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Beckham Takes Owen's Virginity

By Matt Bianco

submitted May 6, 1999

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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The Fuck

By Matt Bianco

The Grange private leisure centre in Cheshire was an exclusive gym to, mainly, the footballers in the area.

It was a Monday afternoon and the gym was surprisingly quiet with only two lads there. The first one was a young boy in a pair of black umbro trackie bottoms, trainers and a tight fitting Tommy Hilfiger T Shirt. He was working on the weight bench and he wiped swear from his forehead, beads of perspiration running down his t shirt defining his hard pecs. He caught sight of the blonde guy over on the rowing machine, his back facing him.

He caught the sight of Blondie's muscular firm arse accentuated by his loose thin umbros as it moved back and forth every other second.

The boy, Michael looked around himself, before placing his warm hand onto the crotch of his trackies and started to fiddle with his erection that was growing under his trackies. He hadn't fucked his girlfriend, Louise that morning so he was just probably horny over that…..it couldn't be his blonde friend and rival David Beckham's arse…..No…. no way…

He leaned back onto the bench and started to work on his calf muscles as his hand slipped under his trackies and began to play with the 8 hard inches that he hand in his hand, slowly pulling his foreskin back and forth his other hand holding his balls tightly. He had to cum, he knew it, and he was gonna do it, so he pulled his trackies down to his ankles, closed his eyes, and started to wank his hard thick cock that so many girls and boys lusted after. He groaned and out of his cock shot 3 spurts of hot cum. Michael Owen grinned lazily sat up and opened his eyes.

"Was that good Michael ?" David Beckham stood above him looking him in the eye, hot stringy cum running down his muscular torso.

"Ermmm…..David…….I didn't think you were here"

"Evidently Michael…..look, I got cum running down my chest now" he said grinning into the Liverpool ace's brown eyes.

"Sorry Becks- want me to get a cloth ?"

"No, Michael…" he took Michael Owen's head and pressed his lips against his right nipple, glazed with cum.

"Lick it off Michael, lick it off…..you make me feel so fuckin horny mate, and I want to feel your tongue all over me….I want to feel your tongue all over my body."

He needed no more encouragement and started to slowly let his tongue roll over David Beckham's pecs, teasing his nipples making sure that all his cum was off, but a coating of his excited saliva was left on him. He kissed the fit chest planting kisses all over it, licking the delicate hairs. Becks pushed his head away.

"Michael- I'm gonna have to fuck you, mate- see how hard I am ?" he said grabbing the huge bulge in his white umbros.

"But Becks….I've never been fucked before…..I've only been fucking Louise for the past few months……my arse is virgin, Becks" he said mouth open as Beckham pressed the bulge in his shorts against Owen's mouth, his tongue licking all over the shorts making them so wet that the fine large tool that put the smile on Posh's miserable gob stood out proudly.

"Owen- I'm gonna have to fuck you mate….don't worry, I'll be real gentle…."

He took his shorts down and kept on his trainers and footy sox, his tanned hairy legs making Michael harder again by the second.

His cock stood upright. Eleven thick uncut inches surrounded by a cloud of soft light brown pubic hair glistened and Michael licked his lips and gasped due to it's size and beauty. "God" he thought "I've got David Beckham's big erect cock three inches from my mouth!"

"Owen- suck it first, make it nice and wet before I fuck your arse- it'll feel nicer that way"

Gingerly Michael started to lick all round Beckham's tip and let his tongue roll under his foreskin as in one hand he held Beck's big balls and gently fondled them as his tongue reached down his shaft all the way round and back up to the tip where he sealed his lips around the first three inches, sucking gently, still teasing the slit with his tongue.

Beckham started to groan and ran a hand through his foxy blonde locks before taking Michael Owen's head in his hands and slowly bringing himself deeper and deeper into the tight hot wet mouth that enveloped his throbbing penis. Before long he was in deep and was fucking the footy ace's mouth with firm yet gentle masculine strokes so his bush tickled Michael's mouth, but still the boy wonder was doing good, he was sucking well and hadn't gagged, just locked eyes with Becks.

Beckham felt the grip on his big balls tighten and his cock started to swell even more and he started to groan.

"ahhhh uhhh yeh Michael I'm gonna cum in your mouth mate….you're gonna love the taste…uhhhh" Michael felt a four hot spurts of thick creamy cum coat his throat and work its way down.

Becks withdrew most of his massive thick penis and blasted another shot of cum into his mouth, half of it running down the side of his mouth.

Michael stood up and kissed Becks, his mouth still full of warm cum, they reached each other's tongues and exchanged the juice in their mouths.

Owen felt Becks hard again and it all went topsey turvy.

His hands were pinned down onto the bench as David reached in between his legs and started to tease Michael's smooth muscular legs with his own toned fit hairy legs, the double sensation of the body hair and the rough feel of the white footy sox made him hard as Becks spat on his dick and started to tease Owen's hole.

"But Becks…" Michael said breathlessly "you're too big for me mate…."

He patted Owen's head and soothed into his ear in his southern drawl "Don't worry Michael, I'll be so tender with you baby…..you won't be the first football virgin I've broken in…..Giggsy did this to me when I first came to Manchester and I've never looked back…..you'll love it….I promise."

Becks moved forward and as he bit Michael's ear to distract him he filled his tight hole with the first three inches of his man meat.

Owen gasped in pleasure and pain as Beckham stroked the smooth pale torso and toyed erotically with his nipples making him moan with passion for the hot stud that was fucking him for the very first time, making a mental note it wouldn't be the last.

He welcomed the thick new sensation, but Beckham just let 9 inches go deep inside him and they began to match each other's moans and moves. He had a surprise for boy wonder, and it would be guaranteed to make him grin on the bus home.

David pulled almost all the way out of Michael leaving him empty and gasping for more


"You want more baby ?" he asked softly kissing his neck

"Please Becks" Michael gasped as David's kisses made his skin tingle.

David slammed home all eleven inches into Owen as they both gasped in harmony, as he drilled him he grabbed Michael's 8-incher and started to wank him slowly then as his thrusts grew harder, so did his handstokes, so that they both came simultaneously. Owen's cum shooting into David's hand so he could lick it off and taste his delicious cream for himself.

Showered and dressed after the gym, Becks gave Michael Owen a lift back to his Mum and Dad's in Hawarden but as they passed Louise Bonsall, Owen placed a hand on Beck's white trackies and they shared a conspirational wink, safe in the knowledge that Premier League football included plenty of man-to-man sex.