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A Night With Lance Bass

By mavric

submitted March 5, 2001

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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The following is a work of fiction.


It was around 10 PM and I decided to go out to a quiet little bar I knew. I had been studying for most of the week and had just finished the last of my tests that day. I was pretty burned out and just wanted to relax at one of my favorite little spots. I walked into the bar and said hello to Johnny, the bartender. Because it was Thursday night the bar was pretty quiet, just a few guys at the bar having drinks and talking. I am a music major and one of the reasons I liked this bar was, while it was a gay bar, it was not the usual meat market (not that I hadn’t picked up and been picked by a few hotties and had my share of fun in it).

The bar had a piano in the corner of its little side room and I ordered my drink and headed towards it. I sat down and started to play the piano, not really thinking about what I was going to play from one tune to the other. I passed between classical, jazz, and pop; it helped to relax me and I had just begun to enjoy playing, not really paying attention to what was going on around me.

I had just finished a tune when I heard from behind me a voice say that I played very nicely. I said “thank you” and turned around to say hello to the person who had just spoken to me. I looked up into the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. He had blond hair and a cute disarming smile; it was Lance Bass from ‘nsync. I was speechless. He just smiled down at me and then asked if he could join me at the piano. I stuttered and said, “Sure, no problem,” and moved over to let him sit next to me at the piano. He was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a jeans jacket. He sat down and we made polite conversation between playing tunes. As we were talking, Lance placed his hand on my knee and said he really liked how I played the piano and would like to hear me play some more. As he said this, there was a twinkle in those gorgeous green eyes of his and he moved his hand up my leg to my thigh. I told him it would be a pleasure to play for him again and put my hand on top of his and smiled.

We left the bar and made our way to Lance’s car. He told me the band was taking a vacation from the road and he had decided to come to our small town and relax. He had rented a house on the outskirts of town with the closest neighbor being over a mile away. We pulled up to the rented house and turned to chat a little more. As we faced each other, I leaned in and kissed him. He kissed me back and placed his tongue between my lips. His mouth and tongue were hot and I began to caress his chest.

We disentangled from our passionate make-out session and made our way to the house. I let him lead the way so I could admire his fabulous ass and body. He opened the door and invited me in. As I passed by him, I fondled his ass and kissed him deeply. He pulled the door closed and I moved him against it, kissing him passionately and feeling his body up with my hands. His scent was erotic and I felt him erect beneath his jeans. He gently pushed me away and said there would be plenty of time for that with a sneaky smile and a twinkle in his eyes.

He led me to the piano where we sat down and I began to play. Lance took off his jacket and then took off his t-shirt. My already erect cock jumped in my pants as I got a look at this pop star shirtless. His chest was awesome, with his nipples beautiful and erect. He had a slight treasure trail that I really wanted to follow to its destination. Lance told me to keep playing and I complied. He moved behind me and his man odor was overpowering. I was swooning as he rubbed my shoulders and neck. I kept playing and I felt him move lower behind me. He got to my waist and slowly undid my pants from behind. I kept playing, though I am sure I missed a few notes as my straining cock was released from my jeans and made a tent in my boxers.

Lance moved around me and knelt between my legs. He smiled up at me, then began fondling my balls. I stopped playing the piano as he began to suck the tent in my boxers. He pulled my boxers off, almost ripping them off me with urgency to taste my cock unclothed. I was amazed to believe this blond pop god was sucking my cock; I have to say he sucked it like a pro. He knew how to tease with his tongue and lips and hands. I moaned with pleasure and began to move my hips in rhythm with his sucking. I placed my hands on Lance’s head and slowly at first began to face fuck this stud. He took my 7” all the way, hungrily eating me and wanting more. I picked up the pace fucking his face.

I felt close to orgasm and told him I was about to cum. He pulled out my cock and then jacked me to completion, aiming my cock at his face as I came. My cock shot jizz all over his beautiful face. He moved up my sweaty body and pulled my shirt off, licking my chest as he pulled my shirt up and off. He then kissed me full in the face. I tasted my cum on his lips and licked his face clean. I felt him erect beneath his jeans and looked down and saw a damp spot on his jeans where his leaking cock had soaked them with pre-cum.

We moved to the couch and I pulled Lance’s jeans and boxers off. His cock was beautiful; 7” and fully erect. I licked his full balls and smelled his manhood. I licked up his shaft and then slowly engulfed his cock. He placed his hands on my head and began to slowly fuck my face. He then picked up the pace, fucking my face with a fury. I heard him moaning and groaning as I sucked his dick with a passion, his hands on my head, forcing me to take him deeper and deeper.

I pulled off this stud and told him I wanted him to fuck my ass. He just smiled and turned me over. He pulled some lube out (from where I will never know) and slowly lubed my ass and his cock. He then placed his rock hard cock against my ass cheeks and slowly began to enter my ass. I began to moan with pleasure and pain. He entered me all the way, piercing my ass with his cock all the way to the balls. He pulled out and then entered me again, this time faster and harder. It hurt so good. I moaned for him to fuck me faster, harder. He picked up his pace fucking my ass savagely. As I lay there being fucked by Lance Bass I couldn’t believe I had become his fuck bitch for the night. Lance fucked me furiously, pulling his cock out of my ass and then slamming it back in full force, his balls slapping my sweaty ass with each insertion. I was in heaven as his cock hit my prostate. Lance groaned and I felt his body shudder as he filled my ass with his hot man juice. I shot again just as his cum filled my ass, reaching orgasm with Lance’s cock still up my ass, filling me.

Lance pulled out of my ass and rolled me over and gave me a long passionate kiss. Needless to say, my weekend and the following weeks were filled with many, many days and nights of long, hot Lance jamming sessions.