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Avengers Assemble!

By Comics Age

submitted September 8, 1997

Categories: Super Heroes

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Steve Rogers came out of the hot shower feeling 100% better. The crime ring he just broke up was the culmination of hundreds of hours of work from him, the police and the FBI.

Now, back at Avengers' Mansion, Captain America felt like a new man, toweling his hard physique dry. Cap had always appreciated the way his body looked. The potion he drank during World War II mutated his body from a scrawny kid to an Olympic level athlete. His body well defined and very muscular. What he never told anyone, though, was that another part of his anatomy had grown as well. His cock was a mere 3 inches soft before the "superman" potion he drank. Afterward, his dick never ceased to amaze him. Easily 6 inches soft and very thick, with a large head at the tip. Back then, he knew he shouldn't, but he pleasured himself many times, sometimes even thinking of his then-sidekick Bucky, who he had seen naked in the Army showers. Back in the 40's, the Army didn't even ask if men were gay or not, not like today. It was just assumed all men were straight, or if they were gay, they wouldn't have the guts to enlist in the Army.

Bucky was a stud in every sense of the word. Hard body, muscular for his age, but his cock was almost as big as Steve's, and he was only 15 years old. Of course, Steve thought, he would never take advantage of a minor for sexual gratification, but his fantasies were another story. Steve would have liked to have pursued a tryst with his friend had he not died saving Cap on the plane that Baron Zemo had planted the bomb on. To this day, Steve's eyes would well up, not just for mourning a dead friend, but potential lover as well. But thinking of Bucky's hard, sweet ass, his well-formed legs, that perfect cock sent Cap's mind reeling and his cock stiffened. He started to stroke his meat to its full 10 inch length when he heard a knock at the door.

"Captain?" It was Thor.

"Yes, Thor, what is it?" Steve asked.

"My apologies for interrupting, but I was hoping you could monitor me in the training room.", Thor said through the locked bathroom door.

Avengers' policy was that no member could train in the simulation room without a monitor, in case something went wrong. This was also helpful in evaluating ones performance.

Cap liked Thor alot. On top of being a god, Thor was genuinely a good person, too. Also, he had the absolute perfect body he had ever seen, including Bucky's and Cap would find it difficult, even in battle, to not at least take in a glimpse of his hot form.

"Sure, Thor, I'll be right out." Cap readily agreed.

This did nothing to assuage his rock hard cock. Seeing Thor flexing and working out would definitely turn him on more. But Cap would never miss this opportunity.

Throwing on his pants from his costume, with no underwear or jock, Cap did nothing to hide the formation of his erection in his crotch. He would, normally, but since he and Thor were the only ones home (Jarvis being given the night off), he thought he would throw caution to the wind. Besides, Thor not being gay, he shouldn't have a problem with it.

Cap opened the bathroom door and saw the expanse that was Thor's chest. While Thor was a good 5-6 inches taller than Cap, he often thought their bodies were not altogether different in its definition.

"OK, Thor, let's do it." Cap started. Cap wasn't sure but he could swear Thor glimpsed his crotch for maybe a second more than was a normal, cursory scan of his body. Seemed odd to Cap but he didn't think anything of it.

Inside the control room for the training simulator, Cap noticed Thor had already programmed one of his training sessions into his computer. Thor stood in the middle of the room, waiting for his training to commence. Sitting down, Cap turned on the microphone.

"Allright, Thor, we'll start on the medium setting tonight. Let me know when you are finished."

"Have at thee, Captain."

During his training sessions, Thor liked to fight without the aid of his hammer, which he kept secured in his tight belt. Not only would it be unfair, but it would most assuredly wreak havok on the simulator room. Besides, this was training for fighting, not overpowering, although Thor could still do that with one arm behind his back. Captain America entered the operational code and the simulator room went dark for a second.

When the simulation came up, Cap was amazed that what replaced the grid of the simulator room was what appeared to be an ancient Roman coliseum, complete with cheering crowd and emperor. Thor took it all in stride since he had expected this simulation. Then, suddenly, four simulated "opponents" blinked into view. Cap looked at them, then did a double-take as he noticed all of the men looked exactly like him. And the most incredible part was that all of them were naked, except for a piece of hanging cloth, covering their crotches. Cap also noticed that Thor had removed his tunic and cape, as well as his helmet, though he had no idea why. He knew that Thor's battles were almost never without his full costume.

As the training began, Cap saw that the battle already was very lopsided, though Thor would take pains to practice a certain technique until he got it right, rather than just bashing his opponent. Cap also noticed that the cloth covering his doppleganger's crotches was all that really was covering them. When the men were turned upside down or simply thrown aside, their cocks and balls would be there for all to see. Despite himself, he was really getting turned on, both at the sight of the naked men and at Thor flexing.

Then, Cap had an idea.

He left the control room and headed for the simulator changing room. Obtaining the proper cloth from the computer, Cap stripped and wrapped the cloth around his waist. From the monitor in the changing room, Cap waited until he saw one of his doubles thrown at or near the doorway into the simulator. When that happened, Cap hit the remote and that particular version of Steve Rogers disappeared, only to be replaced by the real Steve, who quickly and quietly stepped thru the door. Cap assumed the same type of fighting stance the computer had programmed and charged at Thor. Cap leapt onto Thor's back and rather than trying to bring the Thunder God down, merely grabbed onto Thor's muscled chest, running his hands all over, absorbing as much of Thor's body as he could. Thor, busy with taking out the other three opponents who had ganged up on him, could not spend the time to sway Cap off. So Cap kept at it, hands moving over Thor's chest, even stopping for half a second at his nipples, not to squeeze but to just feel for now. Then his hands roamed again, this time getting bolder. Cap felt further down Thor's massive chest and was delighted to feel the six-pack formation on the God's stomach.

Again, Captain America thru caution to the wind and delved further down. His hands felt Thor's naval and the wisps of hair that trailed even lower. Cap followed that trail until his hands felt a bulge he had only dreamed about, large, round, heavy. It made Cap swoon and almost pass out. Thor felt this and slowed his fighting a bit, but he also felt a rather large protrusion, grinding its way into his back. Thor tossed the three opponents aside and they blinked out of the simulator. Thor feigned trying to throw off who he thought was the fourth simulated opponent, if only to make it look good for Cap up in the control booth. After this session, he would have to check the computer, but for now he was very much enjoying the grope he was receiving.

After a few minutes, Thor knew he had to throw the simulated man off now, so as not to arouse suspicion, although he was definitely aroused in other areas. Cap felt this too, not believing the length and width Thor's cock had grown. Thor grabbed the two arms that were wrapped around his shoulders and easily flipped the man to the ground. Cap, knowing this manuever well, instinctively held onto the material of the Thunder Gods stretched out pants. A tearing noise was evident to both men.

Cap was the first one shocked as he turned over and saw the true size of his almost nightly fantasy man. Thor's cock was almost a full 12 inches hard and thick as it bobbed lazily in the air. Thor was the second one shocked as he quickly realized this was the real Steve Rogers, not a simulation. He knew this as Thor has Steve Rogers programmed into his private, sexual simulation he has used on many occasions and could only estimate Cap's cock size. It was nothing compared to the real thing. Thor, however, was the first to gain his composure and merely stood in front of the Captain. His hand started to massage his hard, heaving chest, then moved down, past his wash board stomach, his patch of blonde pubic hairs and to the tree trunk size of his massive cock. Thor pointed his cock at Captain America and slowly massaged it.

"So, my Captain, you realized what I do here at night for all hours." Thor remarked, still slowly stroking his dick.

"uh-huh", was all Cap could get out, mesmerized by the Thunder God's huge tool.

"Well?" Thor started, "are you just going to stare at it or will you be the first man to suck on a Thunder God's staff?"

Cap broke his gaze from Thor's cock and stared into his eyes, seeing Thor seductively lick his lips. As if in a trance, Cap walked to Thor and slowly dropped to his knees. Cap reached for the thick cock and felt it in his hands. It was very warm and heavy in his palm. Cap felt all around it, feeling every vein, every curve of this huge cock. It was more than Cap had even fantasized about. He noticed a glistening drop of pre-cum oozing from Thor's dick and extended his tongue to grab it. It tasted sweet and Cap wanted more. He took the cock in his right hand and guided it into his mouth. It felt so good, so right in his mouth he couldn't believe it, couldn't believe this was happening. Sure, he wished that Thor was gay or even bi, but he had no idea it was true.

Cap worked as much of Thor's cock into his mouth as he could, jacking off the base of it with his right hand. Then he went to work, sucking Thor's cock with a vengeance, his tongue caressing the underside. His mouth soon became a vacuum on Thor's dick. Thor threw his head back in pure ecstacy. He had tried to get Jane and even Lady Sif to do this for him, but neither would, fearing it was too big. And he was noticing, at this portion of his immortal life, the pleasures men can bring to him and he to them. His large hands caressed Cap's head as he ran his fingers through his hair. Before long, Thor was lightly pushing Cap's head up and down on his massive cock.

Cap was in heaven with Thor's cock neatly lodged in his sucking mouth. He got up the courage and even accomplished taking Thor's meat all the way down his throat and out again. This pleased the Thunder God to no end and was drooling at the opportunity to do the same to Steve.

"Captain," Thor began, "I must have your cock."

Cap reluctantly released the huge dick from his mouth and allowed Thor to lay opposite of him, so that the others mouth had easy access to each hot cock. Thor greedily sucked in Cap's cock, as Cap resumed his blow job on Thor.

Never having tasted a dick before, Thor loved Cap's cock, the warmth, size, feel, taste, everything about it. He couldn't get enough of it. He did his best to imitate the blow job Cap was performing for him and before too long, Thor was also able to deep throat Cap's huge meat. Both men writhed on the ground, hips pumping cock into each others mouth, groans from both men intensifying, getting louder and more urgent.

Cap was the first to go.

"Thor," Cap said, panting, releasing Thor's cock from his mouth, "oh, god, Thor, suck my cock. I love it and you. Keep sucking my fucking cock!!"

Thor moaned at this and increase his speed and suction.

"Oh, fuck, Thor, I'm gonna cum........OH, YES, FUCK FUCK FUCK, THOR, TAKE MY CUM.....SWALLOW IT ALL!!!!"

And Cap's meat exploded hot liquid jizz into the Thunder God's mouth, taking Thor by surprise. Thor thought it tasted like the sweet nectar he had expected and sucked as much of the gallons of cum being pumped into him as he could. Cap, meanwhile, was more determined than ever to get Thor's spunk into his mouth and clamped his mouth around Thor's cock, down to the root, sucking and bobbing his head, up and down. His roaming hands went to Thor's hot, muscled, tight ass and squeezed his cheeks. Two of Cap's fingers probed and found Thor's asshole and penetrated deep. This threw Thor over the edge. Cap could feel Thor's cock stiffen even harder and knew it was near.


Cap pulled out Thor's cock just in time to have Thor's dick spew huge load after load of hot cum all over Cap's face, his cock shooting like a hose.

Both men collapsed, totally spent. Silently, Thor crawled up Cap's body and licked his own cum off of Cap's face, finally finding the hot mouth his cock was fucking a mere 60 seconds ago. Cap's tongue extended out to Thor's and the two lovers locked in a tight embrace, their open mouths pressed tightly together, tongues exploring the other.

Then, suddenly, they heard a clapping over the loud speaker. Startled, the two warriors sprang to their feet, only to be stunned. Hawkeye was watching from the control booth, naked as a jaybird. At least they thought it was Hawkeye, as the control room window was splattered with thick ribbons of cum. The two new lovers merely chuckled to each other and hugged, followed by a return to the interrupted kiss.

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