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Accidentally Gay

By Reddyone

submitted March 12, 2001

Categories: First Time

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At the time this story began I was a strictly a BI curious male of 28 living in the Dallas metro area. I had never been to an adult movie house before and really didn't know what to expect.

I felt a little self-conscious as I walked around looking at the walls full of erotic books and movies. There were guys everywhere and some looked me up and down as I strolled through the store. I saw a sign at the rear of the store that said, "Peep Shows." I started in but was stopped by the attendant. "You must buy at least two dollars in tokens to enter, sir." I handed him a five dollar bill and took it all in tokens.

When I got inside the darkened hallway leading to the booths, I had to wait for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. As I stood there, I could make out several guys leaning against the wall. They were really looking me over good.

I am not a "10" in looks but I am in shape and I dress very neatly and I pride myself in the fact that I stay slim and trim. I had never had trouble getting dates with women and had my share of sex, but lately I had been noticing men more and more. The place where I worked out had many good-looking bodies and I was catching myself looking at them more often now. I felt a strange tingle run up my spine when I saw those naked cocks and asses when we were in the dressing room. I had overheard two guys discussing the adult movie houses in Dallas, so I decided to visit this one.

When my eyes adjusted, I moved toward the nearest booth and hurried inside, still not feeling totally comfortable about being there. I sat down in the booth and put coins in and read the menu. There were mostly hetero movies playing, but my eye caught one that said, "Gay action between two men."

I punched the button hesitantly and watched the scene appear on the screen. The flick started about mid-way through and one of the guys already had this huge cock in his mouth as the other guy fucked his face. My cock got hard quickly and I was mesmerized as the man rammed it down the other guy’s throat. I had never seen "deep throat" before and I found it fascinating to watch. I opened my pants in the safety of the room and took out my hard 7 inch cock. It was so hard I could hardly get it out of my shorts. I sat spellbound as the big guy finally shot his load down the smaller man's throat and he drank it down. The movie quickly moved forward and the big guy started to shove his massive dick into the little guy’s ass as the smaller man grimaced in pain. I couldn't believe he was taking that huge cock up his ass!

As I sat engrossed in the action on the screen I heard the door to the booth next to me open and coins falling into the slots. When the light next to me came on, I looked in horror at the hole in the wall of my booth. I had not noticed it before and I leaned down to look through it. The guy had his pants down to his knees and was playing with a very formidable cock. He was facing the hole as if to let me get a good view. I felt guilty but something kept me glued to the hole as he edged forward. I moved back as the big leaking head of his cock appeared in the hole. I watched as he pushed about 7 or 8 inches into my booth and just stood there. I will never be able to explain what came over me that day, but I saw my hand move toward the big, meaty shaft as if it had a mind of its own.

My hand wrapped around the cock and started to work the skin up and down. I had turned the sound down on my side and I could hear his moan as I manipulated his prick. A feeling of pure lust consumed my body and suddenly I remembered how the little guy was sucking in the movie. I knew then that I wanted to be that guy and I moved my lips toward the hot phallus. As my tongue lightly touched the wet head, I tasted cum for the first time and I was surprised to find that it actually tasted a little sweet. As I gained confidence I was burning up and I could feel my own cock pulsate as I moved my virgin lips down the big shaft. Suddenly all I wanted was to suck this guy dry and I totally gave in to the raging lust that was flowing through me. I had never felt this horny before and soon I was sucking like mad. The loud sounds of my cocksucking echoed loudly through the booth. Even this turned me on as I realized I was sucking my first cock!! I think in those few minutes I became a dedicated cocksucker and I knew I would be sucking many more in the future.

After sucking several minutes, I felt the guy pull away from my lips and as I sat up very disappointed, I heard him zip and leave the booth. But before I could feel too much remorse I heard a knock on my door. I thought a moment, but reached up and unfastened the latch. In walked a guy who looked to be about twenty. He was dressed very preppy and neat with a short haircut. He wasted no time and had his cock back at my lips in only a few seconds. He put his hands on the back of my head and shoved his still-hard cock back into my mouth as he literally started to fuck my face. He moved my head around as he found the places that it felt best to him. He pushed against the sides of my mouth as if trying to punch a hole in my jaw. I just sat there loving the feeling of being used like a cheap whore for his pleasure. He looked down at me and I heard him say, "Suck my hot cock you little cocksucking whore!" For some reason I loved being called a cocksucker and a whore. I didn't realize it then, but I had entered a new role in my life as a submissive slut who would grow to love and crave sucking cock.

Sucking my first cock was something I will never forget and it was over too soon for me. I felt him tense as he neared the moment of release. I choked and gagged a little as the first burst of hot, sweet, cum flooded my mouth, but I kept at it and got most of it down. He seemed appreciative as he cleaned his cock on a Kleenex and stuffed it back into his pants. He then did something that surprised me: He leaned down and kissed me on the mouth! He then left the booth as I sat in silence going over in my mind all that had just happened. I loved the feel of his lips, and my cock was still wet and hard showing a spot on my shorts. I heard the movie start in the booth next door, and a few minutes later my lips were wrapped around another cock as I jerked my own meat to climax.

I now visit that theater 3 or 4 times a week sometimes, and most of the guys know me and how I love to suck. I finally painfully lost my virginity one day as a big black guy held me against the wall and plowed his meat into my ass for the first time. He turned the sound up full blast and told me he wanted to rim me with his tongue. I fell for it and he had his 200 pounds firmly against my 137 and I was helpless. Thank goodness he wasn't huge or he would have killed me. He wrecked my virgin ass as it was and I bled on my shorts afterwards and had to spend about an hour in the warm water of the tub. I called in "sick" to work the next day as I could hardly walk. Two days later I limped into my health club to use the sauna, which helped a lot.

I have learned a lot now and always take KY with me now. I have sucked and fucked as many as ten guys on the same day and I stay there for hours sometimes in order to get all I can. I never leave satisfied and return like a guy addicted to drugs. I went home with two guys one day and one was a closet transvestite. They dressed me as a girl and fucked me for the better part of five hours, stopping only to make me suck them back to hardness. I am now corresponding with a leather daddy over the net who wants me to become his "fuck boy." I can't wait to really serve a stern master as I have always loved being controlled.

I hope you have enjoyed this true story.