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Big Dicks

By kent

submitted December 3, 2001

Categories: Interracial

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The other morning, I got this call from Sha’nae. She’s one of my kids’ mommas, but I don’t hear too much from her. She don’t think I’m much of a daddy, so she don’t want me comin’ around her place. But I don’t give a fuck. She gets my money every month (‘cause the fuckin’ state takes it straight from my check). And besides, she sure as hell wanted me around when she took my bad-ass dick up her horny pussy. She was moanin’ real good for it then.

Now, she’s in some fuckin’ trouble, though. See, her kid (my kid, Dante), he’s up at some damn camp somewhere, and they say he’s causin’ trouble. They want somebody to come get him. Well, his momma just got her a new job, an’ she can’t leave, so she calls an’ asks if I’ll go get my kid. Makes me fuckin’ mad. Won’t let me see her kid ‘till she’s in trouble. Then it’s “Well, he’s your kid, too.” I told her “Fuck no,” but she got to beggin’ me an’ it made me think of when she used to beg to get fucked. Made my dick stiff a little, an’ I thought maybe I could get me some pussy when I brought the kid home—you know, payback for the favor. On the other hand, I maybe don’t want it. She’s probably ugly like a fuckin’ whore by now.

So anyway, I drive up to this camp, a hundred fuckin’ miles from nowhere, gettin’ madder as I go, an’ I’m thinkin’, “What’s my kid did that’s so damn bad they gotta send him home? Ain’t they supposed to take care of kids? But, no, they call the damn kid’s momma ‘cause they can’t handle their own problems!”

When I get to this camp, some girl in the office calls for my kid’s counselor on the loudspeaker, and pretty soon, this kid, Jeff, comes in. He’s at least ten years younger than me, maybe twenty or twenty-one, an’ I’m thinkin’, “No wonder he can’t handle shit.” Jeff takes me over to this cabin an’ tells me all about what Dante supposedly did, an’ I tell him that ain’t shit, this place oughta take care of kids, not send ‘em home. He just keeps lookin’ at me an’ sayin’, “I’m sorry, sir, it’s camp policy,” over an’ over.

Pretty soon, though, it starts gettin’ weird. This kid, he’s talkin’ at me like he’s a fuckin’ machine, but he’s lookin’ all over at me. See, I’m wearin’ this cut-up t-shirt with no sleeves that shows off my arms an’ abs real good, but he goes even lower. He’s starin’ at my baggy basketball shorts, right between my fuckin’ legs! He looks away when I catch him, but then goes right back to starin’ at me. Just plain out starin’ at my crotch!

Now, I’m a big guy, 6’4”, 230 pounds, with massive muscles, an’ I don’t mind showin’ off. But my biggest, favorite muscle is the one between my legs. An’ I like showin’ it off, too. So I wear tight, sexy underwear. Makes for a helluva bulge with my big, thick dick packed inside, an’ it don’t even gotta be hard for you to notice it. I love it when I see a fine lady checkin’ me out down there. All I gotta do is give her a smile, an’ it’s for sure that I’m gonna get me some nice pussy real soon. Bitches can’t resist a dude with a big, hot dick. When I catch faggots lookin’, though, that’s different. They get the shit beat outta ‘em. I ain’t into that shit.

But this fuckin’ queer, it’s like he’s got no emotion. His voice sounds like a goddam broken record. “Our policy is ...blah, blah, blah...” Inside of me, I’m getting fuckin’ furious. Hell, I wanna kill the crazy fag! But for some reason, I can’t move—can’t do nothin’ about it. It’d be like hittin’ a damn machine.

His eyes kept goin’ back and forth, scannin’ my body, then starin’ at my dick. I wanna walk out, but I can’t even do that, so I just sit there lookin’ back at him. He’s prob’ly a couple inches shorter than me, wearin’ a red camp t-shirt with a whistle around his neck, an’ khaki shorts that go about halfway down his thighs. His arms an’ legs are tanned an’ covered with blond hair. All of a sudden, though, what catches my eye is this ridge that runs down the inside of his thigh an’ practically pokes out the leg hole of his shorts. Jeff’s got a damned impressive cock of his own, and his is totally hard. Shit, I ain’t never noticed a guy’s dick like that before.

“Wonder what it looks like?” I thought. I ain’t never seen a white guy’s dick when it was hard before, except when they were fuckin’ bitches or getting’ sucked in pornos. Most white dicks I seen there ain’t as big as mine, but Jeff’s maybe is.

A voice on the loudspeaker interrupted us. Dinner time. Jeff tells me, in that fuckin’ machine voice, that he’ll be expected soon in the dinner tent, but now he’s lookin’ at me straight in the face. We have to decide about Dante, he says, but I don’t think he’s thinkin’ about Dante. His eyes are lookin’ into mine an’ it’s the same damn look I get when I’m totally horny. Without me even thinkin’ about it, my cock starts to swell an’ I wonder if he can see it in my eyes. I glanced away, an’ even though I wasn’t planning to, I looked at his crotch. This time, his hand was on his thigh and two fingers were rubbin’ the hard ridge.

Again he asks what we gonna do about Dante. “Fuck Dante,” I thought. All of a sudden, I can’t think about anything but Jeff’s fuckin’ eyes and that big dick. It’s like he’s a fuckin’ stud that wants to get laid, an’ for some reason, I can’t say ‘no.’ Maybe it’s ‘cause he’s a guy and guys are supposed to be in charge. ‘Does that make me the bitch?’ I think, and I knew I should have been mad, but I still couldn’t get angry. I kept thinkin’ of that big dick. My own bone was growin’, against my will, an’ I shift to adjust it. Jeff notices, and his eyes smile.

“Let’s go eat dinner,” he says in a voice that finally don’t sound like a goddam machine. “We’ll finish this later.”

As we go to the grub tent, I wonder what he means by finishing it later. There’s the Dante thing, but I think he means more than that. Maybe ‘cause he all of a sudden sounds human. Anyway, I walk just behind Jeff and notice his ass. I fuckin’ can’t believe it, but I’m almost totally hard now, and for the first time in my life, I’m thinkin’ about shovin’ my cock up the hole between a guy’s sweet cheeks.

“Hey, you got a restroom around here?” I asked. (I know what you’re thinkin’, but that wasn’t it. It’d been hours since I left home an’ I really did gotta piss.) Jeff turns back an’ looks at me, all over, with those fuckin’ eyes focusing on my crotch. It seems like it’s a long time before he answers. “It’s over here. I’ll show you.”

So we walk over to this cabin on the edge of the camp. I’m feelin’ kinda weird an’ horny watchin’ Jeff. He’s got curly blond hair, an’ he’s built real good, but not as good as me. From the way he’s walkin’, I can tell he’s still hard, even though I’m behind him. Fuck, I’m startin’ to walk like that, too!

This cabin has a sign that says ‘latrine’ an’ we walk to the side that says ‘boys.’ Inside, there’s a few stalls without doors along one wall, an’ one of these old pissers, where everybody lines up an’ pisses into to same trough, on the other side. Jeff steps to the side an’ lets me pass him, so I step up to the trough an’ shove my shorts an’ underwear down a bit, lettin’ my almost hard dick fall out. Then Jeff walks up beside me. There’s ten fuckin’ feet of pisser in this place, an’ he stands right beside me! My piss starts comin’ (just a little ‘cause I’m too hard to really piss) just as Jeff unzips his shorts. Then he reaches in an’ pulls out this huge fuckin’ cock that’s just as damn big as mine. An’ his is as hard as a fuckin’ crowbar, thick, an’ pointed straight out in front of him! ‘No way can he piss through that damn hard-on,’ I’m thinkin’. But he don’t even try to piss. He grabs his fuckin’ bone in his fist an’ starts strokin’ real slow while he’s lookin’ over at me with those horny eyes.

Inside, I’m tryin’ to tell myself, ‘Don’t look at him, man. You ain’t no faggot.’ But it don’t work an’ I keep glancin’ over at him. This fuckin’ kid wants me bad, an’ something’s goin’ on that makes me want it, too. Finally, my piss stops comin’ an’ I start to put my stiff rod back in my pants, but Jeff starts strokin’ himself harder an’ I gotta look. He’s got pre-cum oozin’ out his dick an’ it’s makin’ his shaft get all white an’ foamy where he’s strokin’ it. He’s starin’ at me, too, so I look back at him, an’ those eyes...god, those eyes!

I reached down to grab myself, but instead, Jeff reaches over, pushes my hand away an’ rubs my cock with the back of his hand. I’m thinkin’, ‘This ain’t happenin’, man. No guy’s ever touched my dick before. I can’t let this happen.’

Jeff slides his hand down my rod an’ puts his thumb on my cockhead where the tip’s peekin’ out from my hood. It feels good where he’s rubbin’ an’ I start to wishin’ he’d just grab the damn thing an’ jack it like he’s doin’ himself, an’ it’s like he can read my mind. He puts his fist around my rod, squeezes tight, an’ jerks it in time with his other hand on himself. I know I shoulda been mad or somethin’, but I didn’t fuckin’ give a shit. His warm hand felt too damn good! When I looked up at Jeff, I see him lookin’ at me with the first real smile I’ve seen on him. So I smile back. I guess he figures that means I’m not gonna stop him, so he shoves his hand inside my shorts an’ starts feelin’ on my balls. Shit, it felt good. So I spread my legs some to let him go at it. His playin’ with me down there was sorta soft an’ gentle, but I wasn’t about to start arguin’. It felt damn good. My dickhead was rubbin’ his forearm an’ leavin’ little wet trails of my juices.

Just then, Jeff turns toward me an’ wraps my rod up again in his other hand. The fingers in my shorts reach behind my balls an’ start rubbin’ that hot place that’s there. “Oh, my god!” I moaned as I faced him and pushed my shorts further down past my ass. Now, I’m wide open, dick an’ balls out there where he can do what he wants with ‘em. He’s not touchin’ himself anymore, just workin’ me. One hand is slidin’ my foreskin up an’ stretchin’ it over my head while his finger behind my balls is drivin’ me crazy on that hot spot an’ I’m thinkin’, ‘Why don’t the babes ever work that fuckin’ spot?’ Anyway, pretty quick, Jeff pulls his hand back. While I’m wonderin’ why he’s stoppin’, he must be readin’ my damn mind again, ‘cause he says, “I better get to dinner, man. They’re gonna start wondering where I am.” He lets his other hand rub along the bottom of my fuck-stick, out to the tip, an’ then squeezes my swollen cock head. A big drop of pre-cum gushes out an’ he catches it on his fingertip, then brings it up to his lips an’ makes this big act of lickin’ off my juices. Then he steps back an’ stuffs his big bone back in his shorts.

It sounds crazy to say this, but I can’t remember ever bein’ this horny before in my whole goddam life. His touch has me shakin’ like a leaf in a goddam thunderstorm. I wanted to reach out an’ grab this pretty white boy an’ fuck the holy shit outta his ass! But now he’s walkin’ to the door! When he gets there, he turns an’ says, “Don’t waste a load now. I’ll have time to take care of ya’ later.” I ate dinner with Dante. The kid’s nine years old an’ he still acted like he’s scared of me, like I was gonna whip him for bein’ bad. I ain’t never whipped him, but it makes me wonder what Sha’nae says about me. Anyway, it was pretty quiet, which was fine with me. I kept thinkin’ about Jeff an’ his cock an’ the way his fist felt on my shaft. If Dante would’ve looked under the table, he would’ve seen me rubbin’ the hardest damn boner I ever had.

After dinner, Jeff calls for me to follow him and we go back to the camp office. There, he calls Sha’nae an’ says that Dante is doin’ better an’ they’re gonna let him stay. She musta been worried that I’d be all pissed at her, ‘cause Jeff looked over at me an’ says, “Oh, no, he’s not angry. Not at all. In fact, I think he’s enjoying his visit here with us.” He’s got this wicked fuckin’ smile all over his face.

Then he hangs up the phone an’ walks over to the chair I’m sittin’ in. He reaches out an’ puts his hand on me an’ fingers my big tit through my t-shirt. It feels nice, puts little chills across my chest an’ down my sides. When he starts twistin’ it, I almost let out a fuckin’ moan. As it was, I just sucked in a big breath of air an’ closed my eyes. Then I feel another hand on my other tit. Now the feelings are so hot that I can’t stop myself. “Oh, yeah, boy,” I moan an’ then I grab hold of his wrists, pressin’ his hands hard against my pecs.

“Mmmmnn,” he answers, rubbing me. Then he slips his hands underneath my armpits an’ pulls me to my feet. He wraps me up in his arms an’ I slip my hands around his waist. For a long second or two, we just stood like that, like we’re gonna slow dance or somethin’. Then he starts feelin’ around on my back an’ pullin’ me tight against his body. I can feel his breath on my neck. My tits press hard through our shirts into his chest. I start thinkin’ about squeezin’ his horny ass an’ my fingers start to drop down there. Suddenly, I feel him shove his crotch into mine an’ I shove back an’ feel his hard dick throbbin’ like crazy against my thigh. Now nothin’ can keep my hands off his pretty butt an’ I start gropin’ his smooth ass. His hot cheeks squirm in my hands an’ he looks at me with those blue eyes. “Can I kiss you?” he says. An’ while I’m tryin’ to decide if I wanna go there, he puts his goddam lips on mine an’ starts makin’ out like a fuckin’ bitch. Not that I minded. He really knew how to kiss, an’ then he opens his mouth an’ sucks my tongue inside. While I’m explorin’ his mouth, I’m still thinkin’ I can’t believe this is happenin’ an’ then he slides his hands down the front of my body an’ starts grabbin’ my crotch. He only stays outside my shorts for a minute before he shoves both hands inside an’ strokes the ridge in my underwear.

“Oh, god, you’re hot,” he moans as he drops to his knees, pullin’ my shorts down as he goes an’ rubbin’ his face against my briefs. When he hooked his fingers in the elastic band an’ pulled down, my monster cock sprung free an’ slapped against his hungry lips.

Now, I’ve heard that fags suck dick better than babes, but I always figured it was just talk. After all, my bitches have always done me pretty good, and I sure as hell give ‘em plenty of practice. But this boy, fuck, my dick has never felt so good as when this boy started workin’ it! He was up an’ down the whole shaft with his tongue, then he put my fat knob inside his warm mouth an’ tried to shove his tongue up my piss slit. While his lips were goin’ at me down there, his hands were all over me, slidin’ up my chest to stroke it an’ pinch my tits, then runnin’ down my back an’ sides to squeeze my horny ass. One hand played with my balls like fragile eggs. Fuck, he was good! I closed my eyes an’ breathed deep just as he shoved his face down deeper on my cock, ‘till I was more than halfway down his fuckin’ throat. I knew from experience that he wasn’t gonna be able to take any more of it, so I just put my hand on his curly-haired head to keep him from pullin’ off. Now that he was there, I didn’t want him to stop. But he shocked the shit outta me when he pushed himself down even more, so far that I could feel the hot breath from his nostrils blowin’ in my curly black bush.

By this time, I knew he wasn’t pullin’ off me, so I sorta leaned back against the desk an’ let him go to work. His head started bobbin’ up an’ down on my shaft, takin’ me deep in his throat one second, an’ then pullin’ off to work my damn cockhead with his lips an’ tongue. I was in fuckin’ cock heaven! If he kept this up, I figured I wasn’t far from blastin’ one hell of a hot, scalding cum-load down his horny, suckin’ throat.

Just then, he pulled my skin back an’ locked his lips around the rim of my knob, then brushed the tip of his tongue real fast back an’ forth across that sensitive spot just below my piss hole. Oh, my gawd, it was like fuckin’ heaven! This kid knew how to make a stud feel damn good! I felt weak an’ my knees almost buckled. Jeff musta felt it, ‘cause he pulled off my cock an’ it sprang up an’ slapped my belly, splatterin’ his spit across my hairy abs. Then he moved us both over to a couch that was against the far wall an’ laid me down on it. Before I got settled, he slid my shorts an’ briefs off, tossin’ them aside with my shoes. Then he tugged at my t-shirt, so I sat up an’ let him take it off, too. “You’re fuckin’ beautiful, man,” he said as he gazed at my naked body. “I never had anybody as fuckin’ hot as you.”

As much as I liked what he was sayin’, I really wanted him to go back to work on my cock, but he just stood there starin’. Our eyes met, an’ I saw that ‘come fuck me’ look in his eyes again. I started to reach out an’ touch him, but paused. He grabbed my wrist an’ slid my hand between his legs, then up to his bulging crotch. I squeezed. He smiled. “You like that?” he asked. “You ain’t bad yourself,” I replied, surprisin’ myself. I suddenly realized I enjoyed touchin’ his dick.

He moved even closer as I felt him up. My hand pressed against the hard bulge and then ran down his thigh, tracin’ his hot, throbbin’ weapon. I grabbed his ass with my free hand and squeezed him tight both front and back. “Oh, man, take off my shorts,” he moaned and I did as he asked, undoin’ the button and then reachin’ for his zipper. My fingers shook as I took hold of it. “You nervous?” he asked. I didn’t know I was, but my voice trembled when I answered. “Never done this before.”

“Relax, man. I’ll make sure you love it.”

It dawned on me that Jeff really was treatin’ me like I was a young bitch and he was my new pimp. Tellin’ me to undress him. Tellin’ me to relax. Tellin’ me he’d make me love it. I shoulda been pissed, but I wasn’t. He slid his shorts and boxers down his tanned legs and then pulled off his t-shirt. Once he kicked off his sandals, he was as naked as I was. His big dick stuck out ten fuckin’ inches, with a little bit of a curve at the end, unlike mine, which was pointed straight in the air.

Then he knelt on the floor beside the couch an’ put his lips on mine again. While we made out, he slipped his hand down my body ‘till it came between my legs. After playin’ with my balls for a sec, he moved his face down there and put my throbbin’ dick back in his mouth. “Oh, fuck, baby,” I moaned, “you’re gonna make me fuckin’ cum!” He looked up at me an’ smiled. Then he pulled off my cock an’ rubbed it around his lips. “Not yet, man. Not yet.”

When he pressed his face against me again, it was with his tongue against my balls. I spread my legs and put one of them over his head so he was between my thighs. With one hand, Jeff pushed my cock up against my belly an’ started strokin’ the bottom of it with his tongue. Then he went further down an’ licked my balls, kinda strong at first, but then more lightly, with the tip of his tongue just barely touchin’ my tender skin. It was hot, as hot as anything he’d done to me. By this time, I was practically moanin’ non-stop. My dick was on fire, beggin’ to cum, an’ every damn time he touched me was a new high that I’d never reached before.

Then it got even better. Jeff lifted my legs up on his shoulders an’ moved his face a little lower. His fingertip pressed that fuckin’ hot spot behind my balls, an’ then he started ticklin’ me there, first with his fingernail, an’ then with his tongue. “Oh, god, Jeff!” I gasped. “Ah, yesss!” He mumbled something an’ I have no idea what he said, ‘cause just then he rolled me back on my shoulders and spread my ass with his palms. Before I knew what was happenin’, Jeff pressed his face hard into my asscrack an’ started lickin’. I felt his tongue attack my asshole and I clenched it tight. Nothin’ had ever been in there and I thought for sure that was my limit. Still, it felt good. His wet tongue slathered up an’ down in my crack, pokin’ lightly at my shitter each time he got near it, then sliding over to bite an’ suck on my asscheeks. All the times I’d told somebody to kiss my ass, finally somebody was doin’ it.

I guess he relaxed me a little ‘cause the next time he went back to my asshole, it wasn’t as tight as before. His tongue slipped inside of me a little an’ sent zingers all up my spine. He felt me shiver an’ took advantage of it right away. He grabbed my cheeks hard, with his thumbs on either side of my hole, an’ pulled me apart. Then he thrust his tongue down into my shit chute an’ wiggled it. I screamed. I couldn’t believe it, but I was hollerin’ like a bitch in heat. It musta drove him crazy, too, ‘cause all of a sudden, it’s like his tongue is a fuckin’ little dick, shovin’ in an’ out of me. He moaned over an’ over, an’ I did, too.

I gotta tell ya, I was in fuckin’ heaven. Nothin’ had ever made my body feel as good as this kid was doin’. Electric shocks screamed out from my asshole, down my thighs to my curled toes. Waves of pleasure flooded my groin; my balls tingled an’ my cock throbbed like crazy. I grabbed my ankles an’ sweat streamed down my face as I watched his blond head bounce up an’ down as he tongue fucked me. Gobs of dick honey gushed out of me an’ puddled on my belly. “Oh, god!” I gasped. “Oh my god!”

Jeff pulled his head back an’ looked up at me. “You gonna cum?” he asked an’ I nodded quickly. “Don’t, baby,” he said as he lifted himself up. “I want you inside of me.” He brought himself up an’ laid my legs on either side of him. His pretty white face was flushed red, glowin’ in the light from the spit he’d left on my ass. For the first time, I could see that one of his hands was down between his legs fingerin’ frantically his own hole. “Will you fuck me?” he pleaded. “Please fuck my horny ass.”

I didn’t know what to say, but by this time, I was gonna do whatever this hot kid wanted. He crawled up over me an’ straddled my belly, then reached behind him an’ took hold of my cock. He spit in his other hand an’ lubed himself up a bit. Then he raised up an’ put my dickhead against his hole. “Ready?” he asked. I grabbed his asscheeks an’ spread them as he pushed himself down over my fat ten inches. His eyes squeezed shut an’ he threw his head back as my knob popped through to his fuck tunnel. His mouth flew open like he wanted to scream but nothing came out. Still, the hot fucker never stopped pushin’. Little by little, his warm, moist asshole sucked up my throbbin’ dick ‘till he was sittin’ on me an’ his balls rested in my curly black hairs.

“God,” he moaned, “I’ve never had a fuckin’ dick this big inside of me. It feels so fuckin’ good.” With that, he clenched his ass and started pullin’ back, squeezin’ my dick tight. When I was about halfway out, I grabbed his ass and pushed him back onto me. He smiled and said, “That must feel good. You like being inside of me, don’t ya?” I smiled back. For a little while, we kept a nice, easy fuck rhythm. He’d pull back some, then I’d push him back down. His ass muscles would tremble with each stroke, giving me an awesome feeling that I’d never imagined. He rubbed his hands over my chest an’ then leaned over me, tongue stickin’ out, and I pressed mine up to touch it.

Little by little, though, we picked up the pace. With each stroke, he pushed harder, faster, an’ deeper. Soon, I was buckin’ up to meet his thrusts, moanin’ with him at each one. Finally we were fuckin’ out of control. Then, somehow, we lost our balance. Jeff pressed his hand against my sweaty chest an’ it slipped off as he shoved down onto me. He fell to the side, off the couch an’ onto the floor. I looked over at him an’ he grabbed my arm, pullin’ me to the floor with him. I landed on top an’ he threw his legs around my waist. I raised up, pointed my rod, and slammed back down into the hole I’d just come out of. My dick plugged him so fuckin’ hard that Jeff nearly had the fuckin’ breath knocked outta him.

From there on, we both knew it was home stretch. I plowed him with all the power my 230 pounds has got. He squirmed an’ yelped with every stab in his man-pussy, clutchin’ me with his hands an’ ass, diggin’ his heels into my cheek muscles. “Fuck me harder,” he’s moaning. “Awwh fuck, I love your dick!” I loved it, too. I closed my eyes an’ focused on how it was feelin’, squeezed tight in his ass-cunt, rubbin’ up an’ down, fuckin’ ready to blow like a goddam stick of dynamite! As I’m getting ready to blast, I hear Jeff squeal like a hurt puppy. Lookin’ down, I see Jeff’s dick spray a huge gob of man juice that splatters against his chin an’ a second one that follows. He’s shakin’ an’ jerkin’ an’ his asshole grips me like never before, an’ it sends me right over the edge. I barrel down into his fuck chute one last time, an’ my jizz gushes out hard an’ deep in his guts. I musta shot fifteen or twenty times, each one pourin’ out more of my hot man cream into his horny ass. He kept sprayin’ too, all over our sweatin’, throbbin’ bodies. Seemed like we were cummin’ for the better part of an hour.

Finally, though, it stopped. I looked down into his glazed eyes an’ watched him catch his breath. Once we were back down to earth, I laid my body down on top of him, his creamy cum squishin’ out between us. He licked my face an’ sucked softly on my lower lip while his hands rubbed gently up an’ down my back. My dick softened an’ I slipped it outta his ass. My cum oozed out after it.

After several minutes, Jeff looks at me an’ says, “Your first with a man?”

I nodded. “What’d ya’ think?”

“Fuckin’ great.” An’ it really was. I couldn’t believe it’d happened, but it really was great. By this time, it was too damn late to drive home, as tired as I was. An’ I needed a fuckin’ shower anyhow. Jeff told me I could stay in his cabin, an’ no way was I gonna turn him down. We showered, together, an’ Jeff sucked out a load of my jizz, swallowin’ every drop. We slept together an’ I fucked him again. In the morning when we showered, Jeff said I should learn how to suck cock. I didn’t want to at first—but I ended up likin’ it.

When I was ready to leave, Jeff invited me back for Dante’s graduation the next Friday. Said I should get to know my kid better. I said yeah, but we both smiled. There was gonna be more goin’on than gettin’ to know Dante. “Besides,” he says, “you haven’t been fully initiated yet,” he said as he squeezed my ass. “We’ll take care of that later.”

I looked at him real careful. “I don’t think so,” I said. “I ain’t goin’ there. Not this boy.” I still got my limits, I thought. He kept his hand on my ass, though, his fingers rubbin’ my shorts deep into my crack, as we kissed good-bye, an’ he made we wonder if I had any limits left. I thought about Jeff all week. I jacked off almost every day, an’ I fingered my ass as I did it. Never called a girl even once. I kept imaginin’ his ten-inch dick. I came up the night before Dante’s graduation an’ Jeff put me up in his cabin again. Kept talkin’ about my initiation. Once we got in bed, he was all over me with his hands an’ mouth, especially on my ass. When his tongue had me all wet an’ juicy down there, he stretched me out, first with one finger, an’ then with three or four. “You ready?” he whispered. I rolled onto my belly an’ spread my legs. “That’s it, baby,” he said as he knelt between my knees. “It’s easiest that way when it’s your first.” I felt his big hands lift my hips an’ pull me toward him till his fuck club slid between my thighs, thumpin’ against my big, hangin’ ballsac. He spit a gob of saliva in my asscrack an’ rubbed it in me, then pointed his huge white dick at my cherry asshole. Then he leaned into me an’ split my man-pussy lips with his hard-on. “I’m comin’ in, man,” he grunted. “It’s gonna hurt.”

I knew it’d hurt, but I didn’t know it’d fuckin’ kill me! The pain in my asshole almost made me black out, but I buried my face in Jeff’s pillow an’ screamed as he bore down inside of me. Before I knew it, though, he was pullin’ back out of me an’ I could feel his thick dick rubbin’ in an’ out. My hole was numb, but the fullness in my gut was startin’ to feel good. Jeff’s hands stroked my legs an’ ass. He talked to me real nice an’ calm, tellin’ me how good it was to be in me. Little by little, he picked up speed, an’ he started plowin’ me deeper with every stroke. Suddenly, I felt tremors of pleasure, an’ no more pain. I raised up onto my hands, arched my back, an’ pushed back at him. “Feelin’ good now, isn’t it?” he asked as he held me tight. I tried to nod a response, an’ he got the message, then reached around me an’ grabbed my dick. “Come on now, baby, let’s cum together.” I’d gone soft when the pain was happenin’ but I was back to fully hard by now. Jeff stroked me closer an’ closer to explosion as he rode my horny ass. Our moanin’ was so loud now, I’m surprised the fuckin’ little campers didn’t come over an’ start watchin’ us through the goddam windows!

Suddenly, it was like his huge dick got even thicker. One hand grabbed at my dick as the other pulled me up an’ he wrapped his arm around my heavin’ chest. His dick throbbed in me an’ he pressed his mouth against the base of my neck, suckin’ my burnin’ skin. His fingers pinched my hot tit an’ the jerkin’ of his hand sent me toward climax.

Then I felt him cum in me. He wailed an’ screamed, then bit me hard on the shoulder, as he slammed me deep one more time. His monster fuck-club throbbed in my virgin man-pussy an’ began pourin’ out his gallons of love juice. I was almost there, too. My balls were tight against my massive pole. Pre-cum was flowin’ from my dick an’ his fist kept slidin’ up an’down the slickened shaft. One final jerk was all it took an’ I was sprayin’ my spooge high in an arc, landin’ with a splat on the wall above Jeff’s bed. That night was like a replay of the first one, except this time we took turns. Jeff showed me shit I never imagined before, an’ I’m tellin’ ya, it was like fuckin’ sexual heaven. I never thought about it before, but it makes sense like Jeff says—only a guy with a big dick knows how to make another big dick feel the best. Comments? Story ideas? Send me a message at kents11@hotmail.com.

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