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A TRUE Experience With a Co-Worker SERIES

By bartwsb@yahoo.com

submitted April 21, 2000

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex, Men At Work, Crush

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A TRUE Experience with a Hot Straight Ex-Coworker

I have written several stories here. None of them ever came true, BUT. This story is one that finally happened. It was with a guy I used to work with. This first part of my TRUE story may not be real steamy or full of sexual act BUT it is important to tell you so you learn more about Bart and myself.

Bart and I worked together for about 5 years, the longer we worked together the more I became attracted to him. He was a VERY straight guy, who had a wild side to him. He has artistic talents, along with good mechanical skills. I guess you could say he was a “grease monkey”. He loves to work on cars and re-build them; very much into racing, and different “guy things”. I knew that he would never go for a man to man sexual experience. I think that is what turned me on to him, knowing that I would never get him as he was so straight. His body was also something that turned me on. He was not a jock type, nor did he really ever work out, other than his 12.oz curls with his beer cans. Bart is about 6’1” tall, and 155 –160 pounds. He has long legs, a nice chest that made his shirts bulge out. He always wore Levi’s 505’s (the ones that are snug in the seat, with straight legs. His butt was so damn cute, not a bubble butt, but it did curve out nicely from his lower back, and it filled out his jeans nicely. He had a wonderful bulge up front also. His arms were somewhat muscular at the biceps area with skinny wrists. He had long fingers, and big feet. I have always heard that a guy with long fingers / big hands and feet also had a big cock! By the looks of his nice package in his jeans this must be true! Bart also had a walk that I cannot describe. I loved to watch him strut his stuff or stand at the worktable at work as he moved around it at work. His olive colored skin was beautiful and during the summer his tan looked GREAT. His hair was cut short, he called it a HIGH and TIGHT. He would gel it to give it that “wet look”. Bart looked nice all the time.

We always would joke around at work saying things like “bite me”or “blow me” or at times if he would get pissed off about something he would say "fuck me". There were so many times I wanted to say OK!!! Let’s do it. I knew he was off limits, for Bart was married, and always talked about how he was always with girls through out high school and college. I used to say to him that there are probably alot of little Barts around that we don’t know about. It did not take us long to get to know each other to the point that jokingly we would call each other “honey” or in stead of “thanks” for something, it would be “thanks honey, I love you” (a guy thing I guess). I too am married and have been for 8 years. I never had these feeling for a guy before Bart. Time came and we both quit our jobs at this place and we went our own ways. We still e-mail each other and got together once in a while for a few brews. Then one time I wanted him to do some work on my wife’s car transmission. He told me to bring it to his house and he would look at it. Things worked out go for both of us on a Friday night. My wife worked 7:00 PM to 7:00am. His wife worked for a local school district, and was gone for the weekend for a workshop. He told me to come over and he would look at the car, and then we could go out for a few beers after words.

The Friday night came around, and it was at least 3 months since I had seen him last. I got to his house and he was waiting in the garage for me with the door up and a beer in his hand. He still had on his work clothes. A nice pair of newer Levi’s and a Olive green polo shirt, which all fit NICELY!!!. He told me to pull the car in, so I did. I shut it off and got out. He greeted me with a beer and we talked for a little while. Bart then told me that he wanted to go change clothes before he crawled under the car, that I could come in and watch TV while he did that. I thought to myself I would rather come help you!

We went into the house and Bart change clothes while I watched TV. The next thing I knew Bart came down the stairs wearing some old faded Levi’s, with his shirt swung over his one shoulder, carrying his shoes and socks in his hands. OH MY GOD I thought to myself!!! He looked so damn GREAT. His jeans looked wonderful on him. I forgot how nice his bulge looked. He made the comment that it has been a while since he had those jeans on, cause they were a little tight on him. His body was nicely tanned, feet and all. His chest looked super. Bart had the perfect amount of hair on his body. His chest had hair around his nice pinkish / tanned nipples, then trailing to the center of his chest and down his abs to his navel area. His treasure trail “thickened” as it reached his navel and lower stomach. Bart also has a nicely trimmed goatee on his chiseled face. Bart sat next to me and put his shoes on. I could smell his loving scent from his ETERNITY cologne. He always had that on since I have known him. What a turn on! He then put his shirt on, which to me looked fairly new! He told me a friend of his got it from a race he went to last weekend. Bart finished dressing and said, “Well lets’ go look at this car”. As we went to the garage I followed him so I could watch him strut his stuff. What a site as his ass moved in his faded worn jeans. His jeans were torn at the seams of his pocket revealing his bright white underwear. I also noticed a hole/tear in the front of his jeans next to his nicely formed bulge. As I followed him his masculine scent trailed him and drove me wild. We entered the garage and Bart told me to pop the hood as he grabbed his floor cart so he could slide around under the car. He opened the hood and leaned over the car looking in the engine area. Watching his great ass as he did this was a site I missed for so long, (about a year since we last worked together). Bart then got down on his floor cart and lay on his back and pulled him self under the car. As I watched him slide under, I got a great view of his massive man meat bulge in his rugged, fade Levi’s. As he squirmed around on the cart his bulge move in a sexy way causing my 8” cock to begin to spring to attention. As Bart moved around on the cart I had my own fantasies going on in my mind. It took so much for me not to reach down at him at touch that so inviting masculine hunk of man. Seeing him in his Levi’s, and the worn work boots that he had on was such a turn on. As I said before the big turn on about this whole thing is that I knew Bart was as straight as an arrow. As my thoughts went on about his body, Bart rolled over onto his stomach, revealing his beautiful ass. Bart again began to roll, and move around in a sexy way that drove me wild. His nice ass moved in such a way that just had me going. Bart then rolled back over to his back revealing his great bulge again. Not long after he rolled over Bart let out a loud “God Damn it!”. He slid out from under the car bitching, when he got out I noticed some transmission fluid leaked out on his new shirt. Bart sat up on the cart throwing a rag he had in his hands. I could not help notice the movements his bulge made as he sat up. With all of the thoughts in my mind I did not notice Bart asking me to get him a new towel. He yelled a little louder and broke my private thoughts. I grabbed a rag and turned around and bumped into the solid body of Bart’s. He was looking down at his shirt as I took the rag I soaked in HOT soapy water and began to dab it on his shirt, Bart stood there as I tried to remove the fluid off. As I did this I began to regain my stiff member in my Levi’s. I looked into Bart’s eyes, which were a steal green in color. He did not seem to mind that I was rubbing his chest area of his shirt. As I grabbed at his waist he began to pull his shirt off. I told him we need to take your shirt off and get it in hot water. Bart then began to help me remove his shirt. I noticed the fluid went through his shirt and soiled his muscular chest and hair. I took the shirt and put it in the sink with the water and turned towards him again. With the rag still in my hands I began to dab the fluid on his chest again. I noticed his nipples began to get hard and become a beautiful pink color. I continued to wipe off his chest as Bart stood there watching me. He asked me what to do about his shirt. I replied that we need to get it in the washing machine. He asked me if I could bring it in the house while he went in to start the machine up. I grabbed the shirt and followed him in. We got to the utility room, put the shirt in the washing machine and shut the lid. Bart turned around leaning against the machine and looked at me, we both laughed a bit. I had my eyes on his bulge watching it jiggle as the machine began to work. Bart then asked if I still had the rag to clean his chest. I replied “yeah right here, lets see if we can get this off.” I began to rub his chest with the towel. Bart said thanks for helping me clean this up. The next thing I knew Bart’s hand was on mine rubbing his chest. I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face. Bart smiled at me and said “did I tell you the wife is gone all weekend?” I replied “yes you mentioned it.” I then felt a hand on my ass as Bart said “you don’t mind do you?” I looked up at him and before I could reply he said “we have known each other for some time now, and I must say I would never do this to just anyone, but I have had some many dreams of us doing things”. With Bart saying this I dropped the towel after getting most of the fluid off of his chest and began to rub it with my hands. Bart then stood up away from the machine so I could get a hand on his nice ass. Bart and I began to kiss slowly, and softly.

Bart’s lips were full and thick. I remembered back when we worked together watching his lips. Bart had a habit of licking his lips with his long pointed tongue when he was in deep thought. The next thing I knew Bart was shoving his long tongue into my mouth ..pushing it deep into my throat. I could not believe this was happening. I began to rub his bulge with one hand while grabbing the back off his neck to push his kiss tighter onto my lips and mouth. I then pulled away from the kiss to start working his nipples with my tongue. I followed his treasure trail of masculine hair to his navel area as I went down to my knees. As I did this I roamed all over his lower body and legs with my hands. Once I was positioned on my knees I began to remove his shoes. As I did this I put my mouth on his bulging Levi’s and rubbed it with my teeth. After getting his shoes off I stayed down on my knees and undid his jeans. I tugged on them getting them to move off of his waist getting them past his swelling meat log still packed away in his Tommy boxer briefs. I got his jeans past his knees and to his feet. Bart stepped out of them as he ran his fingers through my hair. With his nicely packed package in his underwear and in my face I started to work his navel again with my tongue. I worked my way back to my feet as I followed his trail back to his nipples. Playing with his semi hard cock through his under ware I could feel a wet spot. His cock was letting out some pre-cum telling me he must be enjoying this. We began to kiss again as Bart started to remove my shirt, and jeans. Bart then went down to his knees and removed my shoes so I could step out of my Levi’s. With both of us standing there kissing we had our hands in each others shorts. Bart’s big strong hands felt wonderful as the played with my 8” hard pole. He took my pre-cum and slid it all over my cock, driving me wild. Bart leaned back against the wash machine as it went into the spin cycle, making his whole body jiggle with the machine. His softball sized balls wiggled in my hand along with his cock. This seemed to turn Bart on as his cock grew to at least 9-10 inches. I knew he had to be big but I had no idea he was this large. He even looked larger than he felt due to his slim muscular tall body.

I then pushed down his shorts, as he did mine. His completely tanned body felt warm and soft. I looked into his masculine eyes and plant on last kiss before going down on his grown cock. Still against the washer, which was still spinning, I put his cock deep into my mouth, sucking on it and playing with his balls. I then pulled him away from the washer so that I could get my hands on his ass to pull his cock deeper down my throat. Bart threw his head back as he moaned telling me we should have done this years ago. Bart began to move his hips in a back and forth motion moving his cock in and out of my mouth. As he did this he began to moan loader and move faster. I took a tighter hold of his nice round ass helping him force feed me his cock. I then took his balls in my hands and pulled on them as they tightened up. Bart let out loud moans, and began to tell me he was about to cum. Trying to pull out form my mouth I grabbed his cock tighter with my lips, and mouth not to let it go. I stroked it harder with one hand while bobbing my mouth on his log. Bart shouted out as I felt the first squirt of his hot load hit my throat. The harder I moved my mouth on his log, and the harder Bart rammed my throat the stronger his orgasm got shooting load after load into my mouth. As Bart came he spoke the words that how great it felt and that he never shot so much in his life. I knew that was a GREAT compliment, cause I knew Bart got around with a lot of girls in his days.

Bart pulled me up onto my feet to kiss me as. He put his tongue deep into my mouth tasting his own load of white juice he tossed into my mouth. As he kissed me he moaned with excitement tasting his love jizz in my mouth.

As he was kissing me he began to walk us out of the utility room down the hallway. We broke our kiss, and Bart reached to lock the front door, and from there he led me up the stairs. As I followed him I watched his ass strut in a sexy way that made me want to blow right there. We got to the top of the stairs and Bart lead me to a bedroom with a full size bed in it. Bart smiled at me as he laid me on to the bed. Bart knelt next to the bed with his masculine chiseled face heading for my cock. I felt his worm moist lips on my cock. He slid his mouth all the way down on me, taking my 8” cock as far as he could. Bart began to stoke me vigorously while sucking my cock. Tugging on my balls at the same time driving me to go into a HUGE wild orgasm, unloading it all in his large wet mouth. Bart moaned loudly as he took it all in his mouth. He then came up and laid on top of me kissing my mouth with my cum in it to share the steamy load I spouted off into him. As our kissing slowed down, and our bodies tired out Bart rolled over and lay next to me. We both rolled over onto our sides, and looked into each other’s eyes in disbelief as to what we just did. Bart asked me what I thought. I told him I wish we had done this a long time ago. I told him about how I used to go masturbate in the bathroom when he left work for his lunch hour. Bart replied that he to thought often of me but never wanted to harm our working / friendship we had. We leaned into each to continue to kiss a while and lay there in each other’s arms. After about an hour Bart said he better go finish the car, so we can go up to the bar. We both went back down stairs to get dressed and finish the car. After that, Bart washed up and said he was going to change jeans. I told him NO don’t. He asked why, and I told him how those turned me on. He said COOL; well then lets go for some brews.

Bart and I got to Fricker’s and had a great time and then notice the time. We had been there since 4:30 PM and it was now 7:30. Bart and I were both feeling pretty good, and having a great time. I got up to go to the bathroom and not long after I entered Bart came in and planted a huge kiss on my mouth, telling me he was ready to go back to his house. We then said our good byes to our bar friends, and left for Bart’s house.

There is more to come in this night. PLEASE check back for part two of this TRUE story. Bart and I have had three encounters to date. Please keep reading so I can tell you about my lusting relationship with Bart, and how in our third meeting we got a surprise visit from “smiley”.

A TRUE Experience with a Hot Straight Ex-Coworker Part 2

As Bart drove us home to his house I laid on the seat with my face on his lap feeling his hot muscular thighs with my hands. Before I knew we were back at his house parking the truck in his garage. We sat in the truck making out steaming the window of his truck up to the point that we could not see out of them. We deep throated each other with our tongues, which lasted for a good 30 minutes. As our desires grew we got out of the truck and went to the Family room and continued to make out. In between kisses and touching each other we talked about how long we wanted each other, and shared fantasies we had of each other. After about an hour of kissing, touching, and talking Bart pulled me from the couch and took me back up to the bedroom where we had made hot passionate love earlier that late after noon. We got into the room and continued our heavy kissing we were doing down stairs. Bart’s tongue felt so damn good in my mouth, feeling on the back of my throat, wrapping it around my tongue. This guy knew how to use is equipment that he had. His strong hand caressed my body as I did his.

I need to pause here to tell you that Bart and I really clicked, we were great workers together, and know we seemed to have become great lovers. Bart and I were able to tell each other what we thought. I was just surprised that we were not able to talk about our feelings we had of each other. Come to figure out we both felt that we did not want to chance destroying the relationship we already had. Know that we entered into this stage of our relationship we both felt in each other that this would work out great with out having to say it. Back to it.....

As we explored each other we both grew hotter and hotter. I took Bart’s shirt out of his jeans and pulled it over his shoulders removing it. As his arms went over his head I noticed the nice bush of reddish brown hair in his armpits. For some reason this turned me on. As I continued to remove his shirt I kissed his pits and tongued them. They were warm, moist, and had a musky scent about them. Along with his cologne Bart must have enjoyed this cause he held his arms up wanting me to continue. As I did, I rubbed his round firm ass squeezing it and massaging it. Bart in turn pulled my shirt off and started to remove my jeans. He noticed right away that my cock was leaking some hot juicy pre cum. He took his fingers and swirled it around on the tip of my cock allowing more to build up and leak out. I think that is the most I have ever produced. It became so wet that Bart took some on his fingers and fed him self some of it. As he did this he moaned and tugged on my balls to create more of the juice. Again more leaked out and Bart took more of it on his fingers feeding him self and then me. As Bart continued this I undid his Levi’s to allow his growing log of meat some freedom. I let his jeans fall as far as they could to his knees. Bart then knelt down to undo my shoes and his. He helped me out of mine and pulled my jeans the rest of the way off while putting his hot mouth on my bulging boxer briefs. Bart then stood up and kicked his shoes off and stepped out of his Levi’s. Again we stood there in our under ware, touching each other, and kissing. Bart worked my cock to a hard 8” of solid meat with his warm strong hands. I worked on Bart bulging chest and rip nipples with my tongue as I worked his huge balls and long meat log through his Tommy’s.

Bart then went down to his knees and worked my cock with his long moist warm tongue. He slid his tongue all over my long wanting cock and then dove his mouth around my cock. As Bart worked on my tool I ran my fingers through his spikey hair. I then began to massage his strong broad shoulders and back. Bart then worked his way up my ads, chest, and to my neck with his tongue. He kissed around my ears and neck and whispered into my ear that he want to feel me inside of him. I could not believe Bart wanted it to go this far this soon. Who was I to complain, or say no? Bart went over to the bed and leaned over onto the side of the bed. Planting his large feet to the floor and placing his arms and elbows on the mattress, Bart’s ass was looking me right in the face. His ass was a tanned olive color that was toned well. His thigh muscles were flexed showing the detail of each muscle in them. Bart turned and looked at me and asked again. “Please fill me up with you hot log” I want all of what you have, including what is inside of you”. Honestly I could not believe what I was hearing. With his request I began to work his ass. I took a hold of his cock that hung between his thighs, taking his pre-cum on my fingers and applying it to his hole. Getting it lubed and ready with his pre-cum I began to penetrate his beautiful hole with the tip of my cock. Bart began to breathe deeply. With one hand I massaged his lower back and ass, and with the other I guided my cock into his ass. His ass canal was moist and hot, ass it swallowed up 4” of my 8” cock, and I put both hands on his waste and began to pus into him deeper. Bart began to moan louder, as he gripped my cock with his ass muscles. Massaging his lower back, waste, and ass I thrust harder and harder into his ass. Looking back at me Bart had a wild look in his eyes of sexual excitement. He took his cock in his hands and began to pull on it. As he did this the sound of my balls hitting his ass, the moist sound of my cock pumping in and out of him, and his hand pumping his own tool with his pre-cum drove me wild. As I fucked Bart’s beautiful ass I told him how great he felt, and how much I loved it. Remembering how we used to call each other honey at work in a joking manner, I told Bart that I loved his hot ass canal. I continued telling him how I felt as I fucked him. Bart replied “FUCK ME honey, I love your cock.” With all of this sound going on and the way Bart was talking to me I could not hold it back any longer. I announced to Bart that I was about to cum. He replied. “FUCK ME HONEY, Shoot your hot load into my wanting ass. With his command I tossed my load up into his hot ass, my load was so huge that it began to leak and squirt out the side of his ass, running down the inside of his thighs. I could see Bart reach for my oozing cum that ran down his thighs and put it in his mouth. I pumped one last time shooting every last drop I had into Bart’s ass. He let out loud moans of enjoyment as he eat my cum off of his thighs with his fingers. Bart fell flat onto the bed worn out from our lovemaking. I then fell onto the bed next to him. Bart turned to look at me and said damn I love you. I was surprised to hear this come from him, knowing how straight he seemed to be. Bart went on to tell me that he never thought he would ever do something like he just did. I asked him how we were going to handle this situation? He replied that he wanted to see more of me, and if I thought that, that would be ok. I looked into his eyes and told him that it was great with me, and that I loved him as well. We went on to agree that we wanted to remain with our wives but we wanted to also continue our own relationship. I told Bart that I hated to go but I had to get going. Bart asked me to stay and that we could set his alarm for 6:00 AM and I could get home before my wife got home. It did not take much for me to agree. We set the alarm and Bart told me he had to take a shower, and asked if I wanted to I could as well. Not wanting to push my luck and overstay my welcome I asked Bart if he wanted me to use the shower downstairs. Bart replied, “that might be a good idea, other wise we may get started again.

We both showered and meet down in the family room and sat together on the couch and watched TV. About 11:00 PM we went up stairs to bed. Falling asleep in each other’s arms, we slept until the alarm awake us. Bart and I laid for a while and told each other our feelings again making sure we were both clear on how we felt. We shared a passionate kiss and I left our love nest for home.

I have one last experience to tell you which will come to you in a separate story from this. This last sexual experience we shared just happened last night. Please look for it soon

A TRUE Experience with a Hot Straight Ex-Coworker Part 3

Smiley Enters the Fun

A whole week went by since Bart and I have made any contact physically. We spoke on the phone a few times and in person once. We talked about what direction our friendship has taken, and we were both still cool with it. We both agreed that there was no harm being done to anyone, and that we would keep it between the two of us only. As the week went on I could only think about Bart and the time we spent together the weekend before. Bart and I made plans to get together the up coming weekend. Again his wife was out of town for two days, Friday, and Saturday, coming home Late Saturday night.

Friday afternoon came along and I was to meet Bart at his house at 2:30 PM. When I got to his house he was working in his garage. He had a kit car he was working on. Bart puts custom cars together and goes to shows with them. I walked into the garage and Bart said “hello”, and I replied “hi” back to him. We talked for a while as Bart worked on his “toy” car. That is one cool thing about our friendship, we can talk and have fun. We do not have to always be having sex all of the time. We worked together on his car and listened to WIOT FM 104. We had the radio jamming pretty loud, drinking on a few brews. As time went on and as we worked we began to rub against each other in erotic ways. One position was that Bart was on his floor cart on his back, he had asked me to get him a wrench. I went and got the wrench and leaned down to hand it to him. As I did this I put my free hand on his thigh as I handed him the wrench. After Bart took the wrench out of my hand I placed my hand on his bulge, which by the way looked GREAT. Bart was wearing some Levi’s 505’s cut off. His legs were nice and tanned, and toned. As Bart tightened the bolt I rubbed his thigh, and bulge. After finishing on the bolt Bart was working on he slid the cart out from under the car, as I went with it, and him. Bart then pulled me onto him and we began to kiss. Our tongues going in & out of our mouths and our hands traveled all over each other. We both noticed the overhead door was still up and opened. It gave us a funny feeling, but yet felt kind of cool knowing that someone could walk in or see us from outside. After a short time Bart grabbed the remote to close the door to the garage. We lay there on the floor kissing and touching. As things heated up Bart decided to take the action inside the house. As we went into the house we continued to kiss and touch each other. Bart smelled so good. It was driving me wild, his masculine scent he had made me want to rip his clothes off of him, and eat him alive. Bart then walked over to the stereo and turned it on and cranked the volume up to the point that we could feel the vibrations from the speakers on our bodies. Bart danced his way over to me in a “SEXY stud strut”. Bart used to dance around at work, and damn could he dance!!! This made my cock spring right there and then watching him approach me in this way. Watching his ass and bulge move towards me in this way made me go wild!!! Then he did it!!! He starts to take off his shirt while he danced his way to me. There he danced for me in his tight faded, worn, Levi’s cut offs, tanned body, and his work shoes/boots with white socks. This stud looked GREAT. Bart’s wild side started to come out of him, as he became more comfortable dancing in front of me. His body moved in so many positions I never thought could be possible. Bart finally got to me and we continued to kiss and explore each other’s bodies as we danced. Bart started to remove my shirt as we danced, putting a new meaning to “dirty dancing”. We danced, kissed, and massaged each other for at least 30 minutes. We had no clue as to what was going on around us. We kept going on with the passionate dancing. Then something happened! I felt a hand on my ass, and felt another presence near me. The next thing I knew Bart and I stopped kissing to look up and find we had company. Bart was as white as a GHOST!!! I too about shit right there!!!

Here our company was Bart’s best friend, Eric “smiley”!!! I could not believe it!!! Only our third time together after all of these years of wanting Bart and we get nailed!!!! With all of this going through my mind I forgot about the additional hand on my ass, I then notice Eric had his other hand on Bart’s ass along with mine. Not believing what I was seeing Eric planted a huge kiss on Bart’s mouth, like it was something he has done before. I got pissed off and walked away. Bart came after me asking what was wrong. I reminded Bart that he told me that he never has been with a guy before. Bart replied it is true. I have NO IDEA what just happened out there with Eric. I ma as surprised as you are. REALLY! With this Eric came around the corner with his huge smile and asked us if he could join the fun. Bart looked at me and I said to Eric, “Can we trust you”? Eric came over to me and then planted a huge kiss on my mouth, and grabbed my ass pulling me towards him. I could NOT believe what was going on here.

I need to tell you a little about Eric. Eric is very tall, about 6’4” DARK skinned, Jet black hair and A HUGE smile with dimples and large white teeth. Eric drove a Harley. He had on his leather jacket, gloves, and chaps. Under his chaps he had on some fade Levi’s, which formed a nice bulge and ass. Eric was & is a VERY hot looking guy with a GREAT personality.

Bart stopped our kissing between Eric and I and told Eric we need to talk about this first before anything else happens. Bart then went to the fridge and got three beers. We went and sat in the family room and talked about what happened. Eric told us that he stopped in to say hi to Bart and he heard the music, and came in from the garage side door. He told us that he had been watching us since we started in the garage. Eric went on to say that he was SHOCKED to what he saw and could not believe it!!! However in the same time it turned him on, watching his closest friend getting it on with another guy. Bart told Eric at that time that NO-ONE was to ever know. And angrily told Eric that he was upset that he just found it ok to walk in his garage with out saying he was there, or even knocking on the door. Eric then told Bart that he had just walked in any other time he came over and Bart never had a problem with it. I stepped in and said to Eric,”The secret is out, but what we need to know now is can we trust you?” Eric replied “I would think you both could, Hell weren’t we just kissing? You two could do just the same with me and tell others what I did.” I looked at Bart and said “well he does have a point.” I went over to Bart to try to relax him, I told him it would all be cool and that we may enjoy ourselves. I began to massage his bare shoulders, and then leaned in to kiss him. Bart returned the kiss and the passion grew once again. Eric then walked over and took Bart’s beer from his hands and began to kiss Bart’s neck. Eric and I both were touching Bart all over. I could feel that Bart was getting excited again as Eric and I traveled around on his massive bulge in his Levi’s cut offs. I notice Bart’s hand on Eric’s thigh as he began to loosen up and explore Eric’s body. As we were kissing I reached for the remote to the stereo to turn it back up a little. With the music on we all three made out on the couch. I reached over to start to remove Eric’s shirt to reveal his awesome chest. He had let black hair around his nipples that then lead to the center of his chest and down to his navel area. He had an 8-pack ab area that looked similar to a washboard. Eric was great to look at. His bulge began to grow as we made out. I stood up from the couch pulling Bart and Eric with me and we walked to the stairs to go to the bedroom. Kissing and rubbing each other as we approached the room made us all three hotter than ever. Once in the room Eric kicked off his boots while Bart and I kissed deeply exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. Eric came over to join us in our kiss as he explored our bodies with his long fingers and strong hands. Bart and I turn to Eric and looked into his beautiful slate gray / ice blue eyes, and then reached over to Eric we started to remove his leather chaps, and semi – tight Levi’s. Still able to hear the music Eric grooved a little while Bart and I undressed him. His moves were GREAT. His muscles flexed in his chest, shoulders, and arms, and his ass and bulge moved in the sexiest way. I leaned in to Eric and began to kiss his mouth. His tongue was the longest I have ever seen or felt, (even longer than Bart’s) and that’s long!!! As Eric and I kissed Bart went down Eric’s chest licking and kissing it, as he massaged his ass that was nice and firm in his Calvin’s. Bart began to remove Eric’s shorts to allow his semi hard cock to flop out of them. Eric stepped out of his Levi’s and underwear as Bart and I went tot our knees to place our mouths on Eric’s growing cock. Eric was GREAT. His semi – hard cock was at least 10” long (REALLY) !!! and seemed to be as thick as a beer bottle. He had thick black hair around his balls, which were the size of a baseball. His legs were beautiful, the PERFECT amount of hair on them. Bart and I took Eric's cock in our mouth together as Eric moaned with enjoyment. We moved Eric over to the bed allowing Eric to fall back into it with his feet still on the floor and his knees bend. Bart and I got in-between his legs to work on his massive now HARD cock that seemed to be at least 12” long and HARD. Eric lay there moaning with excitement as Bart and I worked his tool. We fed each other Eric’s precum as we took turns on the hard 12” cock. As Bart took his turn I reach over to undo Bart’s Levi’s to remove them. His hard cock exploded out of his cut offs as I removed them. To my surprise he had NO under ware on. I could not believe it. I went down to put my mouth on Bart’s HOT cock. It was GREAT. He must have sprayed some of his cologne in the area cause it smelled great while I was working his tool. Eric slid him self up into the bed further allowing Bart to get on to the bed as well. With all three of us on the bed we took turns working on each other’s cocks. As Bart and Eric lay next to each other they kissed deeply in each other’s mouths as I took turns on their cocks in my mouth. Stoking each of them in my hands, with the pre cum flowing making the sexiest sound ever as my hand stroked their massive cocks. Their kissing drove me wild, so I crawled up to join them, It was GREAT feeling these two sexy straight bodies next to me. Eric then went down to take his turn to work on Bart and I. The net thing I knew Bart traveled down my chest to my cock and joined Eric working on my 9” cock. Bart fed Eric my cock as Bart stroked it Eric sucks me off. This drove me so damn wild I could not hold it any longer. I yelled out that I was cumming, with this Eric and Bart work faster on my as I blew loads of cum into Eric’s mouth and then into Bart’s mouth. I cannot remember ever unloading so much cum before. I am glad I had a big load for the two to share. As I finished unloading Bart and Eric kissed each other exchanging my cum in each other’s mouths. Not having to clean anything up I went and joined their kissing. I could still tasted my cum that was in their mouths as I kissed Bart and Eric. With the two hard cocks on Eric and Bart I went back down to work on them. Bart came down once again to join me in the action on Eric. Bart seemed to be paying more attention on Eric’s ass with his fingers and tongue ass I worked Eric’s cock. Bart then took Eric and stood him up and told him to lean over the bed. Eric did as Bart told him. I sat on the floor between Eric’s feet with my back against the bed and Eric’s cock in my face. As Eric leaned over on the bed with his elbows on the mattress Bart began to probe Eric’ ass hole with his fingers. Eric was in awe. He really enjoyed this, with me working his 12” cock and nice balls Bart started to enter Eric’s ass with his cock. Eric gave out some painful sounds as Bart entered with his 10” cock. With Bart finally in Eric, Eric seemed to be adjusting to Bart’s massive cock inside him. As I sucked on Eric’s cock I could see Bart’s balls moving in the motion from his in & out action with his cock in Eric’s ass. It was the neatest sight to see. I could hear the skin slapping Eric’s ass, as Bart’s balls hit Eric’s thighs I then took the two’s balls and began to squeeze them and pull them. Looking up at Eric’s face I could see he had all that he could take. Bart reached around to Eric’s cock and fed it into my mouth as we both had plenty of room to stroke it with our hands. Bart moved faster working his cock in deep to Eric’s ass. Eric began to moan and shouted I am cumming, with this Bart drove it home deep and fast him to yelling out OH FUCK ME!!! YES! I am cumming with this Eric shot his load into my mouth, not being able to take it all I toke his cock and kept stroking it with Bart while Eric shot his load down my chest. Bart screaming with orgasmic excitement he shot his load up into Eric’s ass with his cum leaking out and running down Eric’s thighs. Eric bent down further to lick off my chest, as Bart removed himself from Eric’s ass. Bart then came down and joined Eric in cleaning me up. As we finished we laid in the bed tired from all of the action.

Bart, still worried about the issue earlier, said again NO – ONE can ever find out about this. Eric looked at Bart and told him not to worry, and that no – one would ever hear it from him and that although he had fun with us, he did not want to be a regular in our action. I thought to myself “That made me feel better.” I did not want to share Bart with anyone unless I was with him. Bart seemed to agree with my thought; cause he told Eric that he really only wanted to keep it between him and I. We all agreed from where we were coming from. We all got dressed and Eric left out the door with us all in agreement. I stayed for a few more hours with Bart and we talked about what went on

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