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A Fairy's Tail

By J. Link

submitted November 6, 2000

Categories: Fantasy

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In a world not so different from our own lives two sorts of creatures much like men, the Fairies and the Ogres. The Fairies are a smallish sort with lithe little bodies and an appearance of eternal youth. The Ogres, handsome creatures in their own right, are tall, muscle bound creatures. Both live in their separate villages with the forest separating the two.

The Fairies go into the forest to find berries and nuts and to collect fresh drinking water from the crystal stream that runs through the middle. The Ogres go into the forest looking for Fairies! The cum of the Fairy is very sweet on the lips of an Ogre and any Ogre that is lucky enough to catch a Fairy savors his catch for hours before letting him go. The Fairies are quick on their feet and their lithe little bodies make it very difficult for an Ogre to overcome them. The Ogre has to rely on the element of surprise! Therefore, the story begins:

A Fairy named Jadon was traveling towards the Fairy village through the forest after a full day of collecting water and berries. Jadon was a beautiful Fairy with large brown eyes, dark wispy hair, and fair and flawless milky skin. He was tired and felt he could not go on unless he stopped for a moment to rest. The late afternoon sun warmed him and soon he fell into a delicious slumber.

Dag the Ogre lumbered through the forest disappointed that he had not even eyed a Fairy, much less had the opportunity to pursue one. Dag’s large figure was a breath taking site of well sculptured muscle and bronzed skin that contrasted with his very light blond hair that fell around his broad shoulders like silk. As he walked, he contemplated the disappointment of his day in the forest and felt it quite a waste to have even left home. Suddenly, he looked down at his feet and jumped to the side to avoid stepping on the sleeping Fairy in front of him. He could not believe his luck! The Fairy was perhaps the most beautiful Fairy he had ever seen and here he was sleeping, unaware that Dag was standing over him.

Dag lowered himself to his knees and began to run his fingers through the Fairy’s soft dark hair, which startled Jadon awake. He looked sleepily at the Ogre and started to close his eyes to continue his peaceful rest until he realized he was not dreaming! Jadon froze; he knew he could not get away. He had considered himself lucky that in the two years that his family had sent him out into the forest he had yet to be captured by an Ogre.

Jadon gazed up at the Ogre he had never seen one up close. He felt his groin twinge with the hot feeling of sexual desire as he assessed the Ogre’s large bronzed figure only covered by a piece of cloth bound around his waist. Dag gingerly unbuttoned the red velvet tunic that Jadon wore and then raised him off the ground to remove the garment from his arms. Jadon did not fight Dag; he was rapt with Dag’s strong arms and his deep blue eyes. Dag ran one finger down the middle of Jadon’s naked hairless chest, which made Jadon shudder and gasp. He felt his desire for Dag’s strong body swell. Dag watched the bulge in the Fairy’s tight black leggings grow larger until he could stand it no longer. He slipped the knee high black boots that the fairy wore off his small slender feet and then hungrily ripped the leggings from his body. Jadon lay back with his eyes closed anticipating what Dag would do next. Had he known that an Ogre could ignite such fiery feelings of sexual desire in him he would have let one catch him two years ago! Dag licked his lips as he surveyed the young Fairy’s balls and cock nestled in a bed of curly dark hair, the only hair besides the hair on the Fairy’s head he had noticed. A pearl of sweet pre-cum glistened at the tip of Jadon’s hard pink cock. Dag scooped him up under his buttocks and pulled Jadon’s hips up to rest under his chin leaving only Jadon’s shoulders and head to rest on the ground. Dag swept his tongue over the tip of Jadon’s cock tasting the sweet nectar. Jadon moaned and thrust his hips upward to Dag’s mouth. He wanted to feel Dag’s mouth encircle his cock; he ached for it. Dag smiled, he had never known a fairy to sit still or even desire the pleasures of an Ogre. He whispered to the Fairy, “what is your name beautiful Fairy”. With desire taking his breath, Jadon whispered back his name in a throaty almost moaning reply. Dag exhaled a deep sigh as he muttered the name. He circled his tongue around the tip of Jadon’s cock tasting his sweetness then filling his mouth with Jadon’s entire cock he began to suck gently. Jadon tasted like candy to Dag and his scent was sweet and like jasmine. He felt Jadon tense his buttocks and thrust his hips upward with each suck. Dag felt his own cock swell as he sucked Jadon listening to him moan and sigh. Jadon asked Dag in a sweet high-pitched whisper, “what name do they call you by lover”. Dag stopped sucking long enough to tell Jadon his name. He could tell he was going to bring Jadon to the pinnacle of his pleasure so he sucked harder and faster. Soon, Jadon let out a squeal and yelled out Dag’s name. Dag’s jaw tensed as the sweet Fairy cum filled his mouth. After he was sure he had savored every last drop of Jadon’s sweet cum he lowered him back to the ground where the Fairy lay breathing heavy with a look of delicious contentment on his face. Jadon gazed into Dag’s eyes as his small hand fumbled under the cloth covering Dag’s very hard cock. He teased it with the tips of his slender fingers and asked; “how can I repay you for today’s pleasure lover”. Dag removed the cloth from his waist revealing his swollen large cock. His balls were large and his cock even larger. Thick and long, it pulsed under Jadon’s fingers.

Dag thought of ways for the Fairy to repay the debt of pleasure and came to his decision. He took the small sweet face of the Fairy in his hands and kissed his mouth. Jadon moaned as Dag’s tongue filled his mouth he could taste his own cum and had never realized how sweet it was. Dag ended the kiss and whispered to Jadon that he was going to turn him over to his belly.

Dag had Jadon on his belly in the soft grass. He took the palms of his hands to Jadon’s inner thighs and spread his legs until he could see his tight little hole appear. Dag spread Jadon’s ass apart and darted his tongue at the tight little swirl of flesh, which sent quick shudders of pleasure up Jadon’s spine and made him whine and wiggle. Dag’s hot tongue thrust in and out of Jadon until he was certain that his tight little hole would accommodate at least one finger. Dag bore one large finger inside of Jadon and heard a moan of approval to which he added another. Jadon came up on his knees, widened his stance, and whispered, “Fill me” to Dag. Dag grasped Jadon’s small hips and rubbed his swollen cock head against his hole until it slipped inside. Jadon exhaled and moaned then breathed out “deeper”. Dag slipped his cock into Jadon up to his balls and slowly thrust it in and out. Jadon’s hole was tight and Dag knew he could not contain his pleasure for very long. He thrust harder and deeper and faster, his large bulbous sac of balls slapping Jadon’s ass. Jadon was moaning and wiggling at the thrusts that Dag was delivering. Dag reached around his slender waist and felt that Jadon’s cock was again hard. His thrusts were wild and rough he wanted to cum so that he could drink from Jadon again. Jadon squealed as he thrusted. Dag felt his cum surfacing so he held Jadon to him and exploded inside of him. As the hot cum filled Jadon, he felt as if he were one with Dag.

Dag pulled his large satisfied cock out of Jadon’s ass and rolled him over. He laid down between his legs and swiftly brought Jadon to his pleasure again. Jadon’s cum was sweeter and hotter than the first time and Dag savored it.

The Ogre brought the little Fairy to his feet and dressed him, all but the leggings that he had ripped in the throws of passion. He wrapped his own loincloth about Jadon’s waist and kissed him fully on the lips. The two parted ways but not before they decided upon a time and day for their next meeting in the forest.

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