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Another Man's Cock

By virgin mouth

submitted June 18, 1999

Categories: Bisexual

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While I always been heterosexual, I have for years wondered what it would be like to give another man a blow job. This curiosity has resulted in an ongoing fantasy about what this experience would be like.

And while it has yet to happen, I hope this is only a temporary situation.......

I do not know how I find this man who is to be my teacher, for a teacher is what I seek. One familiar with the art of cocksucking and willing to be my master for a day.....

There we both are at his place. He has just put a porn tape on and then comes to sit near me. We are dressed only in bath robes as this encounter is my first and he knows that I am interested in the sensation of having a hard cock in my mouth and clothes will just get in the way.

As the movie starts to create an arousal in us both, he sees me looking towards his partially closed robe. " So you really want to learn to suck cock ! "

" Yes I do. " I reply seeing his semi hard cock hiding under his robe.

" Okay there is only one way to really learn how to suck a cock and that is by submitting yourself to your teacher completely. What I say goes, if you fail to respond as directed....the lesson is through. Do you agree to this ? "

" Yes, I will do only as you say. " I respond as my cock begins to harden at the thought that at last I will have another mans cock in my face. I lick my lips as I look towards his hidden cock.

" Okay, the lessons begin. First I want you to feel what it is like to stroke a man’s cock and feel it begin to harden. " With this he opens his robe to reveal his soft cock. "Go ahead touch it. I can see you want to feel it."

I reach my hand towards this cock that is to be my first. As my hand first touches it, I feel my growing erection push itself from the confines of my robe. I let out a soft moan as I feel his prick start to grow firmer in my hand. " Stroke it slowly" he tells me. He asks me how it feels to have a hardening cock in my hand. I respond that it makes me want to feel it in my mouth even more than I ever thought possible.

" You are an eager cocksucker to be. " He teases me. " But before I let you taste this cock, I really should take care of that escaped tool of yours. After all if you are too distracted, what kinda student would you make." With that he removes his now hard cock from my hand. I feel deprived, I long to touch his member, stroke it and feel its growing thickness in my hand.

Slowly he moves over to my now rock hard cock. He places his hand on it and strokes it one time. I feel the precum oozing from my head. I moan loudly as my whole body shakes. He laughs, strokes it again tells me to close my eyes until he tells me otherwise. I comply and then with out a bit of warning, I feel him suck my whole cock into his hot wet mouth. I cry out in pleasure. He says nothing but starts to bob his head up and down the entire length of me cock. It is so intense I quickly blow my load down his throat. But far from relieving my arousal, it only makes me hotter to taste his cock in my mouth.

" There, now you can focus on your lessons. Do You want to suck this cock ?" He asks. I am allowed to open my eyes and there it is just inches from my face. A 9 inch cock at full attention, dripping a drop of of precum that seems to say taste me.

" Yes ! " I reply reaching towards his hard offering. He slaps my reaching hand away telling me he has not told me to touch him. I look up into his eyes and beg him, "Please let me suck your cock ! "

" All in its proper time. " He answers smiling down at me. He tells me to stroke his cock slowly, I eagerly comply. It feels so hot to once again feel this hard tool in my hand.

As I slowly stroke the precum begins to flow more freely.

" Now you my taste my cock. But only the head, put in in your mouth and suck all that precum."

I quickly comply and first lick the under side of his purple head tasting the salty sticky fluid of a man for the first time. It only makes me hotter as I suck the entire head in to me salivating mouth. It drives me wild. All I can think of is taking the rest of this hard cock into my throat. I want to feel this hot cock totally in my mouth.

But he takes his cock away from me again. I look up at him longingly. He asks me if I liked it. I reply that I love the feel of his cock and all I can think of right now is taking it all into my mouth and sucking him until he cums down my throat. " You are A cock slut aren’t you. If you really want my cock in your mouth...beg me. "

" Please put your cock back in this hungry cocksucker’s mouth." I plead. " Make my mouth yours, take my face, fuck my face, I am your cock slave, all I can think about is pleasing your hot rod, please let me have your cock back. " I plead. My head is racing all I can think about is how good his cock would feel in my mouth and how good I want to make this mans cock feel and how much I want to taste him as he comes in my eager face.

"Open your mouth, but keep your head still. " He instructs me. As you feel my cock enter your mouth, slowly tighten your lips around me. As I pull my cock out open your mouth to let it come out. With this I open my hungry mouth. I feel his hot dick enter my mouth and as I slowly tighten my lips, I feel the rigid hardness. After only putting half of it in he withdraws partially and reenters deeper this time. My mouth is so full of cock I almost gag. His strokes increase in speed and each time his cock goes deeper into my throat.

As I grow use to its length and motion, he again withdraws his cock. I am crazy with desire to have it back in my mouth. " Tell me what you want he asks."

" I want to suck that hot cock of yours. Please put it back in my mouth." He asks if I want to really feel what it is like to be a cock slut. Yes I tell him I want to be your cock slave , put that hard cock in my face and fill my throat up with it, please fuck my face make me take all of your cock fuck my face please fuck my face until you cum.

" Okay cock slave open that slut mouth of yours." I open my mouth and he places his dripping cock in my mouth I start to bob my head to his thrusting. I feel his balls hit my chin as he drives his tool its full length into my eager mouth. I feel his hardness get harder as he places his hands behind my head. Now he really pounds my mouth hard pulling my face forcefully on to the base of his cock again and again I fell my cock about to explode in the excitement.

" Now take my cock you slut take it harder, deeper oh you are a good mouth to fuck I am almost ready to cum and when I do, suck and swallow my load. "

The master of my mouth now I reach back and grab his ass to pull my face even harder on to his pulsating cock I want him to cum in my mouth I want to swallow all he has for me. I feel him stiffen and with one last thrust he buries his cock in my willing face and screams while circling his cock in my face pulling me closer still. I feel his hot cum shoot into my throat and this cock sucker eagerly swallows all this throbbing cock has to offer. His cock shoots load after load until finally his hands relax . I continue to lick and clean up his slowly withdrawing cock.

I am so hot my cock shoots its load as he finally removes his softening cock.

" That’s how to suck a cock!”" He tells me.

Like I said this has yet to happen, but some day this will happen. I just don’t know with who ! Maybe you !