit

Waves thru me

As we 69

My sex your mouth

Your sex my mouth

A divine way to dine

Waves thru me

As I release my bliss

With a wet kiss

From my sex to yours

by savannah skye...

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