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Being Seduced By Two Doctors I Work For

By Brad

submitted January 19, 2000

Categories: Doctor

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I work for a health facility and they are very strict about making sure all employees receive an annual physical. And, I’m talking complete physical. For the past several years, I had seen this older doctor, but he retired, so they set up an appointment with this new doctor who had just been hired. He was straight out of medical school. He was only about 28 years old, and looked about 21. We had gotten to know each other a little bit on lunch breaks and stuff.

Anyway, I went in for my physical and was waiting in the room in one of those paper gowns that don’t do their job very well. It was cold in there too, but finally Dr. Robert’s came in. “Hey Brad, sorry to keep you waiting”, he said. “No problem, do, can I get the condensed version of this physical?” He then told me that he had to give a complete physical.

So, he proceeded with all of the general stuff, heart beat, reflexes and all the routine stuff. Then he had me take off the paper robe and lay back on the table. He started prodding on my stomach and checking my legs out and actually was arousing me a little bit. Then he had me stand up for the testicular exam. By this point, I had a semi-erection and was a bit embarrassed. He didn’t seem to notice, or so I thought.

He gave me the testicular exam, and had me cough and he moved my cock around some, which made it even harder. Then he had me turn around and bend over for the rectal exam. He lubed up my ass and put his finger up there and moved it around a lot. By this point, I was hard as a rock and really didn’t want him to see it. It was too late though because he reached around with his other hand, stroked my cock a few times and said “Don’t worry, this will be our special secret”. With that, he said it was OK to get dressed, everything was fine and left the room. At that point, I was so horny, I grabbed the lube and j/o right there all over the exam table. It felt good, real good. I didn’t notice that he had walked back in to grab my chart. He just smiled at me, gave me a wink and walked back out after enjoying my show.

A few weeks went by and nothing more was said! He’d wink at me in the hall just to tease me and I found myself horny after him. One of the other doctor’s invited me on a weekend sailing trip with him to Catalina Island. Dr. Stanley and I had become good friends and had worked together for awhile. Little did I know what was in store for me.

I got to his boat and much to my surprise, Dr. Stanley had invited Dr. Robert’s on the trip as well. Oh man, just what I needed; I’d be horny for him all weekend. Anyway, we set sail and made our way into the ocean and were in Catalina in a few hours. We docked the boat and Dr. Stanley called me down to the cabin of the yacht. It was beautiful inside, had a huge bed, couch and wet bar. He offered me a drink and said to make myself comfortable.

I had never thought of Dr. Stanley in a sexual way, but all of a sudden I looked at him standing there in a pair of swim trunks and his tee shirt and saw a big bulge in his shorts. At that point, Dr. Robert’s came in from the back room, evidently out of the shower. He was only wearing a towel. Dr. Stanley walked over to me and completely out of the blue started massaging my shoulders. Oh man, that feels good, so he told me to lie down on the bed and take off my tee shirt. So, I did, and he straddled me after taking off his own tee shirt and revealing a beautiful hairy chest. He moved his hands down my back, and started massaging my legs and inner thighs. At this point, I noticed Dr. Robert’s was sitting on the couch jacking off while watching us. Dr. Stanley turned me over and placed his lips on mine and slowly slipped his tongue in my mouth. Oh man, it felt so good and he reached down and started slowly massaging my crotch through my swim trunks. Dr. Robert’s came over at that point and pulled my swim trunks completely off of me. I saw him standing there with a huge hard on and he also had a pretty hairy chest. I couldn’t believe that I was being seduced by two of the doctor’s that I work for.

Dr. Stanley then stopped kissing me and pulled off his swim trunks to reveal one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. He lowered it to my mouth and I took the head in and started sucking it and massaging his balls with my hand. I still couldn’t believe what was happening, but was in pure ecstasy. Dr. Robert’s proceeded to lift my legs up in the air and slowly began to put his big cock up my ass. Oh, I was beginning to groan, but it felt so good to have one doctor fucking me up the ass and the other fucking my face. They were both really pumping hard into me and then they started French kissing Seeing these two hot doctors kissing each other while fucking me at both ends was more than I could take. I reached down and stroked my cock and within 3 strokes I was shooting my load into the air and hitting both of them in the face while they continued to kiss each other. At that point, both of them stopped kissing, pulled out of my mouth and ass and they simultaneously shot their huge loads of jism all over me and man did they ever both moan and groan. After they finished shooting their loads, they collapsed on the bed on both sides of me. We wiped each other off with the towel and fell asleep for an hour or two.

Later on I woke and they were both sleeping, so I slipped out of bed and went and took a shower. I came back and they were up and dressed. Dr. Robert’s told me they’d being planning to seduce me every since that day I had the physical and got a hard on. Dr. Stanley apologized for not telling me he invited the other doctor, but thought I’d chicken out and they really wanted to have some fun with me. As it turns out, they had discovered each other a few months ago and were having sex all the time. They wanted to do a threesome, and found me.

We had several more encounters that weekend and I have had sex with them individually and together on several occasions. It hasn’t gotten old yet and I don’t think it will. Dr. Stanley especially likes the way I suck cock and has called me to his office on several occasions for the exchanging of blowjobs. It’s really hot to get it on with him in his office. He wants me to go to a medical convention with him next month in Las Vegas, but I’m not sure if my heart can take it!! Dr. Robert’s wants me to come in for a more in depth physical, but after hours!

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