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7th Heaven On Earth


submitted September 1, 1998

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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I parked my car along the road and walked up to house number 169. Ever since I was two, I had been an orphan, and now, at eighteen, I had found an aunt. I regretted leaving behind all my male friends at the orphanage, but I had to leave some time. As I rang the doorbell, I wondered if I had any male cousins my age. That would be a dream come true.

Who opened the door but Barry Watson! My mouth gaped open as he asked, "Hi! May I help you?" He was wearing tight, faded jeans and a tank top tight enough to show outlines of his nipples. 7th Heaven was one of my favorite TV shows, mostly because of Barry.

"I . . . I . . ." I stammered. Suddenly, I noticed that the number read 167. "Oh, this is 167. I wanted 169."

"The house with the widow?" he asked.

"Yeah. She's my aunt."

"That's good. She even looks lonely most of the time. Having a nephew like you will cheer her up." He punched my shoulder. As his fist connected with me, I felt my dick jump.

"Yes, well, thanks . . . thank you."

"No problem," he said. I had been about to say, "thanks, Barry," but that didn't sound right. "Wait," he said, glancing at my aunt's house. He scrubbed a hand through his hair, exposing his dark brown armpit hair. I almost came right there. "Her car isn't in the driveway. She probably off shopping. You wanna wait in here until she comes back?"

"Sure," I said. "By the way, my name's John."

"Barry," he said. We shook hands, and went into his house.

"Sorry it's so hot," he said, closing the door. "I don't have an air conditioner. You can take off your shirt if you want." I did so, noticing the way he stared at me for a second. Just a second.

"Can I get you a drink?" he asked.

"No thanks," I said. If everything worked out, I'd get a hot, creamy drink anyway! I turned on Barry's television and flipped to a movie channel. Total Eclipse was showing. Barry joined me on the couch. I thought I saw drool on his lips as Leonardo Dicaprio displayed his acting talent on the screen.

"You like him?" I asked, not wanting to be too direct.

"Yeah," he answered dreamily. We watched the movie in silence. Suddenly, I felt Barry's hand stroke the inside of my thigh. We looked into each other's eyes, and got closer, closer, closer. And kissed. As he wrapped his arms around me, I grabbed his tank top and pulled it over his head. I ran my hands down his back as my lips left his. I ran my tongue around his neck, and licked his hairy armpit. Moving downward, I sucked on each of his nipples as he moaned my name.

I moved my hand down to his crotch and touched him, trying to feel if his dick was hard. It was. Kissing me once again, he grabbed at the button and zipper to his pants and got up for a second to pulled them down. He kicked off his jeans, and took off his socks as well.

Now in only boxers, he climbed on top of me, rubbing his cock against my stomach. He grasped both my nipples, and I moaned. He pulled at my shorts, and I helped him. Suddenly, I realized he had already pulled off his boxers. I began rubbing his ass, feeling nothing but smooth, warm, evenly divided flesh.

His tongue wandered down to my briefs, and, using his teeth, he pulled them down, and I kicked them off. I struggled to get a look at his dick, but he didn't let me. He inhaled my six-inch, cut cock, rubbing the area right below the head with his tongue. I moaned loudly.

"Don't come yet," he managed to say between sucks. "I'm just lubing you up. Just as I was about to come, he got off me and stood. My mouth watered at the sight of him completely naked. His dick was cut, and looked about seven inches. Seven inches of wonderful, pink meat. He turned around and spread his ass cheeks apart.

I understood, and began to flick my tongue in and out of his hole, listening to his moans. The farther in I stuck my tongue, the sweeter it began to taste. Finally, I withdrew and started to pull him toward me. He positioned himself on my dick, and sat down, slowly. I gently slid into him, until his ass touched my pubic hair.

"Fuck, I needed this," he said. I stuck my hands under his arms and cupped his pecs. I felt his sphincter squeeze me as I fucked him gently. With my left hand, I moved down and started to stroke his dick.

"Yes! Ohhhh, that feels good, John. I might even forget about yesterday. You'll never believe the day I had." Blowing in his ear, I listened to his story.

Stepping out of the shower, Barry heard the doorbell. Wrapping a towel around himself, he opened the door, admitting Leonardo Dicaprio. Leo smiled, and Barry noticed that the smile was directed toward his pecs, not his face.

"Hey, Leo," he said, extending his hand, making sure the other kept his towel in place.

"Hey, Barry," Leo said, letting himself in. As soon as Barry closed the door, Leo said, "I'll be blunt. Do you want to fuck?" Barry smiled. On the phone, he had asked Leo to come to his place to discuss acting careers and possibly get to know each other better. By the way he talked, Barry knew that Leo knew what he had meant.

Quicker than Barry would have thought possible, Leo stripped to nakedness. "My ass is hungry, Barry. Feed it!" Leo snatched Barry's towel away.

"Do you need . . ."

"I can fucking lube myself," Leo interrupted. Sticking two fingers in his mouth, he shoved them both up his ass simultaneously, going in and out, in and out, and finally around and around about ten times.

"Well, come on, lead me to your fucking bedroom." Barry led him, speechless. As Barry sat on the bed, Leo spit on Barry's dick and spread it around with his tongue. Then, pushing Barry on the bed not gently, Leo climbed on top of him.

He sat on Barry's dick and moaned loudly. Barry's dick penetrated Leo completely with the first thrust. Barry thought Leo's ass cheeks would crush his balls, but Leo started to wag his ass back and forth.

"Chewing, chewing, chewing . . ." Each time Leo said that, he tightened his sphincter on Barry's cock. Barry groaned, and pressed his arms against the bed. Throwing his head back, he squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his teeth as semen erupted out of his dick.

"Swallowing!" Leo cried, wagging his ass faster and faster, until Barry's dick started to feel sore. Barry squirted about ten times. When he was done, Leo pulled away, tightening his ass to keep the sperm in. He crawled up to sit on Barry's face, and dumped the semen in Barry's mouth. Barry licked Leo's ass crack to lap up the rest of his juice.

Without warning, Leo threw his arms around Barry's neck, kissing him fiercely. Barry groaned as Leo's hard dick crushed his balls, but Leo didn't seem to notice as he started to bite Barry's neck muscles. Barry couldn't believe such a skinny boy could be so strong. Leo forced Barry onto his stomach, and spread his legs apart.

"Hey! I need lube!" Barry shouted.

"No you don't," Leo said, not stopping.

"I don't really want to . . ."

"I don't really fucking care what you want."

Barry realized he was being raped; he loved it. Leo continued to screw him until he threw back his head and yelled. Barry knew the sperm always came seconds after the orgasm began, and prepared for Leo's cum. Leo shot load after load of semen deep into Barry's ass. It lasted only a few seconds, but it felt like years. Finally, Leo pulled out, and got up off the bed. Barry lay on the bed, exhausted. He was amazed at this boy in front of him. Only seconds after fucking and getting fucked, Leo was ready to go.

"Wait," Barry said. "Aren't you going to help me clean up the bed?"

"Lick it up," Leo said curtly. "And next time, shower a bit later so I can rape you in the shower." Leo smiled devilishly. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to meet Scott Wolf in a few hours.

It was Barry's turn to smile. "Suck his nipples. He loves that." Leo smiled once more, and left.

"You had sex with Leonardo Dicaprio, and Scott Wolf?" I whispered, kissing his cheek. Looking down, I saw my dick engulfed by Barry's hot ass cheeks. I still couldn't believe it. I was have sex with a boy near my age! And his name was Barry Watson!

"Yeah," Barry whispered back. "I never thought such a cute looking boy could be so aggressive. But if only I had closed the window while we were getting on."

"Why? You got caught?"


Less than an hour later, Barry became horny again. He pulled his pants down and started stroking his dick. He opened a drawer and pulled out a disk. He loaded it into his computer, and started clicking between his favorite JPEGs.

"Whatcha looking at?" called a voice. Barry quickly got rid of the JPEGs, pulled his pants up, and turned to face David Gallagher. David had looked at Barry strangely ever since they had filmed the first 7th Heaven episode. Barry hoped David hadn't seen anything.

"Hey, David, what can I do for you?"

"I just walked over to ask you something."


"What's it like to get fucked?"

Barry gasped and covered David's mouth. "Do you want the whole world to hear you say that?"

"What's wrong? I hear you say that all the time!"

"Yeah, because I know what it means."

"I do to!" David insisted, crossing his arms. "So what's it like?"

"Go ask your mom and dad. They'll tell you everything you need to know about girls and . . ."

"No, stupid. I asked what it was like to get fucked. You know, taking it in the ass?"

Barry gasped again. "You saw me!"

He nodded. "With Leonardo. And believe me, from that window, it looked like you were having a good time. I was about to knock on the front door when I heard someone say 'fuck' inside. I peeked in, and saw you walking into your bedroom naked. I then proceeded to the bedroom window and watched the entire thing from there. And after Leonardo left, well, I had to go home and release a bit of pressure, understandably. That's why it took me a while to get back here. And besides, I saw you drooling over that Marky Mark picture that you tried to hide."

"Promise never to tell anyone about all that, David. Promise or I'll kill you."

"Show me what it's like and I won't tell anyone."

Barry sighed, exasperated. "Fine."

"Great!" David said, starting to strip. Barry rolled his eyes and took off his tank top. David began to rub Barry's pecs with his small hands.

"Stop it, you lecher!" Barry shouted. "Listen, let's just get this over with."

"I just wanted to know what it was like." David was completely naked, now, and stared at Barry with eyes of innocence. "And how come you've got so much hair on your armpits, and on your arms and legs, and on your dick, and . . ." Barry blushed more and more as David described his body more than accurately. " . . . and how come you can squirt white stuff out of your dick?"

"I'm older," Barry said simply. "Now come here," he said, picking David up and sitting him on his knee. "Jeez!" David said, touching Barry's dick. "Your dick is huge!"

"Wait. First, I have to make your hole slippery, so I can slide inside."

"Sounds cool to me," David said. Barry stuck his finger in his mouth to wet it, then slowly shoved his finger up David's butt. David clenched his teeth, clearly in pain.

"There. That's basically what it feels like."

"No," David said, his eyes squeezed shut. "I want . . . your dick!"

Barry rolled his eyes again, and pulled out his finger. He lifted David up, and sat him gently on his dick. Slowly, it slided inside.

David shook his head, and tears came to his eyes. Barry stopped. "No! Keep . . . going!"

Barry felt bad about having sex with such a little boy, but hey, he asked for it.

Finally, with a moan, Barry shot a new load of sperm into David's ass. Most of it dripped out as Barry pulled out.

"Wow, that was great!" David got off and said, "Now let me do you."

Barry rolled his eyes yet again. "Alright, but I don't want to crush you, sitting on your dick.

"Can I do it the way Leo did it?" Barry sighed, and lay on the bed with his legs spread.

"First, rub some spit on your dick. Then spread my ass cheeks farther apart and go in slowly."

Unexpectedly, he felt David's small hands on his ass. "Wow! Are all assholes as pink and hairy as yours?" Barry blushed in the pillow.

"Just fuck me, will you?"

David's wet dick slid into him. Compared to Leo's monster cock, David's felt like a toothpick. "It feels like a warm, snug glove. Now what?" he asked.

"Just slide in, and out, and in, and out until you come."

David lay on top of his back. "I like this better. Your back so warm and soft."

"Alright, but I'm going to make you come if you don't." Barry tightened his sphincter, then released, then tightened again.

"Hey, what are you . . ." The question dissolved into a fierce yell as David's started to come. Barry felt David's cock get rock hard and start to jerk. Within seconds, David's yell ended.

"So, David, how was it?" When David didn't answer, Barry slowly slid David's rapidly softening cock out of his ass. It came out with a pop. Barry saw that David had fallen asleep.

"So where is David now?" I asked, rubbing both of Barry's nipples.

"He's still in the bedroom. And I can believe that he slept through the night and through this day. Jeez, how long have we been fucking?"

I had lost track of how many times I had come up Barry's ass, but I did remember coming once when Barry described how Leo had deposited Barry's own semen in his own mouth, and another time when David had been describing Barry's body. Looking down at Barry's hard dick, I saw that I had caused him to make a small puddle in his pubic hair. Rubbing my hands in Barry's semen, I rubbed some into his nipples, and let him lick up what was left on my fingers.

Barry shifted into a more comfortable position, moving my dick as he did. This new movement caused me to come again. Barry got off me as I began splashing hot sperm against his ass. I admired his cum spattered body as he went into the next room to check the time.

"He has a cute butt, doesn't he?" a voice whispered. David sat next to me, his index finger to his lips, signaling me to be quiet. I winked at him, and he disappeared behind the couch.

"It's nearly five!" Barry said, coming back into the living room. "We've been at it for over two hours." I couldn't believe it. I had spent the last two hours with my dick shoved up Barry Watson's ass!

"A cute guy and a girl saw me naked through the window, but when they saw the sperm on my ass, they ran. Too bad. I had hoped I could squirt some sperm for them right then and there. Two hours," he said, shaking his head. "Well, I suppose a few more minutes won't hurt." Barry turned around, ready to sit on my dick again, when, out of nowhere, David's head situated itself between my legs with his mouth open.

Barry sat almost directly on David's tongue. David started to fiercely probe Barry's asshole.

"Hey!" Barry shouted. "What the fuck!" He saw David, who sat there, laughing. "Why, you little sex demon!" he shouted. But he didn't stay angry long. We all had a good laugh.

"Well," Barry said, "I guess you should go see your aunt, now. Remember you can come back any time."

I smiled. "Believe me, I will." I left Barry's house, smiling. With Barry Watson as my new neighbor, I didn't think life would be boring at all.

Just then, I remembered something. Walking back into the house, I saw Barry already back into his boxers. "Can I get a drink before I go?"

"Sure. What would you like?" he asked, walking toward the kitchen.

"Something hot," I said. "Hot and creamy."

He turned, understanding, and pulled his boxers back down. Some of my drool dripped to the floor as I watched his hard dick bounce out. I also noticed the huge cum stains on the back and front his boxers. I took in the sight of Barry Watson's fully naked body, then, smiling, I knelt down and took his cock into my mouth, buried my mouth in his pubic hair and milked him for all he was worth. I must have been the luckiest guy on the planet

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