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Black Cable Guy Fantasy

By Black Muscle

submitted June 24, 1998

Categories: Cyber Sex

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Black Muscle: Wassup, man?

HOT STUD: Not much

Black Muscle: Still horny for me?

HOT STUD: Yeah, but I like phone better

Black Muscle: Let's just do it here for now...it will be a treat


Black Muscle: Let's play fantasy baby...I'm the cable guy and you called my company for service

HOT STUD: To fix my wiring

HOT STUD: See this would be better to hear u man

HOT STUD: So u come to the door

Black Muscle: Yeah...I press your doorbell. .I'm in tight jeans...cock

bulging. and tight company shirt with top buttons open

HOT STUD: I answer the door and stare at that hard chest and then look up

and say "hey" u here for the cable right?

Black Muscle: You called for service, sir?

HOT STUD: I turned red and say yeah I definitely need service come on in

Black Muscle: I watch you over with a wicked smile and enter

Black Muscle: Show me where you're hooked up..

HOT STUD: I point out the set and sit on the couch to watch

Black Muscle: I bend over the set,....checking the connections...

HOT STUD: I notice u can't find a wire so I come behind u to show u

Black Muscle: I back into you on purpose

Black Muscle: Sorry sir

HOT STUD: I grab on to your shoulder to steady myself

Black Muscle: You feel my muscles as you hold on to me

HOT STUD: I get flustered thinking about that hard body of yours and stumble

back to the sofa

Black Muscle: Can I get a glass of water?

HOT STUD: SURE man sorry I will get it

HOT STUD: Hot in here should I open a window?

Black Muscle: Sure....thanks for the water man....gulping....i spill some on my shirt...soaking it to reveal more of my hard chest

HOT STUD: All I do is stare..

Black Muscle: Can I take off my shirt?...I don't want to catch a cold..

HOT STUD: SURE, er I mean sure

Black Muscle: I slowly peel off my shirt...button by button...muscles rippling in the breeze and hold the shirt for you to take it...

HOT STUD: Oh, I'll just put it in the dryer here.

HOT STUD: I look at your chest and all I want to do is lick the sweat off

your chest but I try to look away

Black Muscle: As you reach for the shirt, I pull you into me....what are you

staring at ,man

Black Muscle: Your face is in my heaving chest

HOT STUD: Hey man u have a great body that's all


Black Muscle: Wanna touch it...

HOT STUD: I would rather lick it

Black Muscle: Lick my nipples you fag

HOT STUD: Like a hungry dog, I lick all over your pecs

Black Muscle: Yeahhhhhh, I bury your head into my chest...squeezing your butt while I do so

HOT STUD: My tongue flicks over your nipples

Black Muscle: Ohhhhhhhhhh

HOT STUD: I raise your arms and devour your pits

HOT STUD: Getting drunk on the smell

Black Muscle: Taste my sweaty arm hair...you fag

HOT STUD: Licking and sucking

Black Muscle: I pull you towards the couch and I lie down on my back

HOT STUD: I trail my tongue down to the top of your pants and stick

my tongue in between the pants

HOT STUD: Hey man u want the BEST blow job?

Black Muscle: My cock is bursting to be free...take off my jeans i command you!

HOT STUD: I nearly rip them down

Black Muscle: I have on leather thongs

HOT STUD: I want to deep throat that black snake

HOT STUD: Man are u stroking?

Black Muscle: 8"unc black steel waiting for you...i thrust my hips

upwards...forcing you to swallow deep

Black Muscle: Sure am

HOT STUD: I guide your dick all the way in

Black Muscle: Suck me bitch......eat my cock!


Black Muscle: Fuck yeah...gimme da vacuum....taste my piss bitch!....suck me hard!

HOT STUD: U grab my head and thrust deep

Black Muscle: Raping your white fuck mouth with my black steel

HOT STUD: Doing pushups on your dick with my throat

Black Muscle: You go boy!

HOT STUD: I snake my tongue under your balls towards that hot hole

Black Muscle: Legs up in the air.....clean me out baby

HOT STUD: Sucking and eatin u out

Black Muscle: Yeah.....thrusting my ass into your hot face

Black Muscle: Smothering you with thick black cock and sweet black ass

HOT STUD: Damn u TASTE great

Black Muscle: Don't you love it baby


Black Muscle: Gonna fuck you hard, man

HOT STUD: Yeah I want it REALLY hard and wild

Black Muscle: I get up while you strip and I lead you to your open front

window...bend over and grab the window sill bitch!

Black Muscle: Gonna give your neighbors a treat

Black Muscle: Let them see what kind of slut you are


Black Muscle: I spit on my cock and slide two fingers into your fuck hole to lubricate it

HOT STUD: Fuck me man like u mean it

Black Muscle: my jeans are still around my ankles....my ass cheeks tighten as I thrust my steel rod deep inside you without warning

HOT STUD: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SHIT

HOT STUD: Yeahhhhh

Black Muscle: You wanted cable?....well you're getting it bitch!

HOT STUD: Come on man FUCK ME

Black Muscle: Withdraw my monster cock to the head and thrust deeper inside you

Black Muscle: Fucking you like a engine piston now...hard and furious

HOT STUD: Pull all the way out and RAM IT

Black Muscle: yeah....withdrawing right out now and RAMMING IT IN HARD FOR YOU BITCH!

HOT STUD: Fuck yeah ohhhh man

Black Muscle: Slapping your ass hard...as I rape your white ass

HOT STUD: Keep it coming

Black Muscle: Holding you by the waist......pulling your hair back roughly

HOT STUD: Shit this is HOT

HOT STUD: I am so fucking wet here man

Black Muscle: Slamming your man pussy with my black snake

Black Muscle: Your ass is mine you whore!

HOT STUD: I tighten up around your dick with my ass

Black Muscle: Yeahhhh....squeeze your object of desire

HOT STUD: I reach back to pull u in deeper

Black Muscle: Yeah.....like a fucking vacuum...all 8" deep inside your cunt

HOT STUD: I feel u pounding against my ass

Black Muscle: Your prostate is straining under the power pressure

HOT STUD: Keep it coming man

Black Muscle: Yeah bitch ...beg me for more

HOT STUD: Please, fuck me man harder

Black Muscle: Yeah.....thrusting my hips harder ......giving you that nigga wine

Black Muscle: Ride my cock baby

HOT STUD: I lie you on your back so i can sit on it and ride it

Black Muscle: Yeah baby....I reach and stroke your cock while you bounce on my rod of correction

HOT STUD: I bounce up and down and watch your face twist in ecstasy

Black Muscle: Yeahhhhhhhhhhh...ride me bitch...ride me hard

HOT STUD: I rotate my ass around your dick

Black Muscle: Fuck yeahhhh

HOT STUD: Twisting

Black Muscle: Thrusting upwards....

Black Muscle: Giving you all my cock

Black Muscle: I wanna cum in your mouth., bitch

HOT STUD: Yeah, I want all that juice man

Black Muscle: I withdraw and stand up over you...my cock dripping with your ass juices....suck me off bitch!

HOT STUD: I suck u in deep

HOT STUD: I want that hot load man

Black Muscle: I grab your hair roughly and force your fuck face deep into my ass-reeking cock

HOT STUD: Yeah sucking hard

Black Muscle: Suck me dry bitch...make me cum

HOT STUD: Sucking harder and faster

Black Muscle: Cock head getting swollen with nigga cum

Black Muscle: Talk dirty to me while I cum in your mouth

HOT STUD: Give this white boy your hot milk

Black Muscle: I'm cumminnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg

HOT STUD: YEAHHHHH gulping it down

HOT STUD: Sucking

HOT STUD: Loving that taste

Black Muscle: Whew!

HOT STUD: Incredible.

Black Muscle: That was hot!