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Bill Davey Fucks Michael Owen

By Bill's Big Boy

submitted February 21, 2001

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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Disclaimer The following story is a work of pure fiction. Any comparison to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

It was Bill Davey's first trip to England, and definitely the first time he had ever witnessed English football. He was only here because he had been hired to help one of the Liverpool Red's premier strikers with some physical therapy. The rainy day made it difficult to tell one player from the other, as they were all mud-covered. He was to meet number 8, Michael Owen, after the game in the locker room. The game ended in a 1-1 draw and Michael stayed on the field a long time conversing with a player from the other team, Manchester United. Bill, the hunky and handsome bodybuilder, figured he could help Michael, put him on a program, and then head back to the US.

Once Bill showed his ID, he was let into the Liverpool locker room, and by that time most of the players were in the showers, cleaning off the layers of mud accumulated during the match. One of the players directed Bill over to Michael's locker and Bill waited. About 10 minutes later Michael showed up.

"You must be Bill," said Michael, "I recognize your picture from the website."

"Yes, and what website?" asked Bill.

"Oh, just a fun one. We're both on it.... something to do with 'the most beautiful man in the world'.... one of those Internet free vote things. You and I seem to always have the same number of votes. I didn’t know who you were and when I did some research, I found out that you specialize in bodybuilding and have some excellent training procedures. I figured I needed some help with this recurring hamstring problem. My agent hired you. Sorry about the delay in getting here. I had some business to take care of after the game with a friend."

"No problem, is there a training room here at the stadium?" asked Bill.

"Yes, let me just get cleaned up and we can go there."

Michael seemed to take a long time scrubbing the mud off and as Bill waited, the locker room emptied. Now that Michael was cleaned up, he had on just a pair of boxers and a tank top. Bill couldn't help but notice how handsome this striker was. Michael was about 5'9" and must have been a lean, yet well proportioned 150 pounds. His well-developed body was second however to his gorgeous face. Bill's 6'0" and 210 pounds were packed into his 48" chest, 32" waist, magnificent arms and legs of perfection, and his model good looks.

Bill grabbed his bag and followed Michael to the training room. Once inside, Bill explained to Michael what he wanted to do. He needed to hear from Michael what the problems were and then put him through a couple of tests. One of the tests involved stretching his leg muscles, in particular, the hamstrings. Michael was on his back on one of the blue workout mats. Bill adroitly got between Michael's legs and started to stretch the muscles. He would take Michael's straightened leg and press it toward the Michael's head. Bill noticed that this seemed to arouse the boy, as Michael's cock was definitely beginning to grow.

"Turning you on, huh?" Bill jokingly said to Michael.

"Actually, yes" responded Michael.

"Well, let's not stop there then."

Bill rested his powerful body down on top of the now bottom boy. While supporting most of his weight, he let Michael feel the fabulous body that now was sending tingling sensations through the strikers entire system. Michael wrapped his arms around Bill and was amazed at the muscle definition in Bill's beautiful back. As his hands roamed down Bill's body he found that his butt was pure muscle.

"Beck's blew me off out there today, after the game. He and I have a tradition of getting it on each time after we play, but he said today he was going to go with Robbie Fowler."

"Who is Becks?" asked Bill.

"David Beckham, the hottest football player in the UK."

"No Michael, I’ve heard that you are the hottest."

Bill began to kiss Michael, and his hot tongue quickly made Michael forget about David. Bill removed Michael's tank top and shorts and then Bill removed his clothes. Michael gasped when he saw Davey in the buff. Bill immediately went back to work and the passion of his kisses in Michaels' mouth and all over his body had Michael moaning and groaning, now with every touch. Bill's hands massaged Michael's chest and abs. It drove Owen crazy when Bill rubbed his thighs. Bill gently cupped Michael's balls and as he licked and sucked them, Michael's cock grew to about 10 inches. As Bill began to suck on the head and swirl his tongue around the massive head, the first smell and taste of precum put Bill over the top.

Bill mounted the soccer start and as he thrust his muscle dick into Michael's hot and eager ass, Michael yelled out, "Fuck me Bill! Do anything you want to me, take my British arse anywhere you want!"

Michael wrapped his legs around Bill's waist, and Bill pounded the British boy's ‘arse’. All Michael would do is groan and gurgle with the pleasure of what Davey was doing to him. Michael would squeeze Bill's beautiful chest and Bill would respond by nibbling on Owen's now-hard nipples Michael was ready to explode and he kept yanking on his cock. Bill slowed up his action, and told Michael to hold it if he could. Michael did. Bill, keeping his rock hard tool inside his Liverpool lover's hot tunnel got into a position where he could squeeze and stroke the striker's stick. Michael never knew having someone else beat him off could feel so good. Bill's strong hands worked Michael's cock over and over. Soon hot streams of Michael Milk were flowing all over Owen's stomach and chest. Bill milked the lad dry on about the 7th squirt. Bill then licked it up and kissed Michael so he could taste his own essence.

Bill continued to fuck Michael for over an hour. Michael's hot body responded to every move Bill made on the boy. Michael would grunt and groan and his voice was purring with each thrust from the muscle hunk. Bill's hot gooey love load filled Michael's well-fucked ass and as Bill slid out of Owen's orifice. Michael took advantage of the moment and pushed Davey onto his back. Michael begged Bill to let him fuck him and Bill obliged.

Michael's hamstring muscle got better shortly after that.