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Bear Wrestler

By Jack Samson

submitted January 16, 1998

Categories: Hairy, Bears, Daddies & Cubs

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It had been some time since I'd stopped at this rest area. My new route seldom brought me by here anymore and when it did I was usually just too busy to stop. There was a time when you could pretty much expect some kind of action here. Truckers from up and down the east coast would hit it on their runs and they seemed to draw a bit of a crowd.

I guess the reason I liked the place so much was the clientele it attracted. I prefer big powerful men. Coaches, wrestlers, weight lifters, construction foremen and muscular truckers usually get the biggest rise out of me. For some reason I could half expect to find someone like that here. I once encountered a retired professional wrestler that I had watched as a kid. I was only with him once but it was a blast. He was so massive and intimidating that he scared away anyone who might want to check us out. The way a big man intimidates other men is a real turn-on to me.

It was a warm late September day about 5 p.m. when I drove up. I parked and quickly entered the rest stop building. I moved past the snack area checking out the men using the machines. There was nothing special there, just a couple of skinny businessmen in suits wearing way too much wrist jewelry and looking like they had just come from a tanning and beauty salon. They were faggots in every sense of the word and did not interest me in the slightest. I entered the men's room and found nothing of note there. Discouraged I returned to my car and decided to stick around and see who showed up.

I did see a massive trucker get out of his rig. He was immense standing at least 6'5" and weighing over 300 pounds most of it muscle. He was fairly young, about 30, and was real imposing. He left his rig and entered the building. I immediately followed him inside. I generally prefer older men but this man seemed to be a real powerhouse and that kind of man just doesn't come along that often so I decided that I had to check him out. I entered the bathroom where I had just seen him go. He was standing at the end of the urinals and seemed to be looking around. He seemed like he might be interested in what I had in mind. I walked over to the urinal and waited. I glanced over and down and noticed that he was rubbing his cock like he wanted something. He was making eye contact with me and then nodded gesturing to his man-cock. I reached out to stroke him when he suddenly grabbed my wrist and threw me to the floor. He yelled that he had a fag in the urinal. Obviously it caught everyone's attention.

A couple of other truckers came in to see what was going on. I tried to get up but he just slapped me down. A mini crowd had gathered by now and he told every one how he was going to kick my ass. I tried to get away but he wouldn't let me pass. Then he made me call him Sir and beg for forgiveness. I hated it but swallowed my pride and did as he ordered. I felt that he could kill me and I just wanted to get out of there. After humiliating me thoroughly he laughed and pushed me hard into a wall and then slapped me in the side of the head. I hit the ground once more and scrambled away. He told me he'd hurt me but good if I bothered him again. I left with my tail between my legs not wanting to risk the wrath of this obviously powerful man.

As I left the building to return to the lot I noticed a line of cars entering. I quickly checked for any of my tell tale signs that a big man was behind the wheel - big hands and forearms, tall in the seat and thick neck. Amazing, I had just been humiliated and I was still cruising. Will I ever learn! I just said screw this and decided to leave. I didn't want the ass hole trucker to come back around for more fun at my expense.

I was just about set to leave when I noticed a late model Cadillac drive up. It was immaculate. It looked like a classy model long on luxury. As the car approached it slowed down as if to check out the other cars parked there. I could see that the man driving it was older, in his fifties or maybe his sixties, and that he appeared to be clean shaven. When the car passed mine my heart began to race slightly. The man was quite rugged looking behind the wheel and sported a set of thickly haired forearms attached to giant hands. He seemed to pause for a moment in front of me and then proceeded on. For aa moment I forgot the embarrassment that had just occurred. I decided to wait a minute.

The car continued around the oval to return for a second pass. This time he didn't slow at the other cars. Instead, he came back to my spot and pulled in to the space immediately to my left. He pulled the car in front first. Because I had backed into my space we were now side by side and able to talk to each other if that was what he wanted.

Very few times in my life have I seen such a ruggedly handsome man. He had a large square jawed face that was clean shaven but showed considerable five o'clock shadow. His whiskers were so thick that his face seemed to take on a bluish hue. He was totally bald on the top of his head with close cropped iron gray hair on the sides. Sporting thick sideburns he looked like a retired football coach. He wore a short sleeved white button down shirt that struggled to contain his yard wide shoulders, barrel chest and massive arms. Dense dark brown and gray fur escaped from the open collar in front and more could be seen pouring out over the sides of the collar of his considerable neck. The space revealed by the 3 open buttons of his shirt showed that he possessed extreme chest hair. The largest and hairiest forearm I've ever had the pleasure of seeing rested on the driver side window. The fur was inches thick there and utterly obscured any skin. The giant left hand was lazily balled into a semi - fist and rested on the steering wheel. It too sported considerable fur which ran along the back of that bear-like paw and down the stout fingers between each knuckle.

"Good evenin'. How are you doing?" he said in a booming bass voice that matched the man. It seemed to hint at Texas or some similar southern locale. He spoke deeply but slowly and easily. His southern accent was thick and syrupy.

"Fine SIR, and you" I answered I called hin SIR because he deserved to be in my eyes. It was not the same as it was with the trucker. It was clear to me that SIR was most appropriate in this situation. I nervously glanced over my shoulder towards the building to make sure the trucker wasn't coming.

"It is a great night isn't it? I just love the weather this time of year. Still warm so you don't have to get all bundled up and cool nights so you can snuggle with someone you want to get to know, you know!" With that he kind of smiled. It was a rugged smile. His face was weather worn and quite intimidating. I felt sure he was coming on to me but I knew I had to be careful. Maybe he's just an otherwise friendly guy who would pulverize me if he knew what I was thinking. Of course, he did drive around just to get next to me and this place had a reputation for cruising. Maybe he was a cop who was looking to entrap. Hell, I couldn't be sure so I proceeded cautiously. Hadn't I just gotten my ass handed to me!

"Any weather is good for that" I answered. "The women don't seem to mind if it's hot or cold out. But this is beautiful weather".

"Hell women are never satisfied whatever the weather. Men , at least real men, seem to appreciate it more. My name's Lee" he said. " What's yours?"

"Jack". No last names offered or given. This still might be a good thing after all. He had

purposely mentioned men to me. I checked the building again and still no sign of my nemesis.

We made small talk for a while about the highway and the periodic construction we'd encounter on the road. Once he scratched the thick hair on his forearm and I felt my cock stir. He'd occasionally glance to his rear view mirror as a car passed and, in so doing, lifted his head offering the thick blanketing of man hair erupting from the top of his chest. I felt my pulse quicken again and so I decided to press the issue. Besides I was curious as to what he meant as a "real man".

"I hope I don't embarrass you Lee but you have the biggest forearms I've ever seen. You must have been a wrestler, ball player or some kind of strength athlete. With those hands I bet you were quite good at any strength contest." I said, my lust no doubt spilling out with every word.

"Hell I'm not embarrassed. Truth is I worked real hard to made them as powerful as I could. I was a wrestler and now I compete as a masters power lifter. Big hands and forearms come in real handy in those events. And you're right I did very well in any strength contest. There are a few men out there who saw more than they wanted of these hands". As he said this he was looking at those massive arms and hands which he had balled into a tight fist. The fur was gorilla thick on the forearms and more could be seen curling under the bottom of shirtsleeves stretched to the limit by biceps that had to measure 22 inches. I was certain he was fighter of some kind who had no doubt seriously hurt or possibly killed others when he decided to.

"Were you a wrestler?", I asked.

"Oh yeah, I used to wrestle AAU. I won a couple of championships at heavyweight. Most of my fighting though was done on barge fights.

"What's a barge fight?"

"You know it's where you go to a dock and get on a ship with a hhuge flat bed type area an they schedule "no-holds-barred" fights. For some reason it's legal on ship but illegal on land. If you win the whole thing you get about $1,000. I used to fight under the name of " Lee West, the Galveston gorilla". You'd make a bonus if you ended the fight in a spectacular way like got the man to give up and beg for mercy. I'd get 'em in a bear hug and start squeezin' and after they felt a few ribs pop they suddenly lost their will to fight- and their ability to breathe- and started begging. I made more money in about 2 hours on the barge than I did all week at the job."

"What would happen if they didn't give up?"

"Well , then I'd just try and crush them to powder. Never did have to finish off anyone, though. If they didn't yield then I'd just squeeze until they were out. I'd just drop them to the floor and they would get taken away. Never did lose one of those fights."

"Did you ever hurt anyone badly?" I asked.

"Oh, those fights were pretty brutal " he answered. "Lots of broken bones and stuff like that. Some fellas never did fight again but as far as I know none of them died. Of course, none of them ever walked off the barge either!". I would be lying if I said that it had not occurred to me to have this hairy ape pound the trucker for me. In my mind I was already living that delicious fantasy.

"How did you get started in these fights?", I asked.

"I got into some trouble when I was about 16", he explained. "The police chief where I lived decided to teach me a lesson by putting me in a ring and beating me silly. He was a real brawler back then and had a reputation for being the toughest man around. Truth is I was scared but when we got in the ring I found out that I could take him. I got him in a choke hold and made him give up. He was so impressed that he got one of the barge promoters to check me out. They waited 'til I turned 18, but brought me on at that point and I started my career."

I decided to mention the massive trucker that I'd seen earlier and the way he'd slapped me down. Lee said come with me. I am not sure why I went, but I felt I had to. I would make sure to position myself so I could sprint the hell out of there if I had to. After the way that trucker humiliated me, I felt a burning desire to see him get his.

As he got out of his car, it was the first time I got an opportunity to see how large a man he was. He stood 6'7" easily and weighed 325 pounds or so. His back was beyond description in terms of width and breadth. Thick hair could be seen running over the back of his collar. His neck measured at least 24" by my estimate. His hands hung low on his sides due to his considerable reach. His chest was the largest I had ever seen. It seemed to stand out inches in front of him as he walked. My pulse was racing at the thought of this brute of a man going at it with the trucker. I might get to witness strength beyond belief here and it had my cock raging. Lee spotted a large trucker and asked if that was him. It was. He had cornered another trucker and was bitch slapping that man as well. The other man was pleading for mercy but wasn't finding any either.

"Hey dickhead1" Lee yelled. The trucker turned around angrily, but was taken back by the sheer size of Lee. I imagine the trucker wasn't used to seeing a man more powerfully developed than he was. And the simple truth was that Lee was far more powerfully developed. The man the trucker was slapping scurried away in the confusion. I never saw him again so I guess he hightailed out of there. Too bad, he missed quite a show.

Lee continued to address the trucker. "Who the fuck do you think you are? My friend here tells me you slapped him down. Pal that really pisses me off."

"Now wait a minute, friend" the trucker babbled. "I don't want no fight with you." As he spoke, the trucker had his hands out in front of him, and was backing away from the vision of hyper-masculinity that was Lee. Lee stared right through him and began to remove his shirt. When he did I gasped aloud. He had the absolutely hairiest body I had ever seen.

The fur was several inches on his huge barrel chest. It was softly curled and if pulled straight out would have measured about 5"! There was not a square inch of skin visible beneath the dark brown and silver fur covering the man. It spread thickly across his heavily muscled shoulders and down his broad and powerful back. Even the man's sides had a coating of fur! The trucker had a pained look on his face as he stared at the mass of fur and muscle bearing down on him. He repeated, "no, please,uh...uh... I don't want to fight you mister!

"Well you got a fight with me whether you like it or not". Lee answered. With that Lee balled his huge hand into a sledge hammer like fist and threw a punch that landed squarely in the trucker's gut. The force of the blow lifted the trucker's feet from the ground and was accompanied by the sound of air leaving the man's body. A feminine squeak burst from the trucker's lips involuntarily at the striking of the massive blow. When he landed he was on all fours and retching violently. After a second ,blood began to pour from his mouth. The trucker gagged and choked on his blood. No doubt that massive fist had done some internal damage. Big Lee just wrapped his right hand around the trucker's throat and began to squeeze. A choking gasp burst from the trucker as Lee's block like hand locked onto the trucker's weakening throat. In a savage display of incredible strength Big Lee lifted the trucker into the air using only one massive arm. Lee carried the trucker's 3-- pounds as easily as he would a bag of groceries.

The trucker grabbed hold of Lee massive wrist and tried to pull it away but it was no use. The fur was so thick there that the trucker's fingers were buried in the fur and couldn't be seen. Lee was just far too powerful for him. Even through the ape-like fur I could see the massive muscles of his back dance and ripple at the exertion of that awesome strength.

The trucker's big boots were dangling a foot and a half in the air. He was struggling but couldn't overcome the lethal grip he found himself in. The trucker's eyes were wide with mortal fear now. He began to turn red and then blue. His eyes grew extremely bloodshot as Big Lee kept up the inhuman grip pressure.

A burst of air shot from the man as Lee threw him back against a stone wall near the building. There was crunch of bone as he hit the unyielding wall. He fell to the ground in a heap. He wheezed in air wildly as he rubbed his bruised throat while a stream of drool ran down his chin. Lee placed a huge work boot on to the man's chest and held him on the ground. "Now apologize to my friend here" he commanded. The trucker struggled to speak but managed to get out a weak, "Oh God, I am sorry. Please don't kill me". He coughed and hacked his way through the sentence.

"Well are you gonna keep smacking men around for no reason?" Lee asked.

"No SIR! " he answered. Tears were in his eyes now. He had the fear of God in him thanks to Lee and his mighty right hand. Lee reached down and pulled him to his feet. With an open hand he slapped the trucker hard across his cheek. His head snapped to the side from the blow. Blood and spittle flew from his mouth. Lee back handed across the other cheek. He cried out as the back of Lee's hairy hand landed with a sharp smack. His head jerked back following the back of Lee's hand. A string of snot flew from his nose from the force of the blow. Next Lee reached out and grabbed the man's right hand in his. Big Lee's hand swallowed the trucker's. I saw the thick forearm tense.

Again I could make out the tendons and sinew of Big Lee's arm dancing as he increased his grip on the man. The trucker began to scream as the sound of bones being crushed and ground to powder filled the air. He dropped to his knees screaming in agony as Big Lee finished the destruction of the very hand that had just been slapping me.

"I should twist your head off your fucking shoulders dick head, but I must be getting mellow in my old age. Now get the fuck out of here before I get mad" Lee commanded releasing the trucker and his now useless hand. The trucker scrambled to his feet and staggered off to his to his truck cradling that hand in his other and sputtering out a

"Yes SIR!". He started his rig quickly and left in a spray of dust. The truck jerked in spasm. No doubt that hand couldn't shift very well. It would be a difficult ride for the prick. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I enjoyed every minute of it.

I had never seen such a display of brute strength in my life. I had a raging hardon and just could not take my eye off this hairy brute of a man who had just come to my rescue. "My God" I said, "that was the most impressive thing I have ever seen, SIR! I want you so bad. Please, tell me what to do and I will. I just need to feel all your power and that incredibly hairy body of yours!"

I walked behind him to his car. Once there he said he knew a place where we could go if I was really interested I told him I was. He told me to get in and I did. I didn't think that I was leaving my vehicle behind. It was just not important to me at that moment. He took the wheel and drove out of the rest stop proceeding several miles.

"Why don't you get me warmed up while I take us there" he said. He was still shirtless and for the first time I stroked his awesome man-fur. The fingers of my hand disappeared in the fur covering his mammoth chest. I slid over and put my lips on the outside of his right arm. I closed my eyes and luxuriated in the touch and smell of the man-brute. I ducked my head under and searched for a nipple through the forest of fur swarming over his chest. As I did this he dropped his right arm to my back and pulled in snug. I had difficulty locating his nipple but did find it and proceeded to nibble and gently chew on it. He moaned deeply and managed an "Ohhhh yeaaaa".

With that he repositioned himself in his seat slightly. I took that to mean that he was getting an erection so I moved my right hand to his crotch. A lead pipe about 8" long and as thick as a beer bottle emerged there. I hastily unzipped his pants and the monster of a rod snapped to out of it's linen prison. I began to gently rub the rapidly swelling manhood in front of me. A deep growl of contentment rose from his heaving chest. I looked up at his rugged face and realized that he looked like a majestic mountain - strong, fierce looking and unassailable. He placed a huge hand on the back of my head and pressed downward. I knew what he wanted and was only too willing to oblige.

I took his massive rod in my mouth gently licking the head. Another deep chested moan broke from his lips and he pressed down with that impossibly strong hand. I found myself forced to his base. He was halfway down my yielding throat. I struggled to fit all of him in. My mouth was open wider than I thought possible and my jaws ached. A wonderful erotic ache it was.

He turned off the road onto a dirt path I had never noticed despite my constant travels in that area. I only learned of the dirt path after we were through as he had me firmly down on him at that point. His hips began to buck in and out slowly gaining momentum until he suddenly pulled me off announcing we had arrived. My mouth was lifted off of him and I looked out to see an old hut of a home. He had already exited the vehicle with his member still out and walked over to my door. He opened the door and, grabbing me assertively by the wrist, led me into the home. There he swept me up into his arms. The contrast between granite hard muscle and the velvety fur covering him took my breath away. He carried me through a door that was really too small for him to a bed. He collapsed onto me crushing me into the bed covers.

Immediately, his mouth found mine and he kissed me deeply and passionately. I managed to wrap my hands around his massive back and rubbed the swirling fur there. He reached down without looking and tore the shirt off my body like it was tissue paper. He pressed his chest into mine and I moaned aloud from the touch of his fur. His hips were bucking furiously now. He lifted off and with one hand pushed my face down to him. I took his rod again in my mouth. He moaned aloud again. A deep rumbling moan that seemed to bounce of the walls of the hut. He was supporting his upper body on his arms now and I had slid under his hips to be in a proper position for the task at hand. It took but a moment for him to climax. Several waves shot down my throat. I sucked hard with each one hoping to draw still another from him. He was roaring now!

Finally he ended the eruptions with a shudder and pulled me back up to him where he again collapsed onto me. More than 300 pounds of fur and muscle pressed me into the bed. It was difficult to breathe but I didn't care for nothing had felt so pleasurable to me. I sighed deeply and, wrapping my arms around his massive torso, kissed him fully on the mouth. Breaking off the kiss after a moment of perfection he announced to me that he had never been so satisfied and invited me to his home for an extended stay. I have not spent a night away from him since!

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