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Away, Doctor

By Oscar P

submitted January 2, 1998

Categories: Doctor

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I was working away from home and had a slight cold, when a work mate told me that the local doctor might be able to help. He happened to slip in to the conversation that the doctor was gay, and as I'd never been to a gay doctor before, I thought I'd have to give it a go. I decided to make an appointment on the pretext of a groin strain rather than a common cold, and dressed in my briefest briefs under my dress pants, and with a growing bulge in them I headed off.

The waiting room seemed quite quiet, and soon I was being directed to the doctor's office. On entering, a much older man than I had anticipated, wearing a white coat and seated behind a desk, asked me to sit down. I had to fill out a number of forms before he could start his consultation.

Although quite distinguished, the doctor did not look like the fantasy I had built up in my mind, and he seemed very efficient and not the least bit gay. My friend must have told me a lie, I thought, and immediately felt foolish about being there at all.

The doctor then asked me a few questions about my symptoms, and I now felt obligated to continue the charade, so I described my fictitious pains. The doctor then asked me to go into his little anti room, where there was an examination table, and remove my trousers and shoes and sit on the table and wait for him.

I did as he requested and shortly after I was seated on the table, with my shirt tails covering my briefs, he entered and shut the door. He started by asking me to lean back on my elbows, while he cupped my left foot and put his other hand behind my left calf. His hands were warm to the touch, and with a firm grip he lifted the leg slightly and asked me to say when it hurt. He then let my knee bend and pushed my heel towards my buttock. I had to decide when I was going to wince, so I allowed him to almost reach my buttock before

I told him it hurt. He then repeated the same with my right leg without changing hands, and when he brought my leg toward my buttock his arm brushed my covered crotch. The sudden touch of warmth against my groin, sent an electric shock into my cock and it started to come to life. Shit,

I thought as he then flexed and bent my knee, brushing back and forth across my now bulging briefs. He continued a bit longer before I winced and he stopped. He lowered my leg and pondered while staring at my crotch which had pushed my shirt tails aside to reveal the white bulge of my briefs.

I sat up to try and cover up, and I blushed, but the doctor then asked me to undo my shirt, swivel round on the table and lay back. I did as he requested and then placed my hands over my groin to cover myself.

The doctor told me to put my hands behind my head and tell him if anything hurt, as he firstly rotated both my legs outward and then spread them. I was now in a totally submissive position, spread-eagled on the table with a semi erection straining in my tiny briefs, so I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything else but my situation.

The next thing I felt was a warm hand on the leg band of my briefs just below my hip. It made me jump and he asked if it hurt. I told him it didn't, but I wasn't expecting it. He then pressed down and edged his way closer to my bulge. My cock was on the move again and started to swell and elongate towards the doctor's hand. I let out a low MMmmmmm.

"Does that hurt?" the doctor asked.

"No," came my reply in a low moan. I was being taken away by my own feelings and I didn't care, I was his. The doctor then took hold of the top of my waistband above the leg, and slipped it down over my thigh, which had the effect of scrunching my cock downward until the head was poking out across my thigh from the opening in the leg. Ignoring my cock, he pressed into my groin in little circles making my cock jump and twitch further out across my thigh until only my balls were covered by my briefs. I now had a bead of pre cum on the end of my cock and the doctor hadn't even touched it. The doctor had stopped and asked me when I had last ejaculated. I lied again and told him not for a few days.

"AAAAhh", came the doctors reply and then I felt him lift the waistband of my briefs away from my body, making my cock spring upward towards my navel and he then slipped then down my thighs and I helped by raising my arse. He pulled them right off my legs and then told me he had an idea it might be connected to my testicles. He then proceeded to lightly roll them in between his palms while my cock twitched and dripped more pre cum onto my belly.

"Yes", he said in a whisper, "Yes, just as I thought".

My balls were now retracting and I was moaning quite audibly. He withdrew his hands from my balls and I felt cool air blowing around them, it was mind blowing. I looked up to see what he was doing. He was blowing my balls and when he saw me look at him he pushed me back and grabbed my cock by the base and blew on the tip as it stuck up toward the ceiling.

"AAAh", I exclaimed as I reached the point of no return.

He knew this, and just squeezed my root as I spasmed and shot 4 long strings of cum up into the air, landing on his hand and my pubes. He did not remove his grip until my cock finally started to subside.

"Thank you" I whispered.

"Don't leave it for so long next time", he smiled.

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