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Black Daddy

By Nathan Harvey

submitted June 3, 1999

Categories: Black and Beautiful

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It was a hot day that summer and sitting on the porch of our little farm house I was glad that graduation was over and done with. I'd decided that now that I was nineteen I was going to move away from this place. It was one thing when mother hired that black stud from jig town to do the farm work. It was something else again when she started letting him shower and clean up in the house but when she took him into her bed that was the last straw. I begged her to send him back to the barn were he belonged. He had a nice little room with a bathroom and everything down there. It was just two damn embarrassing to have the whole county know a black man was banging my mother. I was mortified but at least I was glad I'd graduated before Joseph had started working on our farm and fucking my mother. How could I hold my head up with all these Spicks and Latinos in town not to mention the blacks? Just because I was gay didn't mean I wanted to suck ethnic cock.

I had to admit working along side of Joseph in the fields on hot days when he peeled his shirt that he was one hell of a hunk of a man. As we worked together I would be dripping with sweat but his black skin just seems to glisten like a polished stone in the sunlight. I'd even seen him naked once when he was hosing himself off at the barn and I knew damn well why mother wanted him. He had the biggest cock I'd ever seen on any man. When he moved his well muscled body moved with grace of an animal and that cock started swinging I had to get excited. When he'd pulled on his jeans his basket was so big I just had to stare at it. As for there having sex I didn't need to guess what was going on, I had a big attic room over there bedroom and all night I could hear my mother moaning and begging him to fuck her again. The only time it got quiet was when I heard the slurping of her sucking him off.

Mother had become so addicted to that cock of his when he asked her to marry him she accepted in an instant. One thing for sure was if she thought I was going to even consider that man as my father she was crazy. Sitting at breakfast the morning of her wedding she broke the news that Joseph's son Bentley was coming to town to attending the wedding. Then Joseph chimed in saying perhaps he might even live on the farm and help him with the chores. Mother told me since I had that large attic room I could share it with him. I was furious and without thinking I blurted out saying I didn't want to share my room with any damn nigger. He could have the damn room and I would sleep that room in the barn. Realizing then what I'd said and blushing I asked Joseph forgive me. Trying to make up for my stupid remark I told them I would be glad to share my room with his son. Joseph looked at my mother suggested we might make an apartment for the boys in the barn if Bentley decided he wanted to live with them.

Joseph was good about pretending he'd never heard me slam him. He was good at sweet talking people and he'd even talked that damn Black sheriff Barney Waddles out of giving me a ticket when he was with me that one time. Still I knew I just had to get away from this place. No matter how I tried he would always know how I felt about him and his race. I just couldn't stand for a nigger to touch me. While we were finishing up breakfast Joseph tried one more time to make piece telling me he wanted me to stay on the farm with his son and work it with them. Before I could answer him we heard a car crunching the gravel in the drive a door slamming and then a knock on the door. Eager to get away from Joseph I ran to answer it.

Opening the door I just saw the cab as it was pulling back onto the highway toward town. Standing there was this well dressed colored boy with a leather grip at his feet. He was about my age and really quite handsome. Giving me the once over he ask if Joseph Morrison lived here.

Stammering I said yes he was marring my mother that afternoon. Asking him to come in I called Joseph telling him his son was here. Standing there looking at the two of them together I'd never realized there could be such a difference in the color of black people. His son was the most beautiful shade of mulatto, almost like a steaming cup of cocoa with a marshmallow dissolve in it. He looked delicious. He still had that black kinky hair but he had the biggest softest brown eyes I'd ever seen. Joseph took his bag from him and handing it to me asked if I would put it in our room and turning as if to dismiss me he took his son into the kitchen. This had to be the most embarrassing day of my life. Now I was a porter for a black boy in my own home.

Mother had insisted I had to go in to his Church in Jig town with them where they were married. Joseph had wanted to be married in his church and she refused him nothing. I was the only white boy there and standing next to Joseph I felt like a freak, I was dressed in my brown suit but with my white skin and blond hair I stood out like a bull in a china shop. Finally it was over. I was still getting over the shock of me standing in that sea of black faces as they filed out congratulating the happy couple. Even Barney that damn black basted of a sheriff was there snickering at me. Mortified I slunk to the car and crawled in the back seat trying to avoid all of them.

I sat there in stony silence on the drive home. Bradley was carrying on a lively conversation with his dad and my mother. I know he sensed my hostile feeling toward him and his father but I didn't give a damn. When we got home I just sat on the porch waiting for them pack and leave on their honeymoon. Bradley was packing mother's car with their luggage for them to take on their honeymoon. Joseph was leaving his rusted out truck for us to use. I was already beginning to make my plans to leave this madhouse as soon as they got back. The last thing I needed was a and a nigger brother.

Bentley was struggling with the luggage and I just sat there like a bump on the log watching. When mother came down I was embarrassed and finally went down to help. Looking up with a dazzling smile he thanked me. I really felt like a fool then because he was so damn nice. We both finished packing up the car up together. Standing there and looking at them I had to admit they made an awesome couple. Mother was so little, blond and pretty and Joseph, well he was huge, black as coal and so damn butch looking. I had to wonder how she ever took that monstrous cock of his. We watched them drive off. They had decided to make that pilgrimage to Niagara Falls and then drive up into Canada. They were going to be gone for a whole month.

Turning to go in Bradley said he was bushed from the trip and all the excitement of the wedding. Then asking if I would mind if he showered and took a little nap. Just grunting I watched as he went up the stairs and watching that little butt of his pumping up those stairs I was wondering how he would be to fuck. Turning in disgust and thinking it would be a cold day in hell before I'd fuck a black man I went into the kitchen to get a beer. Sitting there drinking I began feeling like a shit about the way I was acting. After all there was nothing wrong in wanting sex and mother had been alone for ten years. She deserved a good fucking and from the looks of Joseph's cock she was sure was getting it. Finishing off my beer I got two more out of the fridge deciding to take up a piece offering to Bradley

When I came in he was just finishing up his shower and was toweling off. Seeing me holding the two beers he smiled that dazzling smile of his again and softly thank me for the beer. I will say this for him, he sure knew his place with a white man. As he reached for his beer his towel began slipping away exposing his body. He had a beautiful slim well shaped body. Now that I could see his whole body looked as soft as velvet. As my eyes traveled down to his crotch I had to smile at the size of his cock. Like they always said in the locker rooms, niggers were really studs. My cock was not nearly as big as his. Seeing my reaction all he said was his cock sure wasn't as big as his fathers but when he got hard he didn't need to apologize to anyone for it.

Still smiling he reached out taking my hand saying feel it. Like a little kid I had to feel it. Kneeling down I began to touch it, then wrapping my hands around him I began to stroke him. Sitting there he began spreading his legs so I could get a better handful he seemed to accept my handing his body as perfectly natural. I had to find out how big that sucker got when he was hard and I began to pump him off. His tool began to swell and I could feel the lust growing in me. I wanted him. Suddenly I realized I was doing down on my knees in front of a black man beating off his cock wanting to make love to him.

Standing mortified and saying I had to shower I ran into the bathroom closing the door. I stayed in the shower for a long time letting the water run over my body and getting over my excitement of feeling that beautiful cock of his. I couldn't believe I'd almost beat the guy off. He was dressing when I came out and he looked hot in that white T and those cutoff. Pulling on my jeans I rummaged around for a T-shirt and pulling it on suggested we pop a frozen pizza in the oven for our supper. We sat around drinking beer while waiting for our dinner to bake. We devoured it in seconds and still hungry popped another one in the oven. By the time we were done eating we'd had more than enough to drink.

As the evening progressed we kept drinking more beers and before long we were giggling and talking like real brothers. Clearing the table I began touring the house and locking up telling Bradley I was going to turn in. He started up the stairs to bed saying he would wait for me. When I came in he'd left the light on for me. I saw his cutoff and t shirt neatly folded and he was in my bed with the sheet almost covering him. I could see he was naked and that body of his was even more striking against those white sheets. Slipping out of my jeans and brushing my teeth I switched off the light and naked I slid into bed knowing something was going to happen between us tonight.

I moved deliberately to the center and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me like he was waiting for me. Slowly reaching down I began to feel him up. Softly he said show me yours. We peeled back the sheets and turning on the lamp we began investigating each others bodies. Timidly he asked if I ever tasted a black cock and I said I'd never had a black cock in my mouth. Then softly whispering he said he loved white boys cocks. Sliding down I felt his lips slipping over my cock and suddenly it was like paradise as that hot mouth of his began working me. I was getting hotter than hell, this was better than any hand job. Then pulling off of me softly he said, "Taste me now".

Gently taking my head he began guiding my mouth to his cock. As I looked at that beautiful cock of his without even thinking I slipped my lips around that perfect shaft. I was surprised at how he tasted. As my lips moved up and down that smooth hard shaft he seemed to slip deeper into me with each stroke until I was deep throating him. Just thinking of myself sucking off a black boy was making me hotter than hell. My head and heart were pounding and my mind was spinning. What a trip. Kneeling then at his crotch with his legs between mine I began running my hands over his velvety smooth body. Getting more intense I grabbed buns pushing him into my throat even deeper. Taking his hands and moving to my chest he began playing with my nipples and rubbing and pinching them I began getting even more excited. I was sucking a black cock and I loved it. Suddenly grabbing my head he held me, compelling me to swallow everything he was shooting into me.

Closing my eyes and gulping down his load as soon as I could pull off of him I knew I should be furious. I didn't expect him to cum in my mouth and I sure didn't want any black man's cum in me. It felt so wonderful sucking his cock and he tasted so wonderful when I took him I wanted him again. In a soothing cooing voice he began raising his legs and putting them over my shoulders asking simply if I wanted to fuck him. Looking at that soft cock of his now laying dormant on his stomach, his legs spread and his puckered ass whole winking at me I knew I wanted his ass. My ball hurt so much from wanting hi I knew I was going to fuck the shit out of him. Pulling his legs in position I began probing his ass with my cock. I slid into him effortless. What a trip, his hole was on fire and as I began working it and he started getting real juicy and I was really getting a wild fuck. Pulling him up further I now had him up on his shoulders and I was pounding my cock into his ass with a vengeance. He was really the best piece of ass I'd ever had.

Shooting my load and finally reluctantly I pulled out of that velvet hole and we lay together in each other’s arms. Where had he been all my life and where in the hell did he learn to fuck like that? Giggling he said one night in his senior year in high school he had a buddy sleep over. They were really going at it when his father walked it and caught him with a cock up his ass. He never said a word and closing the door he left us alone. But after that whenever my father wanted a fuck if there wasn't a women around he would come into my room. He was better than any of the guys I'd ever been fucked by at school and after a while I began hoping he would never get married. Now he has you mother. Snuggling closer to his soft black body I said "and now you have me." Snickering he said he wasn't any white boy’s whore.

Rolling over I said if he wasn't any white boy whore what would he think of my being a black mans bitch. Giggling he said he would considered it. I sure knew how to fuck an ass, then looking up at me he kissed me telling me he would make an exception in my case. All that next week I began to know and love that body of his. He was the softest gentlest lover I'd ever had and slowly and gently he worked me with that huge cock of his until we became as one and I could take that shaft of his with all the joy and comfort of a dutifully bitch. By the end of the week I was shamelessly on my knees begging him to fuck me. I was so infatuated with his body.

I craved him and I was at his beck and call ready to service his every desire. There wasn't a single orifice of his I hadn't fucked sucked or licked and there was no part of my body that I hadn't surrendered to him. I now loved looking in the bedroom mirror and we lay there entwined, a mix of black and white limbs. I had lost my heart to this boy and even been begging him all week to stay here with his father and work the farm and I would be his bitch. I told him I loved him and I wanted us to stay together as lovers. Grabbing me close as we kissed and our tongues ravaged each other. Letting my hands run all over that beautiful body of his knew I loved him and in my passions I began licking at his body.

As we separated I spread his cheeks and began fucking him with my tongue. I had to giggle telling him just one weeks ago I hated all black men and now I was eating a black man's asshole out. Getting serious he sat up saying he loved fucken my ass but he didn't know if he cold handle being his fathers whore again and servicing his bitch. Snickering I said if he stayed with me I would be his fathers whore as well as his. Without another work we were going at it again like minks. We had even started running around the house naked and every time our bodies touched we were in each others arms. Our love affair just kept growing stronger that whole month we were together. We were in love but knew our little world was coming to an end. We knew we would be reduced to sneaking around to make love.

This was going to be our last night before mother and dad came home and we didn't waste a minute of it with sleep. After hearing the stories Bradley told about his father and how he loved to fuck him I had even begun thinking of Joseph as my . That next morning our parents were due so we were dressed and waiting for them to arrive. Running down to the car the first person I kissed was mother then going around to Joseph's to his shock I kissed him on the lips. Then we carried their luggage upstairs. The were still starry-eyed like newly weds. As Mother was going through all her messages she suggested Bentley and I take the truck and go for pick up, then brightly she said he had a taste for Chinese.

We pilled into the truck to drive into town for the carryout. On the drive down told Bentley of Joseph's offer of doing over that rooms in the Barn for an apartment for us. Going on I said we could even put in a small kitchen and Jacuzzi in the bathroom. Chuckling he said he'd never been fucked in a Jacuzzi. I said we could start on it as soon as we ask mother. We sailed into town and it took longer than we expected to get all we needed, Leaning out the door I ask if he wanted fortune cookies with the meal. Putting the stuff in the back of the seat he said I was the only fortune cookie he wanted. We were off again.

I drove slowly until we got to the city limits. I knew the sheriff was gunning for me. As soon as we cleared town I really floored it wanting to make up for lost time. As we sailed along Bradley reached over grabbing my cock saying he wanted to eat his fortune cookie now. Giggling he grabbed my cock and began unzipping me. His lips worked me into a frenzy when I came I almost put us in a ditch. Pulling back on the road from our bumpy ride on that shoulder we were now being stopped by that damn flashing red light. There was Barney our local sheriff and walking to our truck he had one mean look about him. He knew how I felt about the black race because I kept calling him a dumb nigger.

I had a lot of run-ins with Barney last year he'd been trying to ticket me and get my license. I was telling this to Bentley as he was walking up along side of the truck. Looking in he asked where Joseph was and why was I driving his truck. Then seeing Bentley sitting next to me he broke out into a big grin and asked when he'd gotten back in town and what was he doing riding with a smart ass bigot. Bentley flashed that brilliant smile of his and getting out of the truck whispered something into Barney's ear. Suddenly Barney started laughing. Waving at me to get out of the truck he yelled for me to get my ass over there. He out of the truck he waited until I was standing in front of him.

Slowly unzipping his pants and pulling that hard black cock of his out I knew exactly what he expected me to do. Looking over to Bentley for instructions all he said was" service the man like he wants bitch". Bowing my head in submission and murmuring "Yes Sir" I dropped to my knees taking his huge cock into my mouth. All Barney said was "Hot Shit" as I started working him. Each time I went down I went deeper until I had all of him deep in my throat. He'd waved his driver up to join us. By now he had pushed me against the truck and was fucking the hell out of my mouth as his driver and Bentley watched. As he plummeted me with his cock I reached up massaging his balls and when I felt them begin to tighten I pulled hard on his ass plunging my face deep into his pubic hair.

Taking his whole shaft into my throat he was beginning to yelp like a little puppy as he readied himself to shoot. I desperately wanted his cum when he began unloading I sucked every drop of him down like it was pure sugar. Grunting he kept me tight to his crotch. I kept him deep in my throat feeling him soften then suddenly he let loose of a hot stream of piss. Again taking every thing he was pouring into me. When he finally finished using me as his toilet he stepped aside. I stayed on my knees thanking him for letting me serve him.

Giggling like a school boy with a new toy he pushed his driver forward and I took him down to his nuts. As I was working his drivers cock he turned to Barney asking if he could get a piece of my ass? Hearing the question as soon as I got his driver to cum I and licked him clean standing and licking the cum from my lips I dropped my jeans and shorts. Leaning over the fender I spread my legs telling him what ever he wanted. I could hear him spit on his hand and then I felt that warm spittle being rubbed on my ass. Seconds later he was in me and as he pumped I begged him to fuck harder.

Now he was really hot and started slamming into my ass and finally pumping me full of cum he muttered it was so good he wanted more. Not moving I let him stand there and in seconds he was grinding and pumping my ass again and this time he took a long slow fuck. Finally he stepped aside telling his driver to get a good fuck. When they had there fill of me he Zipped up saying a I was a great piece of ass and now get out of here before he got hot and took me down to the station for the boys to screw.

Bentley spoke right up saying his bitch would always be available to him anytime he wanted him. Standing there I bowed my head and said humbly and I thanked him for fucking me. Pulling back on the highway I ask Bentley what the hell he said to Barney. Snuggling close all he said was he was taking his whore home to fuck and did he want to get his nuts off? Getting excited all I could say was "Shit now I suppose we will have every cop in the county at our place for me to give them a blow job" Chuckling Bentley added "or a fuck, but remember you still have your license."

Then we both laughed and began talking about if we had our own apartment we could live together as lovers and have anyone we wanted visiting us, even Barney. We talked about moving to the barn all the way home and snickering I suggest we even decided to add a little game room. When we mentioned taking the room in the barn at the table Joseph looked up asking if that meant we both where staying on the farm to help him. Nodding yes he broke into a big smile telling us to go for it. It was still early and I ask Bentley if he wanted to walk down to the barn and look it over and we could make plans. Mother was ecstatic pleased, we had all become friends at last. Smiling what I didn't say was Bradley and I where now lovers. As we left Joseph said he would be down later to talk with us about what we could do with the place.

When I flicked on the lights he whistled saying it was already good enough to stay in while we were fixing it up. Walking over to the bed he began striping asking if I wanted a little ass. In seconds we were both naked and in each others arms. Pushing him down on the cot he quickly spread his leg for me and I was in and pumping like a sex crazed animal. Muttering how I needed him and pumping my ass off. Without any warning the door opened and Joseph was standing there looking as us naked and my cock in his sons ass. We scrambled up, our hard cocks withering at the shock at seeing him. He just stood there for a few seconds then he began to strip. Watching him uncover that magnificent hard black body of his he asked how I felt about getting a big black cock up my ass.

Dropping to my knees and looking up at that magnificent stud I took his cock into my mouth and began to blow that huge wand of his. Grabbing my head and shoving his cock deep into me he said I sure changed my mind about niggers now. As he held my head pumping me further down on his cock he shriek out "take your you bitch! eat his cock!". I was his now and he knew it. Reaching up grabbing his buns I kept him pumping and when he came it was awesome, it was all I could do to swallow all of it. Backing off I began licking and sucking on him and begging him to fuck me like he did Bentley.

Laughing and calling me his pony boys he pushed me down on all fours telling me he was going to fuck the hell out of me and I would know that a real mans cock felt like up my ass. Bentley told Joseph that I was almost a virgin and he didn't want me hurt because I was his bitch now and begged Joseph to fuck him instead. Chuckling he told Bentley to plug my mouth that he was going in my ass and really open me up and in a week I would be able to take any mans cock. Then looking at his son he said he said not to worry he was going to fuck him next.

Not sure what he mean suddenly I had Bentleys cock in my mouth and as Joseph's huge slick cock ripped into my ass I though he was going to tear me apart. When I tried to scream Bentley jammed his cock into me even further. Joseph was really on a high when I had kneeled at his feet naked surrendering my body to him. He screwed me a bull in heat and the harder he pumped the more I pushed back wanting more of that magic tool of his. Then driving hard I felt him deep up my ass and suddenly that hot feeling as he unloaded those huge balls of his into me. Pulling out of me he ordered Bentley down on all fours. Crawling over to him on my knees I begged him to fuck me again. Smiling all he said was if that's the way I wanted it and pulling me up on my shoulders spread my legs and jammed his cock up my ass.

Bentley just watched as his dad pumped that huge rode deep up my ass and ramming it deep began moaning. I knew he was unloading again. Then Pulling me around to the front of him he ordered me to clean him up. Without hesitation I began licking and sucking his body cleaning up the leavings of sex and perspiration. Bentley was then on his knees beside me and he began working on his fathers body with his hot darting tongue. Then Bentley began working on his cock and balls and we began switching on and off of him like a tag team. We licked him all over until finally Bentley went down on his cock again and took his load. To Joseph's amusement Bentley turned holding his lips to mine and we shared his cum.

Dressing he said he would be here every night for his piece of ass. As the door closed we were again in each others arms. That night when we stayed in our old room in the house for the last time. We giggled when we heard their voices and then the sound of them in bed. He was screwing mom like a bitch in heat, and after a while we heard her beg for him to fuck her again. Hugging Bentley all I said was our daddy is all man. Bentley added and all stud. That was the last thing I said as he shoved his cock down my throat. We made love all that night After breakfast Joseph helped us move our things to the barn. When we got the last load down he told us to get ready for him. In seconds we were naked and kneeling in front of him.

Letting his pants drop and stepping out of them then dropping his shirt he stood there naked powerful and wonderful. We went to work on him licking and sucking him every where. It was as he said we had to prime the pump to reap the rewards. Turning to me he asked if I wanted him to fuck me again. Bowing my head telling him I would do any thing he wanted me to do I was his bitch now. The laughing he mounted me giving me my morning fuck. Then turning to Bentley saying he was ready for his ass now. I watched as Joseph's cock slid deep into Bradley and I only wished I'd let him fuck me when he first came to us. With one last thrust he came.

We were still naked and kneeling at his feet when I turned to Bradley saying I wanted to swallow daddy's load today he had him yesterday. Laughing Joseph said he had more than enough cock for his both his little pony boys. Looking up I told him I was going to like farming.

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Getting Religion

Apr 14, 1999

It was an unusually gray day for Rome, the rain was coming down in buckets as they say in America. Samuel Johnson and his Ward, Joshua had been in Rome just last year on a pleasure trip. Today they were just finishing their glasses of wine in a charming little ‘Restaurant’ on the Via Salaria. It was just a few steps from their hotel, The La Pergola. Unfortunately this trip to Rome... read more

Gladiator, Part 1

Jun 14, 2000

The Gladiators was thought to be one of the most exclusive fraternities at school. In reality it was an off campus organization completely free from any school influence or domination. Gladiators were always the hunks that stood out on campus because of their beautiful bodies and high ranking scholastic standings. In class they were always the smart ones at the top of their game.... read more

Gladiator, Part 2

Jun 14, 2000

I was on the steps waiting for him a little early but Eric was right on time and he picked me up. Slowing this silver Sebring convertible he waved me down to the street.As I climbed into his car he said he had the top down because he loved the fresh air evening air and asked if I minded. He said he loved that free feeling early fall in the air as he cruised the drive from school... read more

Gladiator, Part 3

Jun 14, 2000

Holding his hand out to me he said the other pledges seemed to have already had theirs it was now my turn. As we moved through the doors of the ballroom and into this long hall we approached this handsome older man in a leather thong that had been standing guard. Turning then and leading us to this door at the end of the hall. Then reaching in front of us he opened the door for us... read more

Gladiator, Part 4

Jun 14, 2000

I heard my name called then. I was ready now eager for the fight. Eric leaned over saying do you best and if you lose I will make you a good master. My fight seemed to go on forever. He had this bear hug on me and I thought then that I was done for. The oil had made our body's slick and we had a hard time holding on to each other. Quickly sliding down a little I managed to grab... read more


May 10, 1999

We had been raised as brothers for years even though I was adopted when I was fourteen. Kelly never let me forget that I was different and that we weren’t blood relatives. It was after his mother died that Walter wanted a companion for Kelly. He had to pull a lot of strings to get me adopted, but he had money and power. He’d had always told Kelly that he’d adopted Christopher just... read more


Apr 20, 1999

In the six months since I’d moved to Chicago, I hadn’t been able to find a job. I was at the end of my rope. Finally, I had to go to my landlord Mr. Clint to tell him after living there for only six months, I had to move. I knew I had a year’s lease, but I told him I was desperate, broke and I’d done everything to try to find a job. Mr. Clint seemed very understanding. He said that... read more

It Happened One Night

May 21, 2001

Warning: This is a work of fiction; this story contains graphic depictions of hardcore sex between consenting male adults doing unnatural acts. If you are not eighteen, or if this turns you off--sign off now.It Happened one NightBy Nathan HarveyI had run the advertisement in the Tribune over the weekend and it read simply, ‘Wanted roommate to share expenses of a large lakefront... read more

Jail Bait

Apr 18, 1999

For a week now I had been hitching rides more interested in the studs that were driving than were they were going. Hitchhiking had been a great way of getting picked up by some hunky studs. Oh I did sort of a have a destination in mind but if a guy with a great looking body or flashing a big cock stopped I could always make a slight detour. So to speak you might say I was blowing... read more

Janitor's Delight

Jun 15, 1998

It was a hot day as I stood in line at the "Mail Box etc" with my package. I was waiting to get my box wrapped, posted and ship back for my refund. I'd ordered a Dave Lord dildo and they sent me a replica of piece of meat that looked like it had been cast from a rogue elephant. It was the biggest black dong I'd ever seen. It was just too much to expect to take. I sure would like... read more

Kennel Boy

Apr 13, 1999

It was going to be an early Fall. I could see by the few scraggly leaves left on our trees that winter was not far off. Setting there on the porch of that rundown shack of a farmhouse, all there was to do was watch those dust devils whirling across the landscape. I hated the fucking State of Texas from the day I was sent here. I knew from experience that we were in for two more... read more

Leather Man

Jun 12, 1998

I'd just left Makielski's art store after picking up my art supplies and suffering sticker shock at pre-stretched canvas prices. I'd have to go back to stretching my own canvas, --at least until I started selling more of my work and making more money. Putting the canvas in back with some of my other paintings, I pulled out of the parking lot to get my goodies home. Still thinking... read more


Apr 07, 1999

It was blistering hot that summer day and I was sitting on the porch of that rundown little farmhouse I felt like white trash. Sunday afternoons were the pits. I’d just graduated from their hick little high school and was glad to be done with those jerks. They were even happier to get rid of me, telling me I was the most disruptive student they ever had. Now I was eighteen and... read more

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