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Masterbation Voyeur

By Mark

submitted January 24, 2000

Categories: Voyeurism

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Mark had become an expert surreptitious masturbater; he could do it at the drop of a hat and not bat an eye when he blew a big load of cum in his short! It started when he was about eighteen years old when he found that if he went into the closet in his bedroom, he could watch his twin sister by looking through a crack in a common air vent. Sarah had a much more developed body than most of the girls in their class, wearing a 34D cup bra (Mark knew because he looked in her dresser drawer) and nipples that were a deep shade of pink with very long nubs on the tips. Her pussy, while not real hairy, had large pronounced lips that were plainly visible even from across the room.

When Sarah would take a bath, Mark would slip into his closet to watch her dry off and get dressed or ready for bed. Some times after she dried off, she would just sit totally naked in front of her mirror brushing her long blond hair. It was at those times that Mark would pull out his pecker and slowly beat it off as he watched his sister’s tits jiggle as she preened that long blond mane! Once he got really lucky when instead of getting ready for bed, she lay back down on the bed and began playing with her tits and nipples! Just watching her twist and tweak them made him cum after only a stroke or two! Even though he had just shot a load, he continued to watch and was soon rewarded as she dropped a hand to her crotch and fingered her clit! Mark had never seen anyone do that before and was fascinated that girls as well as boys “did it”! When Sarah finally came, she stifled a scream and writhed her body all around the bed! Totally spent, she lay there for a few minutes mindlessly massaging her mound and tits. What a sight! Sarah’s cunt was gaping open and was red from the abuse she had just given it. Mark saw her masturbate many times after that, later on she even used a thick candle as a penis substitute and fucked herself hard and deep with the big wax “cock”! It was when she used the candle that Mark thought she came the hardest orgasms! Mark started going through the dirty laundry and removed Sarah’s dirty panties. When he would watch her masturbate, he would wrap a pair around his swollen dick and hold another pair up to his nose so he could smell her pussy as he watched her cum! Using her panties became a ritual, and he cam hardest when he had a pair under his nose and one around his meat.

On nights when his sister had sleepovers, he got to see a variety of her friends, although not always naked. Most of the time they were either in PJ’s or tee shirts and panties, but it was still fun to blow a load watching a bunch of near naked high school senior girls jumping and playing around! One of Sarah’s friends was a little blond with big tits named Karen. Although he loved her tits, what was really neat was that she wore very tight panties that outlined her bulging pussy. Sadly he never saw her nude, but he still loved to cum watching her sit cross-legged on the bed with her panties pulled tight revealing a nice crack with big labia! As he got older he began to take more chances, most of them illegal. He found that a lady down the street from him usually left her bedroom shade open about an inch at the bottom of the sill. Because there was a lot of shrubbery and small trees in the way, she probably never thought that anyone could possibly see inside her room. It really was a perfect place to window peep, a good opening to look through and enough foliage to keep him hidden from the street.

Miss Logan was spinster who no one ever really got to know, but Mark on the other hand knew her body very well indeed! He would slip out of his own house at about eleven at night and make his way over to the open window on the Logan house. Like clockwork at about 11:15PM she would come into the bedroom and undress for the night. She was about forty-five years old and just slightly overweight. This didn’t bother Mark in the least, because, Miss Logan had a huge set tits that hung down low on her chest. When she would take off her industrial strength bra, she would always spend two or three minutes massaging her big chest. It wasn’t really sexual, more like she was working out the kinks after their having been bound up all day in the big harness. What really made Mark’s dick hard, however, was when she would take off her panties! Miss Logan had big hips with a bigger ass, but what was really something was her huge hairy pussy! It was impossible to see her lips very plainly due to the jungle of dark brown pubic hair that ran from hip to hip, but Mark always timed his load so that it blew just when she would rub her fingers through the dense forest of fur between her legs! Watching her big tits sway back and forth, coupled with that hairy snatch, was always too much for Mark’s poor prick to take! If she ever had looked, she would have found the side of her house covered with Mark’s dried cum!

The chances of getting caught looking in Logan’s window weren’t very good, it was dark out and there was good cover, but the next place Mark looked for women was a whole different story. It was at his school outside of the teacher’s rest room! The only advantage Mark had here was the door to the women’s rest room wasn’t in the main corridor, but in a side hall just around the corner from the main hall. This side hall was usually pretty deserted, but the chances of getting caught were much greater than in his closet or by an open window in the middle of the night! What Mark would do was wait until after school and most of the students had left the building. He would then wait at the far end of the main hall by his locker waiting for a female teacher to go to the john. When one did, he would quietly follow until she got inside the rest room itself. When he heard the lock click, he knew that she would be in there for at least a minute or two. He would then take a small mirror and slip it just under the door and into the john. At this point he could see the whole rest room. If he was quick enough he could see the teacher hike up her dress or skirt, and then pull down her panties and sit down on the toilet. Being out of the main hall, he could pull his dick and get in enough strokes to get off. There was something about watching one of your teachers pull up her dress and drop her panties that really turned Mark on! When she finally finished her business, Mark had plenty of time to get up and be far away before she washed her hands and returned to her room.

One of the neatest and strangest things he ever saw was when Miss Pickford, the young English teacher, went to the rest room. Thinking it would be a normal “pee job”; Mark was totally unprepared for what he saw. Miss Pickford pulled up her dress and dropped her panties just like normal, but then she left the toilet seat lid down and sat down with her legs spread wide apart! Mark wondered what was going on, until he saw a tell tale white string caught in the mass of blond pubic hair! She was going to change her tampon! Right before his eyes, the pretty young teacher pulled out a bloody red used tampon and calmly inserted a fresh one! Mark’s dick was like stone as he watched her perform this very private feminine procedure! He spurted all over the tile floor and had to take an extra few seconds to clean it up before he made his get away! Whenever he saw Miss Pickford from then on he got a hard on just thinking of her changing her tampons! Probably the gustiest thing he ever did though was in the girl’s locker room.

One Saturday Mark had to be at the school to help get ready for the prom dance later that evening. Getting there a little early gave him a chance to go into the girl’s locker room and look around. Right between the dressing stalls and the shower room was a janitor’s closet that had a sink, mop bucket, and various cleaning supplies. Over the door was an air vent that looked out into the locker room. Mark figured that if he could get into that closet when the girls were having basketball practice, he could see a whole bunch of naked girls! The only problem was that there was no escape! If the door was opened, he was dead! Looking the situation over, he was pretty sure that unless there was some sort of emergency, like someone throwing up or something being spilled, the odds were that no one would even open the door! As a precaution, he could take along a nylon rope and tie the inside door handle to the faucet. This would make a crude but possibly life saving “lock” that might buy him enough time to get away in case of trouble. He decided to do it! The next Monday after school he waited until the girls hit basketball floor for practice. Waiting awhile to make sure that the coast was clear, Mark slipped into the locker room and headed straight for the janitor’s closet. Using the nylon rope he had brought, he tied the doorknob to the water faucet and then sat down and waited.

In about and hour he heard the sound of boisterous laughter fill the room outside his door. Carefully Mark stood up on a five-gallon can of floor wax and looked through the grating. He could only see part of the dressing area, but what he could see was stunning! Mary Eckert and Rhonda Yates were laughing and talking as they shed their sweaty workout clothes! Both 18-year-olds had absolutely perfect bodies! By now Mark had his cock out and was giving it the first of three fist jobs! Before Mary and Rhonda had left their lockers, four other totally naked girls walked right in front of his door! Mark had always wondered what Karla’s tits looked like, and now he knew! They were very large with pink puffy nipples! Mark let go a stream of cum as she walked by with her tits jiggling! By now all of the girls were in the shower, and although he couldn’t see them, he could hear the water running. In about five minutes they started returning to the dressing area and this time Mark watched Mary and Rhonda dry off and get dressed. Both girls obviously trimmed their bushes, and it was a thrill seeing them using a towel between their legs. Rhonda seemed to take a little more time than was necessary drying her cunt! Mark blew his next load when Mary pulled on her panties! Mark always loved to see tight panties stretched tautly over full pussy lips! Even though he was done, Mark still watched the two put on their bras and outer clothing. “Oh, my,” he thought, “it is amazing what can develop in 18 short years!” He waited a good hour before he made his exit from the building. Older but no wiser, Mark still presses his luck trying to see ladies in various stages of undress. As a masturbater-voyeur, I guess you never outgrow it!

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