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2 Teens Go Camping

By Martineli

submitted October 21, 2000

Categories: Camping

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I had just turned 18. Me, Albert, and his nephew mark went camping to celebrate my birthday. But Albert had to leave because he had work the next day. Mark didn't want to go home. So I said he could stay with me and I would bring him home the following day. Nightfall came and we set the tent and started a fire. It got really cold. We ate then we crawled into the tent.

We didn't have sleeping bags, so we had to use a bunch of blankets. We lay on 2 blankets, and put like 5 blankets on top of us I fell asleep very quickly. I guess a couple hours later I woke up. I was lying on the left side of mark and I could feel his left hand rubbing my dick I knew he was experimenting, so I let him.

He was just 18 also. I could feel his left hand rubbing my dick, So I started thrusting my hips to the rhythm of his hand. I got a boner that you could feel through my pants I turned towards him to acknowledge that I was aware of what was going on, and that it was okay, but he got scared and turned away from me. So I went back to sleep.

I woke up facing his direction with his ass rubbing against my hard on. So, I reach over and grabbed his dick. He trusted his ass against my dick for a while, then he started to take off his shirt. I pulled down his pants and he got on top of me. He was facing down, his dick on mine. He kissed my neck. I placed my hands on his back caressing him. He leaned back, sitting on my legs. He unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. He then started to lick my dick through my boxer briefs. I had my head back, and my hands on his back, rubbing and caressing him. Then he pulled down my underwear to my ankles, and tried to lick my balls. I had to use my feet to take my pants and underwear off

Finally, my legs were free. Mark pushed them apart licking my sack and my inner thighs. He started to suck my dick again. Then kissed my navel. Then my abs. I then took my shirt off knowing he would want to lick my nipples. (Both of us now completely naked) he started to rub our dick heads together. He then asked if I was awake I didn't say anything, but he knew I was awake and we were both enjoying ourselves.

He turned around so that his back was to me. He tried to squat down on my cock. It hurt him too much, so he turned around and sat on my chest. He put his dick in my mouth and I started to suck. Then he started to face fuck me. I grabbed his hips and pulled him out. He was startled. I told him I liked it and would like if he played with my asshole. He Said, yes.

So I got up doggy style and he started to poke my hole. I told him to go in. it felt so good. A small finger feeling my insides. My hole was getting dry so I told him to lube it some how. At first he tried rubbing it. That didn't work. Then he put his mouth on it and stuck his warm tongue inside of me. When he got it real wet I said, "You know what to do."

He stopped and held my waist and stuck his little cock inside of me. We were going at this for about 3 minutes, when he said he was feeling it. I told him to pull out and jack off all over my back. He did what was told. I then told him to lie on his back.

I lifted his legs till my mouth could reach his hole. I spit 3 times and stuck some fingers in him. Starting with my index finger. He moaned and yelled. I put my middle finger in. he started to squeeze his butt checks and I told him to push against my fingers. I was fingering him for about 2 minutes He was playing with his nipples. I stuck 3 fingers in and he did like before. I rotated my wrist making sure he was nice and loose. I fingered him for about another 5 minutes, then I closed his legs and turned him to his side.

I laid behind him and separated his legs. I pushed my cock head against his hole, but he was still too tight. I pushed harder and finally the head slipped in. He yelled in pain. I could hear the echoes in the woods, and was hoping no one heard him. He bit down on a pillow and I continued to push in. . It took 10 minutes for me to get all the way in. I pulled back, then again, pushed forward gently, making sure he got used to my rhythm.

He started to moan again, then sat on top of me and rode me. I was about to explode! I pulled him off, and he started to suck, I came all over his mouth and face. He kissed me and lay next to me.

I held him in my arms and we fell asleep.