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Bi-curious Boyfriend Tells Me About His First Man

By Lisa

submitted November 20, 2000

Categories: Bisexual

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My beautiful dark uncut east Indian boyfriend and I were beginning to get very close, emotionally and he and I began sharing intimate details of our sexual past, fantasies, and desires. When I asked him if he had ever considered fucking around with one of the boys, he surprised me by feeling comfortable enough to share with me, about his first and only male encounter. I was already feeling lubricated at the thought of him doing something with another man, and asked him to hold back no details.

So he told me that while in college, (and high school for that matter), he was an incredibly horny young man, but also considered himself awkwardly shy and not overly attractive. Because of this, he was still a virgin at 22 (he was 24 at the time of telling me this story) and constantly masturbating at the visions of getting his cock off, with girls, without girls, with boys... couples... anything.

One night while out at a strip club in Champagne, Illinois called the "Malibu Bay Lounge", he was feeling the usual strain in his pants...his 8 and a half inch uncut black Indian penis bulging and pulsing at the thought of being sucked. Considering his poor luck at winning the attention of pretty girls, he decided that it would be equally exciting to get his dick sucked...by anyone.

He had found a "news-and-review" type newspaper in the club that listed local happenings. His attention turned to the personal ads section, where he found an ad posted by a 30-something man, in town on business, seeking a young, hot college-age stud to suck. To my guy, this seemed perfect...as he was not sure he was ready to take a cock in his own mouth or in his virgin ass, but dug the idea of getting sucked off. He went outside the club and found some change in his pocket to make the call to this man on the number listed.

I guess the fellow answered, and they chatted briefly to ascertain each other’s intentions and desires. The gentleman agreed to pick up Rajan at the club, drive him to his hotel room, give him the dick sucking of his young lifetime, and would return him to the club. This all took place (I guess Raj's ride/friend had left and he had assured his friend he would find a ride home by cab).

Back at the hotel, the white, yuppie 30-something who Raj says was decent looking began rubbing Raj on the outside of his jeans. Being nervous, Rajan says he was only half-hard, but noticed this gentleman's dick was laid out nicely down his leg, ready for some action himself. They made some small talk while the man rubbed his crotch, (I guess the guy was a closet bi, and had a wife and kids back home that knew nothing of his other side), and eventually undid his belt and unzipped his pants.

He took my guy's dick out of his briefs and Raj remembers that he said, "mmm…nice cock"... rather matter-of-factly, to which Rajan replied a humble, "thanks". After some nice long strokes down my baby's uncut shaft, Rajan said he began to harden up with the excitement and anticipation of his first man-2-man blow job... actually, his first blow job PERIOD! The yuppie guy bent down over Rajan, who laid on his back on the hotel bed, pants down around his ankles and closed his eyes as he felt the warm wash of wet, tight friction over his dick as the man began to suck.

After a few deep suctions and some tongue action on his head the Rajan said he was relaxed with the situation, plenty rock hard, and ready to writhe around and fuck this guy's mouth. He said he wasn't sure how "into it" the guy would want him to be, and wasn't sure if he the guy wanted him to ejaculate his sperm into his mouth, but figured he would be polite and let the hot stranger know when his load was near spurting out.

Rajan said he couldn't help raising his ass off the bed and pumping his dick a little to help the guy out, who enthusiastically sucked and fingered his asshole with a wet finger. Raj said he got so lost in the beautiful sensations that he grabbed the guy's head and gave him a full on mouth fuck. Yuppie man didn't seem annoyed, and murmured gentle words of encouragement to his little virgin college friend, letting Raj know it was okay to let loose and lose himself in the experience.

Rajan said he didn't want to cum too soon and have it be over too fast, because it felt so fucking good to have his baby virgin dick sucked, but he knew that unmistakable feeling from all his years of masturbating... the point of no return was nearing. As he had decided, he breathlessly let his friend know that his dick was going to explode...now... and with that, the stranger withdrew his mouth and hand-pumped one of the biggest volume cums that Raj says he ever remembered.

The first spurt kind of dribbled out onto the stranger's hand, but the next spurt shot up a few inches.. a nice string of pearly white... and landed on his dark, hairy east Indian six-pack stomach... as well as the next two spurts. When the last drop had been milked from his softening dick, the yuppie man undid his pants, knelt over my baby, and began stroking his own average sized circumcised dick... his breath grew short…he moaned... stared down at the puddles of semen on Raj's stomach and pubic hair.... and in no time at all, Raj said he was getting a cum bath... this guy aimed and shot at Rajan's neck and chest and even got a little on his face and hair.... thick ropes of sperm spurting out of his white dick...shaved balls were tight up against him, Rajan said.

The two laid on the bed....wiped themselves off with hotel towels...talked a bit more about bisexuality, and then the guy took Rajan back to the club from where he had picked him up.

This story made me so unbelievably hot, and Raj too, in the retelling of it, that we decided it was time for him to get his cock sucked by a man again. The next time, I got to be present for the occasion, and masturbated myself to climax watching the boys have fun.

God I love my boyfriend!


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