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A Fairy's Tale: Winter with Hubin-Hubin Ass Fuck'

By J. Link

submitted February 20, 2001

Categories: Fantasy

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Hubin shut the door behind him leaving Jadon to sleep and heal. His cock grew just thinking of the sweet cum that had filled his mouth earlier and the delicious ass fucking that Dag had given him. He entered the living room to find Dag stroking his hard cock with one hand and rolling his bulbous ball sac in his other. “Here let me help you with that”, said Hubin. Dag smiled hoping that Hubin would return ready for some more action. Hubin knelt in front of the couch and pulled Dag to his face. He lifted Dag’s ball sac up and darted his tongue into his hole. Dag moaned from surprise and delight. Dag moaned as the long thick tongue fucked his ass. Hubin was deep in his hole but knew if he had Dag on his stomach, he could tongue deeper and eventually slide his cock in and fuck the ogre.

“Role over and spread your legs Ogre”, requested Hubin. Dag did so obediently. As he spread his legs, he separated his ass cheeks to reveal his hole and to his surprise and embarrassment gas ripped from his hole making a loud ripping sound. Hubin brought him to his feet and directed him to the bathroom. Once there he bent Dag over the tub and told him to spread his legs once more separating his ass cheeks. Dag obeyed. He felt a slimy thick gel like substance massaged around and inside of his hole and then the feeling of a tube being inserted into his ass made him gasp. Before he could ask Hubin what he was doing he felt the rush of warm water flood his anus and fill his colon. Hubin was washing him out so that he would be clean for fucking. Hubin removed the tube and instructed Dag to shit and clean his ass thoroughly before returning to the living room. Dag did as he was instructed and left the bathroom. He headed for the living room excited and somewhat fearful of the thought of being fucked by Hubin’s enormous cock.

Hubin separated Dag’s ass cheeks and smelled his hole pleased that he could smell soap on the pink skin. He lapped at the outside of Dag’s hole. Dag moaned and whispered under his breath “fuck me with your tongue fuck me”. Hubin darted his tongue in Dag’s hole and he shuddered and squealed. Hubin could feel the tightness of Dag’s hole getting loser and decided it was time his cock were attended to. He rested his large hands on Dag’s shoulders and thrust his cock into him. Dag screamed in pain and pissed. Hubin did not seem to notice or care that Dag had screamed and pissed. He started his rhythmic fucking. Dag soon relaxed and the pain turned into mind-blowing pleasure. He felt impaled by Hubin’s log. His own cock grew as he was being fucked. The feel of Hubin’s balls slapping his ass like a paddle made him moan and he tilted his hips upward to feel the spank of them against his own balls as he held them between his ass cheeks. Hubin let out a gasp and told Dag he was going to explode. Dag felt the hot cum fill him. He thought Hubin would never stop cumming inside of him. Finally, Hubin had squirted the last drop of cum inside of him and removed his cock. Cum ran out of Dag’s ass and tickled the inside of his leg. He rolled over to find Hubin was no longer in the room with him. He finished his own cock off cumming in an explosion all over his stomach.

After Dag had cleaned himself off he joined Jadon in the large bed and held his lover close to him. His little body was hot with fever and he moaned and chattered in his sleep all night. The morning came and Dag awoke to the smell of food. He woke Jadon and the two lovers joined Hubin for a morning meal.

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