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Athletic Yum Fucking

By CumJoc

submitted September 9, 2002

Categories: Gay Erotic Stories

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"Shit, we taste damn good together," I moan to you, as I spread your ass lips further apart. That wasn't much effort after my thickness had just had a fuck-a-thon inside of you for over an hour and, ultimately, fucking-a-ton of cum into you. It was just the way you love it: Long sessions of rough, raw, and cum hard! And I have always been one who loves tasting MYself on your lips (face and/or ass). So it was no problem to start slow, building to a crescendo, seducing your fuckhole, and then sliding my HOT tongue afterwards into your densely haired bubblebutt.

The sexy, jock-meat you are--with that bike-rider, thick black-haired 35-year young hungness knows damn well how to "play" me. You know ALL 5'11" of my tanned muscles turn to Jell-O when you get into your striptease act! At a couple years older---but about 15 pounds lighter, my tight mat of soft brown fur shivers with lust (and love) for you. And you use that to your sexual advantage, but I enjoy every horny second of it.

What fuckin' makes you even more the stud that you are is you have already screamed in the middle of cumming one time that my thick cock can take you any time I'm horny. At the moment you verbalize those encouraging words, my jetstream spewed the hardest and plentiful that I, or you, have ever felt and seen.

But I have taken you UP on that offer....when the hormones have been overpowering and the control button nonexistent. The best time, so far, that's happened is when you and the weather got me so fuckin' hot at the baseball game, you never made it out of the stadium's noisy restroom stall without me raping that jock hole during seventh inning stretch. Stand and deliver, Stud! And you did, with the help of that wonderful pre-cum that had managed to trickle down your balls into your crack and the heat-generating sweat your ass had built up combining for excellent lubrication. My thickness just slipped in, letting my piston begin an up and down thrust that professional race car drivers would love to experience that lack of friction, while kissing your sweet spot. So perfect the motion with you partly leaning against the wall and straddling the toilet, it made you whimper in tears as our dangerous surroundings prevented you from orally shouting in ecstasy.

You know when I am THAT sexually turbocharged--which is usually 24-7, it's always a good thing when you wear a jockstrap as I would have completely obliterated any briefs you might have been wearing. Of course, fours pairs of anything wouldn't have stopped all my thick, pure-white jetstream from soaking through and the cum aroma simmering from your tight 501s in that hot, humid afternoon heat. I loved the way people, especially men, looked at your beautifully sculpted body and ass the rest of the game especially when we walked to the car after the game. By then, you were well dried, soaked and stained, but in your assertive, self-assured confidence, you didn't care.

I definitely didn't care, as that aroma of cum cumming off you when I walked close to you fuckin' turned me on more to you, if that's possible, with the way the heat was simmering your sweat to the highest levels of fragrance that made my nose even hornier. Knowing how I felt about you, I was going home to fuck you again that night! By then, we had more sweat to play with mixed in our cum, which for both of us fit, nonsmoking, non-drinking men, was like playing in pure-white, liquid snow.

But what started this particular fuck-a-thon...were those HOT, dense pits!! It felt fantastic a couple hours ago you straddling my naked body sitting in that chair I was going to occupy for an only second to catch the score of the game before hitting the showers. I'm so glad that you had other ideas as you slowly begin to pull up your muscle-tight 'T' over your head in front of me and expose those two sweat-drenched, densely haired pits. You knew I wouldn't watch that ball game on TV for very long after our sweaty workout as the distraction and the aroma was too much for my senses to take and concentrate on the game. When you exposed those streaming, wet pits, my thick cock's mushroom head felt like it's on a one-way trip to explode (at least) 10 times.

Wooooof! Thank goodness, you're all-man, and don't cut or trim any of your body hair, including your pits. Whether it's your pubes or pits, I could bury myself in either. You are a turn on, anyway, but your pits are a feast I could spend all night in, licking them and cumming in them. And while fucking you, to be able to feast on those two forest of man hair and manscent. That just gets my cock even harder inside you, pushing your prostate to new boundaries, edging you to explosions of cum and moans that are fuckin' sensuous in themselves. As thick as I grow from being so turned on, it's no wonder my cum burst out of your ass like it does. Like a dam pressured by water, there is no room for my river of cum except to drain out your juicy, delicious hole.

Mmmmmmmmmmm...........fuuuuuuck! First things first...as you slowly lowered that hot 6,' 185 pound, sweaty frame onto my spread, hairy quads, I could see you eyeing your target and lickin' your chops for my throbbing fuck muscle. As you steady your weight by leaning on my strong shoulders, I could hear you propping your sexy jock toes against the wall behind us as I gently hold the base of my cock for your slide down. My three-day stubbled face watches as you close your steel blue eyes, almost in relief with that penetrating look, your mouth involuntarily opens as you savored my piston being seductively directed inside your warm, wet manhole. My piston explosively close already with both my big head and little head going ballistic with horny overload as I close my eyes and tilt my head back to luxuriate in the moment of being One.

Then when those talented ass muscles of yours, and your flexing quads and calves pushed themselves up and down my cock's shaft..... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! I had never experienced a fuck like that, even though we have fucked and made love for over 10 years. At that moment, it was simple mind-blowing...and from such a beautiful man, makes it all the more special.

It was also cock-blowing...and what a load! But, damn, what a feeling it was to spew my HOT, thick cum inside that ass of yours...anytime, every time! Made it all the more complete. Our hot, horny bods being one together, my cock sliding in and out of your steamy man-pussy, makes my love for you even fuller and deeper.

Even though the sun has set since we began, between fucks somehow we found the bed from that chair, the heat in our home is fire-hot--and it's not because of the furnace. That's turn off but our bodies are turned on for each other's sweat and inner-mixing of drying cum from a number of explosions already.

My tongue now laying in your ass hair seems to have a mind-of-it's-own, curling around each strand of hair and savoring it like it was the last your body will produce. Your hairs are so long in and around that crack, I could almost floss and rim at the same time. A slow tongue bath nets its rewards with the enjoyment of experiencing your sweat and clumps of my cum thickly hugging your hair.

You softly moan under the pressure of my ascending tongue.

Granted, I love the way you participate naturally in all your sports, especially wrestling--which is how we met, remember?--- but the reason I love you cycling is the way it has developed that hairy ass and the wonderful muscles that do suck my cock dry every fuckin' time. Mmmmmmmmmm... and all those squats you do a couple days a week are not only seductive to watch, but gives you the deep dimples on either side of those tanned ass cheeks.

With the way your ass muscles are so tight and talented, I don't have to thrust much into your ass to have my cum sucked right out of me, sliding into your hole feeling the wet, warm, velvety walls of your hole, stretching ... gripping ... milking my cock. Your wonderful ass is my cum dumpster and definitely NOT a plain butt hole, but is like fuckin' a damn, tropically-moist pussy. To the point, that I gave up jacking off for saving ALL my man-juice for lubricating your hairy hole---and then feasting of the felch, and/or giving your tonsils a white-washin'.

At this particular moment, after these intimate, horny hours with you, and right now tasting our manly juices mixed together within this fine, hairy bowl of a hole, it is Mmm! Mmm! Good to the last drop. Like whipped cream on a sundae. Your whole bod is, to me, one big, 24/7, lovemaking, pleasure-palace of a sexual cum-eruption. Clothes or no clothes, you never stopped turning me on. Both sexually and emotionally, you are a fuckin' HOT stud! Getting me hotter and hornier was touching.... feeling.... kneading your hairy quads. Geez, I love that massive fur coat on your chest, but, damn, I love your hairy quads and the thick forest of pubes, with all its naturally masculine musk streaming off was driving my nose crazy.

I like you in this position, at the base of all our juices together, for more than one reason. The reason that cums to mind, as I lick the upper part of your crack and watch you watch me, was that I could enjoy all your aromas cumming from your bod. A yummy bod, I might add. Not only did it look terrific, but tasted excellent. The wonderful sweat and aroma cumming from your balls and the accumulation of body moisture between your balls and your ass made my cock harder, which is HARD to do as it is so hard now. It had that pleasurable-pain feeling. Almost like blue balls, but my six-inch shaft swelled enough to take off in orbit, the already vascular thickness wanting to burst it's boundaries.

I, also, like you in this position, as I am able to feel your strong cock when I want to. Even suck it and lick it if I had the mind to. To be able, as I am doing now, to reach up, while tongue-wetting your ass hole and thick, rave-black hairs, and take your juicy balls and squeezing them hard, watching you arch your back in self-defense and your face wincing in pleasure. You know, I wouldn't hurt you unless............ but even THAT would be done with respect, admiration for you, and the desire to pleasure you, not out of being purely sadistic.

Now to further enjoy what that fuck produced, my tongue arrows further on towards the treasure, my muscular arms forcing your quads and legs up against your chest as far as they would go, without discomfort for you, allowing me the deepest penetration of my tongue. My cock had that pleasure a few minutes ago. Now it's time for another part of my body to experience your sexy, hot ass.

Your moans get louder, which I love, as I begin tasting my great tasting cum and the sweet, saltiness of your sweat. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... digging my tongue deep into your hole, running all around your hairy ass--and the rest of my sweaty, wanting bod, were in total hairy heaven. You deeply groan as I intentionally rub my three-day stubble on your ass, reaching your hand down to sensually touch my head. I've grown to like that touch from you. It keeps us connected as I do what I love to do: Giving pleasure to the Man I love! Even at just those sensually, hot thoughts, I almost shoot another load, proudly taking in the vibration of your defined bod as you loudly moan, feeling your body squirming in ecstasy from my tongue being so far and so warmly inside you.

I watched up your massive chest, your strong, tanned face, your eyes closed, enjoying this Sunday afternoon delight. It was almost like you passed out in horniness. I rubbed my forefinger once up and down the outside of your dripping crack. Through all that fantastic hair, the tip of my forefinger found the opening. As I teased the opening, your moan in approval sending chills up my spine.

As I spread your legs apart to make room for my body so we can enjoy a long, deep, wet kiss--without warning--my twisted forefinger races deep inside your ass. Before I even got to lay on top of you, your throbbing cock shoots without either of us touching it. This time sending those strings of that luscious, white jet stream into the wet hairs of my pecs, lubricating my hard nips.

Mmmmmmmmmmm.... Woof! Ya gotta love that.... Feeling your yummy cum trickling down my chest, I look down to some very smiling brown eyes. As your heavy breathing slows, you pull me down for that wet kiss! A Stud after my own heart for uninhibited, athletic fucking.

Submitted by CumJoc @ abacklatsguy@hotmail.com