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A Boy Scout is Always Prepared

By Skip

submitted July 31, 2000

Categories: Older/younger

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I have been in Boy Scouts since I was 7 years old. Over the years, I worked my way through many merit badges and levels in scouting. By the time I was 12, I knew that I was gay, too. While I enjoyed checking out all of the hot, horny guys at camp, what I really appreciated were the older, more mature and hung scout masters.

I worked at a boy scout camp for four summers. The first summer was when I was 18. I was on the waterfront crew, which not only meant that I got to see all of the boys in their swimsuits, but also that I got to supervise the shower areas. The Boy Scouts are very careful about men and boys sharing restroom and shower areas, though I was in charge of monitoring both.

While many boys are shy about showering nude, most older guys are not. I definitely used this to my advantage. One day, between lessons, I was in the "mens" shower room, even though I was only 18. I was showering nude when two scout masters came in. One was about 45 and the other was about 25. They were uncle and nephew. Both men entered the shower area, and I immediately noticed a striking similarity between the two: their cock size. Both men were about 5' 9", but had penises that were at least 7 inches not erect. While trying to prevent my own large member from swelling too much, I carefully checked them out. Both hot, I decided. While I enjoyed seeing almost any man naked, regardless of their size, I especially liked the way that Nate, the older guy, portrayed his manhood.

One night a few days later, I snuck into the campsite that Nate was at while he was away at a campfire with his troop. I intended to steal a pair of Nate's underwear, because I wanted to smell them and masturbate with them. I found a pair of his size 32 Calvin Klein briefs, exactly my size. They were very smelly and had what appeared to be piss or cum stains on them.

However, the real find was what else was in that case...a copy of a XXX gay men's magazine and a Maglite flashlight with a lubed-up condom on it. So now I knew that not only was Nate gay, but that he liked anal sex as much as I did. Furthermore, he must be a bottom, I deduced. This was great for me, as I had always been a top when I fucked my friends in high school, as I had the largest dick when I was 16.

The next day, I went to Nate's campsite after dark when all of the Boy Scouts were asleep. I asked Nate if I could speak to him in his tent about some of his boys that were acting up at the pool. He said sure, and I went into his tent with him. Instead, I pulled out the magazine and confronted him. In desperation, he plead with me not to tell, and assured me that he had never had sex with any of the boys in his troop. I unquestionably believed him, and I still do. But, I said, I was interested in having sex with him anyway. He agreed.

That night, back in the woods away from the pool in the cool Vermont night, Nate led me to a quite meadow. I quickly undid the fly to Nate's Boy Scout shorts, and pulled his 9" cock out of the fly of his boxers. I lavishly licked his big head and strong, full scrotom until it oozed with delight. After 20 minutes of foreplay, I asked Nate if I could fuck him. He said absolutely, and I lubed up my veiny cock and fucked him hard for over 20 minutes. After I blew my load, he fucked me hard for another 20 minutes. After at least 5 orgasms from each of us, we left the meadow. Nate and his troop left that next night and we never spoke again.