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Battle Of The Bods #1(Tom Katt vs. Bill Davey)

By Pleasurefull

submitted August 29, 2000

Categories: Wrestling

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The following matches are for the Best Bod Champion. Two men will be dropped at different locations then walk to a certain place and wrestle. The person who gets there opponent to say “I give” or knock their opponent unconscious gets to do what he pleases to his opponent. After both will be picked up and the winner advances in rank. Tom Katt: “Man this Bill Davey guy is gonna get his ass whipped.” These two guys in the van get out and open the door I guess this is my stop so I get out, I am supposed to walk half a mile north in this forest.

I walk and walk till I get to this open field and stop since its already half a mile. Since I’m here I may as well get ready so I’ll just do some stretches. Bill Davey: I am in a plane above this forest, when all of a sudden the pilot tells me to jump. So I jump out onto this big tree and climb down to see an open field and a guy stretching. “I guess I’m gonna have to whoop your ass” I say the guy turns around. Man this guy is a real stud I better not get overpowered and stay focused no matter how hunky this guy is. Tom Katt: Whoa this guy is unbelievable and good looking too better than others I’ve had sex with before. “You think you’re going to beat me I’m Tom Katt professional stripper and I’ve been in many wrestling videos.” I take off my shoes and socks, brrr, the ground is cold and wet, then I take off my shirt slowly first flex my abs to intimidate my stomach power, then expand my chest, then I throw my shirt to the ground. Bill Davey: Man this guy is a stripper and he’s wrestled before now I have to be even more precautions. But man is his body amazing his abs nice and tight, his chest big, and his face so handsome. I take off my shirt to but fast and my shoes and socks, man the ground is cold and wet. “If you don’t know I’m Bill Davey professional bodybuilder and your body is one low class body” I say just to make him mad. Tom Katt: Oh my gosh this Bill guy has some awesome abs I’d love to torture those babies. Wait a sec he said that my bodies low class why that son of a bitch, “let’s just wrestle already so that I can win.” We grapple up, wow looking at Bill’s abs flex is amazing, I get his right arm and twist it around to his back “aaaaaahhhhh” Bill screams. Bill Davey: Frick Tom gets my right arm and twists it to my back it fricken hurts, I roll to break the hold then belly to back suplex Tom to the ground the impact of our fall breaks the ground below us and mud splatters our backs.

I get back up but Tom beats me then clothes lines me. I fall in pain and moan, Tom grabs me by my hair then applies the ab stretcher on me then putting his left hand both on my left oblique and abs giving him more leverage and pulls back the pain is tremendous. Tom Katt: I get Bill in the ab stretcher just to test his ab strength his face shows that he is in pain so I put my left hand on his abs and pull back he screams in agony. I see my chance so I maneuver my left hand down to his pants zipper then zip it down Bill’s pants fall to the ground. I am surprised that he wears nothing and I see his 11 inch cock, I lick my lips just thinking about blowing that cock and it spewing cum in my mouth. Bill Davey: The pain is to much and I scream, then I hear my zipper Tom just unzipped my pants and they fall to the ground and my 11 inch cock springs from its prison. Now Tom starts driving his finger nails into my mounds of abs I scream in pain again, he lets go and I drop to my knees Tom comes up to me and I do the dirtiest thing in the book a low blow. Tom falls to the ground whimpering in pain I unzip his pants to find a pink Speedo strap I rip it and find at least a 13 inch cock. Tom Katt: I feel the cold wind hitting my 13 inch cock “you fucker” I say he grabs my hair and pulls me up then gets me in a front headlock then lifts me up high in the air then I crash down more mud splatters on my back my front and back now covered in mud since my front touched Bill’s back. I can see Bill going for an elbow drop I move just at the last second and Bill lands in mud and I get up and Bill holding his elbow. Bill Davey: Ah frick my elbow it hurts to much, Tom grabs me by my hair and pulls me up then holds my elbow straight then starts elbowing my elbow about 15 times. I fall to my knees in pain, Tom goes on the attack again he gets behind me and once again my abs are tortured in the ab stretcher the pain the agony.

He lets go I fall face first in the mud but then I feel a hand on the back of my head pushing my face into the mud I hear the squishing of mud on my face. Tom Katt: “Ha ha ha” I laugh in the enjoyment of pushing my opponents face in the mud, but then what could be more humiliating for a bodybuilder than being FUCKED by a stripper. I get into position, Bill is still heaving for air then I ram my cock up his ass in one push Bill yelps tensing his ass muscles squeezing my cock then he eases. I hump him more and more pulling and pushing he moans. Bill Davey: Oh yeah this is what I’ve been waiting for oh yeah there must be a scar on my ass from the big push. Tom humps me some more and cums in my ass it starts to rain but the cum so warm feels great, Tom gets off I am covered in mud I sit up Tom gets behind and whispers “you want some more” in a sexy voice. Tom Katt: Bill gets up and I get behind him starting to finger fuck him then one of my hands tickles Bill’s abs and he flexes then I go for it I fuck him again in 5 humps Bill cums in his face some land on me. All of a sudden I realize that I need to win this match to go up the ranks since his elbow hurts, I get his elbow and his face and do Chris Benoit’s finishing move the Crippler Cross-Face. Bill Davey: Frick my elbow and face it hurts to much I try to get free but I am trapped I can feel my energy slipping away. “I give” I say with the rest of energy I have and Tom lets go and my head falls to the ground. Tom Katt: Yes I won the match. I go up the ranks. I start flexing just wanting to all the rain and sweat make my body glisten. Bill starts waking up “hey man are you okay sorry I had to do that to you” I say just to be a good sport “no I got caught up in all the erotic action since I had never felt this way before and you caught me off guard” Bill says. We shake hands “hey since you liked the action how about some more?” I ask him. Bill Davey: “Fine with me” I say I lead Tom to a lake I had seen before I jumped, Tom washes all the mud off me taking his time especially on my cock and I wash him.

We swim to the other side of the lake I lay down on the sand catching the rays then I feel fingers playing with my balls I close my eyes again. Tom Katt: I kiss and lick Bill’s balls and cock, Bill’s cock sticking straight up I can’t resist I suck the head then deep-throating his cock then I stick my tongue in his cock slit then I feel some jizm it’s Bill’s cum it tastes so delicious. After having some fun and wrestling some more Tom Katt and Bill Davey get picked up and dropped off at their hotels. Email me at thed3@hotmail.com to tell me which two of these nine should wrestle each other. Buff Bagwell, Mike O’Hearn, Brad Baker, Ken Shamrock, Dennis Newman, Pasi Schalin, Jay Cutler, Jason Gallant, and Justin Lopez

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