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Big Hairy Boss

By Story Teller

submitted December 17, 1999

Categories: Mature

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I always had sexual fantasies about my boss, he has all it takes to make me crazy about a man: he is 59, a big, balding and heavyset man; what is left of his hair is cropped in a silvery crew cut. He used to be a semi pro wrestler in his youth and it shows in his thick legs that always stretch his pants to the limits when he seats; it shows in his huge biceps and broad shoulders and pecs, busting his shirt at the seams; it shows in the way his solid mass fills up his clothes: lots of flesh, all firm and not saggy.

I am his personal assistant and physically I am his opposite: a swimming pool addict, small, smooth and trim. I just turned 40 but still sometimes, when he is in very good mood, or when I’ve done some good job, he calls me son.

I think he knows I am gay but we never discuss private lives, I guess we have nothing much in common: he is the grandfather of three high school students, has a wife who spends most of her time in their villa in a Mediterranean island and from some remarks he dropped I believe he hasn’t had sex with her since the time the Beatles split.

We work well together, he doesn’t believe in over stretched, overstressed workaholic heroes: "You can only be clear-headed and efficient so many hours a day, the rest is bullshit, lack of organization and ladder climbing", he always repeats. So it is not a normal event for us to spend very long hours in the office. But last week we had to: three secretaries just passed on a bad flu to each other, and of course just before an already tight deadline.

"Well, roll up your sleeves, son", he said, "while we’re at it we better make ourselves comfortable." He is always quite formal, I never saw him without a tie and very seldom with his sleeves rolled up (which is for the best, those thick hairy forearms would distract me too much from work, they are so sexy, mmm).

Anyway, here we are alone in the building and he not only rolls up his sleeves but actually takes his tie off, throws it on a chair and unbuttons his shirt almost down to the navel. There he stands in front of me, one hairy paw inside his shirt, scratching that forest of fur, the other inside his pants scratching his balls.

He smiles at me: "These jockstraps are so convenient to hold the big guys in place, but after a day in the office one needs some release", he says.

I make a perfect idiot of myself, mumbling and stuttering something inconsequential, taken totally by surprise: this is my boss? The man who never-ever takes his tie off? Scratching his fur and his balls in front of me? What now, is he going to ask me to suck his cock?

"Gosh, I could really use a good blow job I’m so tense. Best medicine I know of, right son?"

He reads my mind too! Oh man I MUST react, don’t be an idiot, but I can only mutter a "Ugh, er, I guess so Mr. Corelli . . .", my voice trails.

But by then he is already sitting at his desk, briskly going through files and details and last minute changes and all I can do is get down to my part of the job. As usual we work well together and things proceed quickly, even if I can’t avoid peeking inside his shirt when he leans towards me pointing out this and that, or when I go to his desk to ask for some advice.

His firm, big tits keep the shirt parted, allowing a good view of the hair on his chest: a luxuriant, thick, dark forest with some silver in it. His nipples press onto the thin fabric of his shirt, they must be huge, they make a smaller mound on top of the bigger mounds of his man tits. When he scratches his chest I try to get a glimpse but they are covered by his hairy hand: it looks as if he is fondling them. Ok, I’m going crazy, my boss is fondling his tits in front of me while we work in his office!

I try to forget that he mentioned wearing jockstraps. The thought of my boss wearing them makes me queasy and excited, and why should he mention that to me? Just a moment of camaraderie I suppose.

But from the corner of my eye I catch him looking at me: it’s hot in here, so I’ve made myself comfortable too and my shirt is unbuttoned down to my navel, he looks at my smooth chest when I don’t seem to notice . . . or do I notice things that are not there?

"Time for a piss break", he gets up and yawns and stretches his arms over his head, pulling his shirt wide open with the gesture. Finally I get a glimpse of a very large pink areola topped by a nipple the size of half my thumb.

"Care to join me, son?", he asks.

"Good idea, I was so absorbed with those spreadsheets I didn’t even notice I need to piss like a horse". I’m getting bolder, see?

"Let’s see who pisses longer", he adds playfully as we head for his private bathroom. I almost giggle.

"Haven’t done this since I was in his school", I tell him.

His face darkens just a little. " There are too many things I haven’t done since I was in high school . . ."

"Like what?", I ask.

"Well, like this, let myself go a little, talk dirty, talk about good fucks, be buddies", he looks at me: "Tell me about your last good fuck."

"Awh, boss, as if you didn’t know I’m gay, what do you care about that . . .’

"Maybe I’d like it."

We are in his bathroom by now, and I am embarrassed but I also feel bold: "You’re playing with fire, boss, I need to piss badly and I can’t do that through hard on, stop teasing me and giving me false hopes", I fake mock desperation. We laugh.

I go to the WC, get out my dick and try to concentrate on the task of pissing, closing my eyes. Behind me I hear the rustling, muffled sound of pants pants being unbuttoned, I hear him stepping close, closer. As I am finally ready to release a powerful stream of piss his I feel his arm around my shoulder, I open my eyes and gasp: he still has his shirt on but his pants are gone. With his arm still around my shoulders he positions himself closer to the toilet and smiling down at me he whispers:

"Will you piss on my jockstrap, son?"

The big ex wrestler leans back against the wall, parting his shirt open to show off his incredible hairiness, teasing those big nipples with his thumbs and thrusting the hugely swollen pouch towards me, brushing it against my half hard cock, and I suddenly let go a stream of piss that soaks his jockstrap and drips down his massive furry legs.

Still pissing, I press my cock against his crotch, my hands on his hairy ass cheeks, pulling him closer to me and he leans down on me and thrusts his tongue in my mouth. We kiss for a long time and I am so much turned on by kissing my boss that I almost don’t notice he is now pissing in his jockstraps, hit hot stream overflowing down our legs.

"Well, what a mess", I say when we emerge for breath.

"Come, let’s go into the shower", he says as he takes me by the hand and we jump under the hot water. We soap up each other, I love to touch him, feel his body still firm under the soft layer that age and good food have put on his muscles; and he is so fucking hairy and sexy with his jockstrap still on, the wetness makes the elastic fabric almost transparent, swollen as it is with the huge genitals trapped inside.

I try to slip my hand under it but he holds me back and whispers sweet dirty thing on my ears, rubbing his big hairy body against the smoothness of mine.

"Not yet, son, we have work to finish, go dry yourself and put one of my bath robes over there - I want you to cum and piss in my mouth, and I want to sit my hairy ass on your face so you can slurp and fuck it with your tongue and then you are going to fuck your big old hairy dad boss - but for now, back to work!"

He shoves me out of the shower with a slap on my ass cheeks and I do as he says, he’s the boss after all. While I dry myself up he pulls the curtain and continues his shower, humming a tune. As I leave the bathroom, wearing an oversized bath robe, he is still under the shower and sounding very happy.

I resume my work, still dazed by what is happening but determined not to disappoint my boss - oh no, not ever!

But he does little to help: he is back from the shower wearing only a pair of fresh jockstraps that make him look more naked than naked, the outline of his balls and cock clearly showing and thrusting out obscenely, his large hard nipples pointing out of that forest of hair like an invitation to suck them.

He’s in very good spirits, winks down at me: "We better finish this job by tonight, but I hope you don’t mind if we take a short break from time to time . . . just to feel you up, some little kissing and licking and nipple teasing, nothing serious . . . "

"Ok, you’re the boss . . . "

"Call me dad, do you mind?"

"I’ll call you dad for the rest of my life if you want me to, it really turns me on", I show him my hard on, "boss is not that bad though, especially when I get to piss on my boss."

We both laugh at that.

"I hope you won’t mind to get some too", he says.

"From you anything", I reply, and then I add, "daddy."

"Good boy, back to work now."

And work we do, long hours. But we leave our desk from time to time for a little grope or lick or kiss. I drip precum nonstop, he has a large wet spot on his jockstraps. To look at him is a sweet slow torture.

Finally our task is completed. He leans back on his big leather chair, closes his eyes and draws a big breath, his hands clasped on the back of his head.

While lies like this I straddle his lap and start licking those dark hairy armpits, sitting on his hard cock, licking and kissing him all over. He wraps his beefy arms around me and draws me closer, holding me tight.

"Feel your daddy, do you like that, son?"

"Mmm yes dad, make me feel your hairy body all over me, I wanna feel you, touch you, lick you . . . "

"And suck my cock and eat my cum, will you?"

For an answer I go down on him, kneeling in front of his chair. He straddles his powerful legs on the armrests and thrusts the swollen pouch towards me, I can see his cockhead through the elastic fabric, wet with precum; the shape of his huge balls; his hairy ass hole.

I lick and suck and slurp wherever my tongue can reach while my hands work his nipples. My boss dad moans.

"Ooh yeah, good boy, suck the cock of your boss, eat daddy’s ass, mmm aaagghh yeah."

He pushes down his jockstrap, finally revealing his monster cock, the head all wet with precum. Gosh, it’s even thicker and hairier than I imagined it to be: a marvel that I lick and slurp and swallow as much as I can. I stretch my mouth to the limit to accommodate the pink apple cockhead, then I proceed slowly down the fat shaft which he gradually thrusts a bit deeper down my throat. I am amazed at myself, this is the biggest cock I ever saw and it’s almost all down my throat! Is he fucking my mouth or am I sucking his cock, we are in perfect harmony, his pleasure my pleasure, my pleasure his pleasure.

"Do you like your hairy daddy, son? Love you boss’ hairy cock? Ahh yeah suck, that so good."

He is really moaning and panting now, talking dirty and increasing the rhythm.

"Twist these nipples son while you suck me . . . aaaggghhh . . . yeah, that’s it, I’m ready, I’m coming, I . . . am . . . cummminnngg . . . aaggghhhh . . . fuck . . . cum . . piss . . . eat this load son . . ."

I want to taste the sperm of my boss and my mouth slowly takes control. The shaft is no more down my throat, only his cock head is in my mouth and I’m teasing his piss slit with my tongue. And here it comes, hot blasts of boss cum erupting in my mouth while he shakes all over, his hands stroking my head.

"Yes boy, eat daddy’s cum, eat it all, oohh . . . feels . . . sooo . . . goood . . ."

For long minutes we do not move, his cock in my mouth, eyes closed, hands clasped. Then he helps me up and kisses me, a long fond kiss, and he whispers in my ear:

"I need a shower son, let’s go . . . and I don’t mean water!"

Feedback please. Let me know if you liked it and what turned you on.


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