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A Family Sex Story

By Older Brother

submitted November 6, 1999

Categories: Family Fun

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One day when my brother, Austin, and I where home alone we thought it would be kind of cool to open up a few of our dad's beer since we had never had any before. Well...to make a long story short, we got drunk. The next thing I knew I was waking up in my parent's bed, butt naked, and wrapped in my naked brother's arms.

At the same time, Austin woke up. We both looked at each other, with wide eyes, and screamed. We jumped out of bed and was asking each other "what the hell happened?" I told Austin that I didn't remember a thing and he told me he didn't remember anything either.

Austin: Well maybe nothing happened.

I noticed gobs of semen on chest, ass, and mouth.

Me: No...we definitely had sex.

Austin: Oh shit! What are we going to do?

Me: Well we don't remember anything so all we have to do is forget any of this ever happened. Deal?

Austin: Deal.

We both agreed and we got dress. We walked out of our parent's room and we heard a noise coming from the kitchen.

Austin: Oh shit! Mom is home! I didn't think she would be home for hours.

Me: Let's just go out there and act normal.

We went in the kitchen and our mom looked at us and smiled.

Mom: Oh! You two are finally up.

My heart started pounding. This must have meant she saw us sleeping in bed together!

Mom: You two looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake you.

Me: You saw us???

Mom: Yeah. You two were so cute that I just had to take a picture.

She showed Austin and I a photograph of us butt naked and pressed against each other. Both of our mouths were open and we were drooling all over each other's face.

Mom: I can't wait to show your father.

My brother and I both stood there. Our faces were as white as ghosts. Suddenly we heard our dad pull up in the driveway.

Mom: Oh good he's home.

He walked in the doorway and my mom showed him the picture. He smiled and came over to us.

Dad: Hey! Good job! You two finally became men and not some sissy virgins!

Me: You're not angry?

Dad: No. I'm glad you two lost your virginity to each other and didn't get some girl pregnant.

Mom: You guys need to go wash up for dinner.

We both started to walk away.

Mom: Oh...and after dinner I want you two to have sex again. I want to get it on video tape.

Austin: Umm...sure mom.

We both left the kitchen.

Austin: Is she crazy??? She wants to watch us having sex??? We can't do that!

Me: What choice do we have? If we tell her we don't want to she will ask why and then we will have to tell her the whole story about us getting drunk and then dad will murder us!

Austin: You're right...but we're not gay.

Me: We're gonna have to do it anyway. Let's just do it and get it over with.

After dinner our mom set up the camera in the living room and move all the furniture out of the way so we would have enough room. Our dad sat on the couch in nothing but his underwear (this was usual).

Mom: Are you guys ready?

Austin: umm...

Mom: Come on you guys! Get to it!

We both got in the middle of the room and my mom started the recording. My brother and I looked at each other without knowing what to do. Our mom began instructing us.

Mom: Kiss each other!!!

We did as she said. We both leaned toward each other. At first it started out as a little peck on the lips. Then we started doing it more and more and suddenly we really got into it. Our lips were opening and our tongues met. As we kissed, our hands were busy ripping each other's clothes off. Off went our shirts first, then our pants, and last underwear. We were making out in nothing but our socks in front of our parents.

It was at that moment that I realized how hot my brother actually was. And this man to man sex actually felt pretty good. My hands explored my brother's chest and I pinched his nipples. Austin then got on his knees and put my hard cock in his mouth.

As he was giving me a blow job I noticed my mom had her pants down around her knees with her hand up her crouch. My dad was still on the couch but without his underwear. He was fully hard and was jacking off in front of me. This made me very horny and I shot my load in my brother's mouth.

I was so exhausted that I fell on my back on the floor. My brother got on top of me and began sucking my chest. He then began humping my chest and shot a huge load on my chest and face. I got as much of it in my mouth as I could. My brother then laid on top of me and we started making out again.

My dad came over and started licking Austin's sperm off my face. We continued to make out and our dad jacked off on our faces. We both loved the taste of our dad's sperm. We were finally too tired to go on and all three of us just laid there, naked, in each other's arms.

Mom: Wow! You guys gave me the biggest orgasm and you didn't even touch me!

We all laughed and my mom stopped the camera.

Austin: That was so great! Can we do this everyday?

Dad: Everyday and every night! From now on you boys sleep with us! Do you understand me?

We both answered "yes dad." and we kissed him again.

Mom: I'm going to show this video to all my friends. They are going to love this.

I know my family is strange...but who the hell cares when we have the best sex on the block?