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A Horny Truck Driver!

By Jimmy

submitted January 7, 2002

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex

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My lover and I have been together for over 40 years and we have a wonderful relationship together. We have been able to stay together because of our love and understanding for each other. Jerry had never been with any man before me, so to celebrate our tenth anniversary together we took a trip through southern California. As we traveled down the highway we were talking about sex and Jerry said that he always wanted to do one thing. When I asked him what, he laughed and said, "I want to give a good looking straight truck driver a blow job.” We both laughed at that because we knew it would never happen.

After driving for some time, we both needed to take a leak, so I pulled into a rest stop and we entered the rest room together. No one was there, so we took a leak and Jerry left. As I was washing my hands, a hunk of a truck driver came in. I wondered if I could give Jerry his anniversary present.

The truck driver took a leak and I could watch his nice cock as he did so. He and I were chatting about the driving conditions and the highway when I noticed some writing on the wall: someone had written, "I want to suck your cock!”

I read it to the truck driver and we both laughed. Then he said, "Where are those guys when you need one?” I said that I had picked up a hitchhiker who was a good cocksucker and that he was waiting for me in my car.

As we left the rest room and walked to our vehicles, I told the trucker that I would send the cocksucker over to his truck if he wanted me to. He thought about it and said, "I am on a long haul and could use something. Sure!” I told him I would have this guy come to his truck and he could then decide if he wanted it or not. The trucker grinned and said, "Okay.”

When I got into my car I told Jerry about the conversation and then said, "If you want it, go for it.” I knew Jerry was bashful and was sure he would decline. I was actually hoping he would tell me to fix up the trucker myself. Much to my surprise, Jerry did not hesitate to go. So I watched as my lover got out of our car and walked to the truck.

The trucker had a window down and they chatted together for a while. Then I watched as my lover climbed into the cab of the truck. By this time the darkness had set in and there was nobody at the rest stop except us.

I could not see what was going on so I waited and played with my cock, thinking about what my lover was doing to the hunk of a truck driver.

After a while I saw the door open and Jerry got out and waved to the driver as the trucker pulled his semi out of the parking lot and onto the highway. Jerry came back to the car and got in with the most astonished look on his face. He said to me, "I did it!”

As I drove down the highway he told me that the trucker had invited him into his truck. Jerry got in the truck seat and the driver said, "I am horny as hell," and rubbed his cock through his jeans. Jerry said he would like to take care of it for him, so the trucker told him to help himself.

Jerry said his hands were shaking as he reached over to the guy’s jeans and felt his half-hard cock through the denim. He rubbed it and his cock got hard, so Jerry said he unbuttoned his fly and reached inside the jeans. He pulled out a beautiful uncut cock and immediately put it in his mouth. He pulled the skin back and licked around the head of the driver’s cock and could taste it. He then went down on his cock as far as he could and continued to suck up and down.

The trucker held his head and fucked his mouth a little and told Jerry how good it felt. This was a total turn-on for Jerry so he was in heaven.

The trucker started moaning a little and the next thing Jerry knew there was a spurt of cum in his mouth, followed the whole load: warm, creamy and good tasting!

As we traveled down the highway Jerry said, "That was the best anniversary present you could give me. I can't wait until next year to see what you are going to give to me for the next anniversary present.”

I told Jerry to not press his luck. We laughed and drove off into the night.

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