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Big Bear Uncle Farmer

By Story Teller

submitted October 25, 1999

Categories: Mature

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This was my fourth week at the farm: the pale, skinny boy from the big city had been dropped by his bearish business man father, Joseph Corelli, one Sunday morning and was welcomed by his bearish farmer uncle, Edward Corelli.

My uncle was a PhD but had decided at 40 to drop a brilliant academic career and retire to the country, far away from the city smells, only to turn his farm into one of the most innovative and successful businesses in the region.

I hadn't seen uncle Ed during the past eight years, and when I saw him again I was pleasantly surprised and aroused as I had just found out that I was attracted to big, burly, mature men, no twinks like me, thank you very much (well, maybe with the exception of my new jack off buddy, Denny, but then again, I had just discovered masturbation and I had to take what was available).

Anyway, here was uncle Ed, much bigger than I remembered, balding, unshaven, with a beer gut stretching his white t-shirt and lots of new muscles on him; the one thing that hadn't changed was his killer smile, so different from dad's stern composure.

He had picked me up with his bulging hairy arms and thrown me in the air like he did when I was a little kid, and still had me giggling at him.

My dad laughed, a rare event, specially since mom had flown with that bastard, his former partner.

"Will you ever grow up, Ed", he said, shaking his head.

"Will you ever remember you were a child once, Joe?", uncle Ed smiled back at him, "we need to unwind you man, why don't you stay over for a few days before you go back to the stinking city?"

"Wish I could, but we're in the middle of this really big negotiation, maybe when it's over, who knows I might stay the week end when I come to bring back William."

"When you come get Billy you won't know your own son", uncle Ed replied, "we're gonna get him tanned and all muscled up like his uncle>'

"Sure, and with a beer belly!', father replied.

We all laughed.

Well, here I was, actually muscled up after one month spent working on the farm and playing and swimming in the river (naked! with the other boys, and nobody cared!) and with a golden tan ALL over my hairless body.

It was the first rainy day after three weeks of torrid weather. Everything was quiet, uncle Ed had sent everybody home so there was nothing much to do and I was getting bored> I decided to explore uncle Ed's tool shack, which was quite large and full of mysterious object and promising crates, tools and shelves.

It did not take long to find the wooden box full of magazines. Yes, it was what you think and what I immediately recognized even if I hadn't seen them before: porn magazines like the one my school mates talked about all the time, full of pics of naked people fucking for real!

Wow! I couldn't take my eyes off them. I was specially excited by the sight of the big cocks fucking those cunts and being sucked, although I didn't particularly care for putting my dick inside a cunt or in a woman's mouth: something told me there must be some more exciting way of doing ‘it'.

I spread the magazines on the floor all around me, open at the pages I found more arousing, those with the cocks on the foreground and as little cunts and tits as possible.

Honestly I didn't even like the guys: in my mind adult men were all big bears like dad or uncle Ed while these were mostly hairless, slim guys, the older of them like he was thirty or something. However, I'd never seen a hard cock before (bar my friend Denny) and here were lots of men all naked and sporting big hard ons! There were cum shots too and that really turned me on because I could only squirt a little something but nothing compared to those thick creamy loads.

So, there I was in the middle of the porn mags spread all over the floor around me and I decided to peel off and be nude like the guys in the pics. The last I'd seen of uncle Ed he was dozing off in his bed after lunch, and with the rain outside nobody was going to be around.

All naked, I knelt in the middle of the magazines, my eyes darting from one cock to the other, my left hand on my nipples (nobody had taught me that, it just came natural, I even did it before I learned how to play with my dick), my right hand wanking away like there's no tomorrow and suddenly out of the blue I start thinking of uncle Ed and wishing it was him all naked and cumming in the pictures.

I closed my eyes and tried to picture my bear uncle all naked and hairy all over smiling down at me with a huge hard on in his hand, mmm, in my wild excitement I was beating off madly, moaning to myself "Ooh uncle Ed . . . oooh give it to me . . ."

I kept my eyes shut so the picture I had conjured up in mind wouldn't go away, and it took me only one more minute to shoot my load imagining it would land on his hairy cock. Finally I lowered my head to my chin, trying to catch my breath and keeping my eyes closed, sitting down on my heels and panting heavily.

"Boy, that was hot", I whispered to myself.

"It sure was, but you have a very bad aim Billy!"

I looked up in shock, startled and terrified. Here I was naked and with my cock in my hand still dripping cum and uncle Ed was looking down at me.

He wore only a pair of trousers help up by suspenders and spotted at the knees with my cum., his bare hairy torso and shoulders gleaming with droplets of rain.

The suspenders increased somehow my appreciation of his magnificent forest of hair, speckled with gray and very thick all over but specially thick in the middle of his barrel chest, and I couldn't help noticing how his huge hard nipples kept the suspenders slight parted from their natural track.

He smiled at me.

"Well, boy, you got me scared! I was looking for some tools and when I come close to the shack I hear you go ‘uncle, uncle Ed' and I fugue something is wrong with the boy", he winks at me and then continues, " and here I find this nice little surprise, mmm let's see, you meant to aim this - he points at my cum on his trousers - at my mouth? Or maybe at these?" - he twists his nipples - "or maybe you meant it to land on your uncle's hairy cock?. . ."

"N-no, I . . . yes . . ."

"Weeelll, well, let's see what we can do to make up for your poor aim", he smiles and winks again and as his left hand unbuttons his fly (I can see he has no underwear) the right hand scoops up my cum from his trousers, and his left hand fishes out his big swingers and a semi hard uncut cock, and his right hand starts wanking slowly, using my cum as lube and looking straight into my eyes.

"Do you like this trick with the suspenders, Billy? As I jack off they go up and down rubbing my hard nipples, aaaggh yeah, they send very pleasant sensations back to my crotch and up to my brain, there are quite a few tricks uncle Ed can teach you."

I looked at him mesmerized.

"And stop gaping at me! Or is that open mouth an invitation to show you the accuracy of my aim?"

I was still kneeling in front of him and my cock had reacted much faster than my mind to the initial shock: it was hard again and I thought I'd go for it.

"Yes, uncle Ed, teach me everything, but first I want to see a big load of cum out of that hairy monster cock you have, I want it all over me, cover me with your spunk uncle Ed, I want it", and as I talked dirty like that I jacked off shamelessly for the big hairy bear looming over me, his own big paw working his cum tool all shiny and slimy with my boy cum, his balls flapping against his trousers, the suspenders rubbing his hard nipples as the hand went up and down, up and down, faster and faster, up and down that huge hairy cock.

"Fuck, boy, you look like your father when we were younger, he liked to be drenched in my cum and piss before he sucked my cock while your granddad fucked me, mmm how I loved that huge cock up my ass, he would rub his hairy big belly against my back and twist my nipples and nibble at my ears while I fucked your daddy's mouth, aaarrghh I'm almost cumming, grunt actually it was your granddad who was fucking his mouth by thrusting his cock up my arse which caused my own cock to fuck your daddy's mouth . . . aagghh yeah . . . jack off with me, boy . . . I'm almost ready . . . mmmghh . . . and when your granddad flooded my ass with his thick cum I unloaded mine in your dad's mouth . . . a a gghhh. . . I'm ccuuummiiinngg, it's all yours Billy . . . here's your uncle's big loaaarrgghh"

Spurt after spurt his thick cum hit my face and chest and crotch and then it simply kept flowing down his shaft onto his hand as the climax slowly subsided.

Uncle Ed's eyes were glazed and he looked down without really seeing me, then he closed his eyes and murmured to himself "Oh daddy, fuck your big hairy boy, bury that huge hairy cock up my hairy ass. . .'

Then he shook off, blinking and looking down at me with his usual smile.

"Looks like you need some cleaning up, son", he knelt down and started lapping his cum from my body, my face, my crotch, and he licked me sparkling clean, grunting like a bear over my smooth, tanned skin.

When I was clean he got up to his feet again, took off his trousers and we were both naked. It was still raining outside, a fine summer rain.

"Let's go out and take a shower", he said.

He took me by the hand and we went out together, walking naked through the farm hand in hand.

(There might be a Part 2 if you liked this, let me know, I would like some feedback. lovehairydads@hotmail.com)

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