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By Eric Shun

submitted August 16, 2000

Categories: College Days

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by Eric Shun

When I was in my sophomore year at college, I had an unusual experience with one of my dorm mates. At that time, I did not actually know his name (Kyle), because everyone called him ''. The name fit very well. He was about 5-9, a stocky well built man with well developed muscles and chest. He had been an athlete in high school. He had light brown hair that covered his chest, stomach, legs and a little on his back. The hair on his head was always kept in a neat crew cut. His coarse facial features would suit a drill instructor in the Marine Corps. He looked and acted like a fully developed young male with an overdose of testosterone.

lived on the same floor of the dormitory as I, but we were not friends in the usual sense of the word. If we should pass one another in the dorm, a nod or a quick 'What's up?' were the only words exchanged between us. So we were not friends nor enemies; just two people living in the same neighborhood so to speak.

It was Saturday afternoon, and as was usual, the campus population changed somewhat due to the large number of students who headed home for the weekend in nearby cities. So as I returned to the dorm, the usual chatter and loud noises in the men's dormitory was subdued. In fact, as I walked down the hall I heard nothing at all from the rooms near my own. My own room mate was gone for the weekend and I was looking forward to the peace and quiet afforded by my empty room.

As I turned the corner into the hallway of the dorm wing, I saw only one door open among the twenty or so rooms in the wing. I knew it belonged to , but his room mate was often here on weekends just like me. As I walked past the open door, the door filled with the massive frame of , dressed only in his briefs. I spoke the usual greeting and continued to my door. As I reached for my key, I noticed that he had stepped into the hallway and was leaning against the wall with his bulging biceps exaggerated by his crossed arms. His head leaned slightly to one side as he watched me open my door and enter my room.

At this point, nothing had come to my mind about sex, and I had no idea what was coming down. I had left the door to my room open and had opened the window to allow some draft to blow through the room to air it out. As I turned around, was once again leaning against the door frame of my room, arms crossed, biceps bulging and with a kind of odd look on his face that did not seem to fit his usual macho appearance.

I spoke, this time in a more conversational manner and asked him how he had been doing. His usual deep voice broke slightly as he began answering, and he paused and cleared his throat before continuing. His reply seemed to be uncertain and he spoke for a few seconds in a manner that did not seem to fit his usual confident and slightly intimidating way. I remember him speaking of needing to study a lot this weekend for an upcoming exam. I answered that I could benefit by doing some of the same.

I paused for just a second, and then invited him to come in and sit down and reached for a cigarette. I offered him one, which he accepted and sat on my bed. I tossed him the lighter and noted that as he struck the flame and lifted the lighter to the cigarette, his hands trembled ever so slightly. He puffed lightly on the cigarette and I noticed that he exhaled too deeply for the size of the puff taken. He was sitting rather stiffly on the edge of my bed and I could not help but take a hidden quick glance at the bulge in his briefs.

There was no erection, but I could easily see the head of his dick outlined in the cotton fabric which was tightly drawn over his big thigh muscles. He sat there not looking directly at me, but instead stared at the wall and suddenly took a deep breath and then extended his arms and tensed his muscles in a stretching action. His body language all but screamed his tension and nervousness that was now very apparent to me. I admired his sculpted chest and arms as he now put out the barely touched cigarette in the nearby ashtray.

As he returned his arms to his side, he sat on his hands, putting them under his knees and bent forward slightly and looked at the floor. At this point, I knew what he was asking, but was afraid to expose my gay nature to an obviously straight man whom I would see daily. Not to mention the possibility that if I did take some kind of action, the word of it might be spread all over the dorm. I was at a point where indecision was making me all but crazy: should I take a chance and go for this hunk or not?

answered the question for me. He suddenly shifted his gaze from the wall directly to my eyes and then leaned back on my bed with his right elbow supporting him and then put his left hand on his crotch. As he looked at me, he began to gently pull at the fabric of his briefs and as I looked his dick became hard and pushed against the cloth. I could not stand any more of the sound of my blood pounding at my ears and stood and walked to the open door and closed and locked it.

I turned and saw stand and push his briefs to the floor and then step out of them. I began to remove my tee shirt, jeans and pants. He watched my actions and then sat on the edge of my bed as I stepped over to him completely nude. His eyes fell to my crotch and his hand went to his dick. I had seen him nude in the showers and knew that he had a kind of average cock, and as I looked, I realized that even when erect, it was a typical 6 inches or so. My own 7 inches bounced in time with my pounding heart only a few inches from his face. He seemed to be giving me an examination with his eyes as he inspected my dick. His fingers slowly teased his root and he licked his lips slightly and then turned his blue eyes upward and looked at my face.

I could not believe that the most masculine man I had seen in some time was in effect asking if I wanted him to suck my root! I placed my hand on the hard muscled shoulder and pulled lightly. He immediately put his hand on my root and put it in his mouth. He cupped my balls as he sucked gently and teased me. He would periodically stroke his own dick and as he continued, I could hear his breathing becoming louder. I slowly pulled my dick from his lips and pressed my hands to his chest and gently forced him backward across my bed.

I then knelt between his knees and rubbed my hands over the coarse, almost abrasive growth of hair on his legs. He lifted his head slightly to watch my actions and as he did, I ran my hands over his startlingly hard abs and felt more of the same coarse hair that grew there. His circumcised dick now angled slightly to one side and it too bounced as mine had done. As his heart beat bobbed his dick, I put my fingers to his scrotum and played with the prize that was there. The soft folds of skin were covered with more of the light brown hair that covered his body. I could feel the warmth of his nuts and now could smell the heavy musk coming from his private area. The odor made my dick stiffen even more and my hand went to my dick and started stroking rapidly.

I put my mouth on his dick and made my lips pull gently on the head of his peter. He spoke softly and said, "Don't cum just yet." The way he spoke made the words sound like an order. I paused and looked up at his coarse features, and he said, "Let me move a bit." I moved back slightly and he swung his legs onto the bed and bunched the pillow under his head.

"Now sit across my legs.", he ordered. I did so and as my own legs and crotch came in contact with his hard body, my dick jerked in pleasure. The feel of his hairy legs and rippling muscles between my legs was driving me to the edge. He pulled on my folded legs, inched under me, and positioned my genitals directly over his own. He moved my hand away from my dick and started to caress the head of my dick with the fingers of one hand and warmly clasped my nuts with the other. I watched his eyes as he stimulated me and noted that they were intently examining my crotch as if he had never seen another man's equipment before.

Instead of stroking my dick with his fist, his fingers gently rubbed the under side of my dick just at the tip. Continuing to cup my balls, he watched first my face and then returned his eyes to my dick. He had a plan in mind that became obvious in only a few more seconds. My dick started to ooze clear fluid. As it did, he took the lube and smeared it over the corona of my dick. More rubbing, more fluid, and more moans from my throat. I could see a faint smile on his lips when I gave vocal indication of my pleasure.

My lube flowed freely and now was making long strings of crystal clear loops from my dick to his pubic hair. He put a clenched hand to his lips and made a faint spitting sound and placed a warm fist over my dick. With a kind of twisting stroking motion he now caused me to all but scream in pleasure as a silky smooth slippery hand moved over my dick. My back arched and I pumped my hips into his hand. He spoke softly and said, "Cum for me.....cum for me....". He didn't have to command me to cum, because everything was now out of my control.

I hunched my hips rapidly and felt my nuts pull up against my body. The total, consuming pleasure of sex nerves suddenly released themselves and my dick pumped out my load. With each contraction, my hips lurched forward and huge long strings of cum shot out of my dick. They fell on 's stomach and chest. As they did, he moaned and said, "Yeahhhh.....yeahhhhh.....". He gently milked the last remaining drops of my load from my dick and then put his big hand behind my head and pulled my face to his and kissed me.

His tongue pushed between my lips and we explored each others mouth for long seconds. He then spoke again and said, "Help me get a nut...would'ja?" No problem! I rolled off his hard body and lay beside his form. The strings of my cum were caught in the hair of his abdomen and made strong smelling pearly white globs. He smeared his open palm over the cum and then put it to his nose and inhaled deeply. He then licked my cum off his hand. Still licking his lips, he smeared more of my load in his palm and then on his dick.

"Jack me off now....I'm ready to cum....I need to shoot it!" I obliged and put my hand over his silky hard dick that was now covered with my cum. I began to stroke his dick and he responded immediately by groaning loudly....too loudly it seemed. His body tensed and he stretched his legs taughtly and his abdominal muscles popped out. I knew he was well developed, but now he was one huge mass of muscle. I felt a sense of control over this massive hunk as I pulled on his dick. All this pleasure from just one small piece of flesh, and it was in my hand.

He raised his arms over his head and grabbed the metal headboard of the bed. His arms swelled out and veins inflated as he tensed for the approaching orgasm. His eyes shut, he now moaned softly and then louder and at a higher pitch. The strong muscles of his buns now clenched, his moans became a very soft whine that could have been mistaken for crying. His lips parted and a grimace came over his face and then he became totally silent. His features became those of a man screaming in total silence. Then he dumped his load.

Four or five pulses of cum left his dick. Each one made his strong body jerk violently. The semen fell on his pecs and abs. I could once more smell the odor of warm cum and it was intoxicating. As the waves subsided, I held his dick and gently milked the last drops from his body. I looked at his face, and at the corners of his closed eyes, I could see small tear drops forming. I don't think I can remember anyone cumming so hard as that.

"Thanks man.....That was too much" he said. I got up, found a towel and sat on the edge of the bed and wiped the remains of our loads off his body. In an almost instinctive manner, I found myself then rubbing his body with my hands. I lifted his leg and began to firmly massage his thighs, then his biceps. He rolled over on his stomach and I put my hands on his strong back and rubbed more. He murmured, "That feels good, too. Don't stop." I continued to rub him, enjoying the hard caressing almost as much as the sex. Once more I had this heady feeling of pleasure in being able to give another man so much enjoyment. I wanted at that moment to have this 'brain drug' to go on and last forever.

Moments passed, and without a word, he sat up and put his arms around me and hugged me. Then he kissed me again and spoke soft words of thanks. "That was good, man. Thank you.....Thank you." We spent the rest of the weekend together, and 8 years later we’re still together. Kyle is now my lover. He is the best! I love my .

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