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Bill Davey and I

By Pleasurefull

submitted July 27, 2000

Categories: Muscle

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I was at Ala Moana Beach just jogging around early in the morning (2:30 a.m.). I’m 5 foot 9 inches and I have a bodybuilders look biceps, washboard abs, etc well during my early morning jogs I run shirtless and with a speedo letting the cool breeze blow on my chest and abs.

I rest on a bench and close my eyes I hear someone’s shoes I open my eyes to see Bill Davey professional bodybuilder running my way shirtless! “Hey Mr. Davey,” I say “huh yes what do you want” Bill says he turns to me his ab muscles flexing I could just faint “would it be okay if I jog with you?” I ask “why not what’s your name?”

“I’m Brian”.

We jog around Ala Moana Beach talking about his bodybuilding career and stuff I just can’t take my eyes off his abs and I’m getting a hard-on its starts to sprout up I hope he doesn’t see my hard-on. “Why don’t we go swim no ones around” Bill says he starts to strip of his shorts “what are you doin?” “oh I like swimming naked so that my cock and balls feel the coolness of the water” I take off my speedos to reveal my 11’’ hard cock.

“Well well does my friend have a stiffy” Bill taunts I get him in a headlock and we start to wrestle his body against mine gives my raging hard and my cock sticks straight up to my abs. His cock also is sticking straight up he overpowers me easily for some reason he likes doing suplexes, Bill suplexes me and holding my right leg pinning me my balls in the air he lets go “that was fun” Bill says. Then he throws a bunch of sand at me hitting my side then he starts spreading it over my abs “I need to go use the bathroom don’t go anywhere” I head to the bathroom I go to the stalls and I explode with creamy cum. Someone is behind me its Bill he grabs my cock with one hand and tickles my abs with the other.

We go back outside and swim around sometimes we would wrestle in the water then in the middle of a test of strength he kisses me his tongue exploring my mouth. “Lets go to my place then we’ll be alone” I say, just before Bill gets out of the water I push him down back into the water I run to where our speedos were I put mine on and I taunt Bill. I swing his speedos around he chases me naked to my car, then we get in my car Bill is still naked while I drive shirtless. Whenever he had the chance he would suck my tits swirling his tongue around making them rock hard, when we got to my place we go to the backyard I had a fence so that no one could spy on me.

Bill tackles me down to the grass then he takes off my speedos with his teeth he looks at my cock then he sucks the head of my cock making me hard then he gulps down the rest of my cock. I am in heaven Bill Davey is sucking my cock driving me wild, while he’s sucking I finger fuck his ass getting his ass ready for my cock Bill stops sucking he instructs me to lay down then he sits on my cock riding then he lays down on me. I can tell he’s trying to get up but I put a full-nelson on him “aaaaaaaaahhhhhh mmmaaaaannnnn” Bill screams “I have to cum” I yell I start pounding Bill’s ass pulling my cock out then thrusting it back in I thrusted six times then I cummed filling his ass with my fluid some of my cum drip out and make a pool in my belly button and wetting my six pack.

I’m huffing and puffing my chest expanding Bill gets off and drinks the pool of cum in my belly button and licks the rest of cum on my abs I flex my abs making it harder for Bill to get the cum in-between my big mounds of abs. Bill goes back inside while I get more of my strength back

Bill comes back outside wearing my boxing gloves and he has another pair he gives me the other pair “come on lets have a test of ab strength” Bill says “oh come on we both know that your abs are better than mine” I say “it’ll be fun” he punched my shoulder. I get a quick jab to his face he uppercuts me I fall to the ground in pain he helps me up I push him to the fence and give Bill a rally of punches to his abs he puts his hands down then I uppercut him. I knee his family jewels then uppercut him again I see a cut on his right cheek he rests on the fence I go back on my attack punching his abs getting a couple of hits to his face. He is reeling I pull back my right hand then I punch but miss and punch the fence my hand hurts he kicks the back of my knee I fall to my knees then Bill applies the sleeper hold on me his bicep is blocking the air to go down my throat I try not to sleep but his hold is to strong I lose consciousness. When I get up I am in my room oiled up “I was wondering when you would wake up” Bill says he gets me in a position I am laying down and my legs resting on Bill’s shoulders. Then all of a sudden he rams his hard cock up my ass, the sudden pain in my ass makes me scream while Bill fucks me his hands explore my oiled body.

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh Bill moans his hard cock growing in my ass his cock ripping apart my ass muscles then he cums I can feel his juice filling my ass up he takes his now limp cock out of my wide ass-hole. We kiss again for about 5 minutes “I’m parched do you have some beer?” Bill asks “of course”

I get up and run to the refrigerator I grab two beers and run back I hand one to Bill. I put the ice cold beer bottle on my abs, Bill puts his against his cock making it harder, we drink the beer I act like I’m drunk to see what Bill tries to do. Just what I thought he was going to take advantage first he ties me to my bed then gets one of my vibrating dildo’s and sticks it up my ass on vibrate mode I act like as if the dildo was Bill’s saying “oh Bill your cock can really shake.”

Bill giggles at me just thinking it was his he takes the dildo out and gets some shampoo and shampoos my hair then he gets a bucket full of warm water and soaks me I say “man Bill I didn’t know you could cum that much in just a few seconds you soaked me man!” he laughs and laughs. He unties me and goes through my drawers and pulls out my jock and puts it on me then he starts sucking my cock through my jock it feels so good my cock being sucked and the feeling of my wet jock clinging to it feels so erotic.

I am still wet from the water so I strip off the jock and go to the bathroom and get a towel to wipe myself with I go back to Bill he’s in the living room I start wiping my face and traps then Bill comes up grabs the towel and starts wiping me first my chest then down to my abs. Bill took a lot of time just wiping my abs then down to my legs then my cock, when doing my cock he was wiping it like how he sucked it first the head then the rest.

Once the front was done he did my back and ass sometimes he would stick one of his fingers in my ass teasing me after he threw the towel to the floor and started massaging my back his fingers carefully massaging my back without putting to much force on my back to hurt me. Once he was done massaging my back (7 minutes) I massaged his abs, I could massage them all day Bill’s abs were well defined and big, I massaged them for about 4 minutes doing every curve and crevice.

All of a sudden the door swings open one of my friends Matt my neighbor standing at 6’ 2’’ very well muscled comes in I am in shock I didn’t think any one would come. Matt tries to run away but I jump up and tackle Matt right before he gets to the street I drag him back in Bill gets some ropes and we tie Matt to the stairs leading upstairs. “What the fuck Brian ya faggot” Matt struggles to get free Bill strips him down to his speedo lookin jock strap with a huge bulge “well what the fuck is that then?” I ask “how can I control my cock when two muscled men are standing naked in front of me.”

In anger I start punchin and slappin Matt’s face just when I’m about to punch Matt with all my strength Bill grabs me from behind “why don’t we teach this guy how to be a real fag” he whispers to me. I strip Matt of his jock strap and Bill sucks Matt’s cock “stop that ya fricker” Matt says while trying to kick Bill sometimes hitting his chest with no effect, Bill stops sucking to let me see Matt’s now fully erect cock sticking straight out “well so you’re a fag too” I say “yeah well at least I try to hide it”.

I then kiss Matt sticking my tongue in his mouth then I untie him I order Matt to get on all fours “this is your punishment I start fingering Matt’s ass first one finger then three then I stick my cock in his ass in one big push Matt screams his ass muscles torn apart by my huge cock. Later on in the day we have more sex Matt leaves at 8:00 p.m. leaving me with Bill.

Bill and I have more fun and showering together this is the best time I ever had in my life.

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