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Alien Self Pleasure Device

By Rob James

submitted September 11, 1999

Categories: Sci-Fi Fantasy

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Stardate 53203.5, Personal Log, LTjg Zaquin Zimmer recording …

I was just released from Sickbay after my last away team mission. Dr. Crusher gave me a clean bill of health, saying I was lucky that the only thing I lost was a thin layer of skin and all my body hair, what little I had. I was to take the next day off duty, and I should report any symptoms that may come up. I feel so full of energy and have this wonderful afterglow that I think could be seen for light years. I had to come and record this in my personal log.

Lt. Commander Data had recommended me for my expertise in Zeno-technology for the mission. I hope what happened won’t discourage the Command Staff from selecting me again. We had been sent to Devon IV, a planet in a distant system far from the normal space lanes. We had picked up what sounded like a distress beacon. Upon our arrival we discovered a very advanced crashed ship, but no survivors. We believe those that survived the crash had been rescued, but an automatic emergency beacon was still active. I was called in to analyze a number of devices found.

I came across “the device” in a clearing near the edge of an encampment. It was a long, cylindrical device made of a metallic substance that the tricorder indicated was solid. It was about 10 inches long and six inches round. One end was domed-shaped. I first thought it was a dildo, but I hadn’t seen many of those since I left Lamda III, before going to the Academy. As I was handling the device it started getting warm and when I had pointed the domed end towards myself, it shot out a gel-like substance that instantly burned through my uniform until it reached my chest. The shock caused me to instantly drop the device, but it was too late. I was able to trigger my communicator and request assistance before it happened, the best sexual experience of my life to date.

After the gel burned through my uniform it attached itself to my skin where I felt a warm sensation for a few seconds. It then started to slowly spreading over the rest of my body, burning away my uniform, undergarments and boots. My communicator and rank pipes fell to the ground with nothing supporting them. When the gel reach my genitals it slowed only slightly, but I felt it get warmer down there as I saw my neatly trimmed bush dissolve before my eyes. Within a few minutes I was naked with a shiny clear gel covering my body, stopping only at my neck. A few tendrils of the gel moved up the sides of my face and stopped at my temples. Even though I was covered, the only thing I felt was a warm tingling sensation. It felt like a second skin covering my entire body. I could still move and the warmth in my crotch had triggered a hard-on, which quickly extended to its full 9 inches without any restriction from the gel.

By this time, some of the away team had arrived, including Ensign Joshua Youngblood. He was a medic, fresh from the Academy, 5’8”, 155 pounds, red hair and green eyes, with the build of a gymnast. He had been a fantasy of mine since he arrived a month ago. My time in the gym must have been paying off. I was 5’11”, 165 pounds, have blond hair, blue eyes with a swimmer’s build and he liked what he saw because I noticed his first look of shock, approval of my nakedness and then concern on his face when he saw my predicament. Joshua pulled out his tricorder to assess my physical well being. He reported that my blood pressure and heart rate was up and other readings indicated a heightened sexual arousal. His scan also indicated that the gel was not showing up on his tricorder and that I had lost the top layer of my epidermis (only one layer of skin cells) and all of my body hair. They called the Enterprise to have me beamed to Sickbay, but they couldn’t get a lock.

By now, I was no longer scared as my body started to relax. It felt like a wave rolling over my body until all my tensions had gone away. I was feeling what felt like a thousand tongues bathing my body. It started at my nipples – first my left one, then my right one and then both. It felt like someone was sucking and licking them until they reached full hardness. Then it felt like another tongue was slowly moving down my chest, digging into the valley where my pecs met my torso. This went on for minutes. I was feeling so relaxed, that I had to drop to my knees and lean back before my legs collapsed. Then, another “tongue” moved down my abdomen, exerting pressure and pleasure over my six-pack to my navel, where it began to dig in, causing waves and waves of pleasure to course though me. What ever this thing was, it knew what buttons to push. The away team could do nothing but stand and watch me writhe in pleasure.

At some point, I felt still another “tongue” move to my crotch. It lapped at my balls, first one, the other, then both. I know that my balls dropped further in their sack than they had ever done so before. My cock was waiting, begging to have attention, but the gel knew what I liked to have done and accommodated me well. By the time another “tongue” reached my cock, I swear it had gained another inch and was as hard as titanium. I had produced more pre-cum than I had ever before, the gel kept it close to my skin to lubricate me to extreme pleasure. It felt like my cock had entered the hottest, moistest mouth I had ever had in my life. The “tongue” washed over the head of my cock with such tenderness that it sent shudders through my entire body.

While I was enjoying the best crotch tongue bath of my life, I felt a probing pressure at my anus. It felt like a very supple tongue was rimming my ass. My sphincter began to relax with the probing work being done. I could feel that a lubricant was being injected in my channel of pleasure and realized that it was my pre-cum being diverted from my cock, down its length, over my balls and into my ass. After the work being done to my ass, I felt a pressure being applied to both my ass and my cock. It felt like I was going to fuck and get fucked at the same time. The movements I felt made me realized that the sensations of my ass being invaded by a cock were being transferred to my cock. I was getting to fuck myself, or so it felt.

I was thrilled at the slow pace that the “cock” entering my ass was taking. It was slow and steady, causing no pain, but full pleasure. The fact that my cock was entering an “ass” just as slow caused double pleasure. After minutes of slow inches moving into me, my ass was full of hard cock and my cock was buried into a hot, tight, moist ass. After waiting a few minutes for my ass to become accustomed to the invasion, I felt the best fuck and fucking of my young life. The motions in and out were timed perfectly. First slow and then fast and back to slow. When I felt like I was ready to blow my load, the sensations slowed so that I could recover and then resume. When the times between these intervals became shorter I felt a rubbing against my prostate that caused my cock to jump and expand more.

After what seemed like hours, I could feel the pressure building. The thrusting in my ass was going to a point of no return and when I came I felt the heat of hot jizm entering my ass. I pumped out more cum that I had thought possible. And it all was being transferred to my own ass. After a few minutes of this, I started to come down from my sexual high. I could feel the “cock” in my ass deflate as my own softened. I began to feel hands on my body, caressing me gently back into conciseness.

I “awoke” to find that I was on my knees, leaning back on my elbows. My cock, which had been pointing up towards my navel, was now slowly descending, returning to its flaccid state and lying over my loose ball sack. I was naked and the gel was dissolving away leaving me covered in sweat. I was drenched. Dr. Crusher had come down to monitor me with Ensign Youngblood. Commander Riker and Lt. Commander Data had sent everyone else back to the Enterprise. The first thing I heard was Joshua saying that I was coming to.

I looked up and asked how long had I been out – it felt like hours. It turned out to be only thirty minutes. I remained on the ground while Doctor Crusher and Ensign Youngblood took readings. They asked if I felt all right. Joshua had been taking full readings during the entire episode and they knew everything that had happened to me. I noticed that the bulge in his crotch was very visible. When I could stand up on my own, we beamed back up to the Enterprise. I was offered a blanket to cover my nakedness, but my skin was still too tender and I got to walk buck-naked from the Transporter Room to Sickbay. When they got me on the diagnostic bed I fell into a deep sleep for a few hours.

Lt. Commander Data had been able to recover a ship’s manifest that reported that the item was some form of sexual self-pleasuring device and that I must have tripped the triggering device since it seemed to have been left activated. It was designed to provide a maximized sexual experience, customized for each individual’s needs and desires. Doctor Crusher reported that aside from the intense sexual activity that I had endured, the only side affect was the “peeling” of the top thin layer of skin and removal of body hair so that the device could deliver maximum pleasure. She did report that I would be as smooth as Andorian marble for at least three months. I think I saw Ensign Youngblood smile at that remark.

End of entry.

After finishing my personal log entry, I removed the Sickbay uniform I had finally been able to wear. My body ached to be naked. I stood before the mirror in my quarters and admired my physique. I posed and admired the smoothness of my skin and the tone and musculature that I had worked hard to perfect. My skin was still a bit flushed and my cock and balls looked a bit fuller than they had before, but I wasn’t going to complain. I had just wrapped a sarong around my waist when the door chime went off. It was Ensign Youngblood, Joshua. He had just gone off-duty and wanted to check on me to make sure I was OK. He was carrying a tray of food and said that I must be hungry after my ordeal. He said I looked good in the sarong and that he liked it. I invited him to join me for dinner and offered him a sarong to wear for the occasion. I noticed he was almost as smooth as I was, only his crotch had a trimmed bush. After dinner, we took care of that, but that’s another story …

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