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Blowing the FED EX Guy.

By CollegeJeepboy

submitted February 1, 2001

Categories: Chance Encounters

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This sure was a chance, but a good one!!! I’m a 20-year-old college jock guy; I attend at Salve Regina in Newport, RI. I took my jeep out after class one day and went for a cruise down by the beaches. Lots of guys surfing and I like to check them out. It is January of 2001, but these guys are diehards!!! And the hard bodies man, just made my dick ache more and more, and could just stay there in my jeep all day and watch these guys get suited up and head out into the frigid surf.

One Tuesday afternoon, took a turn in events for me in the parking lot. Up pulled beside me was a Federal Express truck and this gorgeous guy, I’d say around 28, was pulling in to eat his lunch. Now I’m glancing the guys getting suited up and this hunk of a guy eating his sandwich. I notice he glances over at me and I him several times, and finally I felt a comfort zone and smiled back, and was a little relaxed about it, however my dick was aching.

He made a motion with his head to follow him as he started his truck, so I waited for him to back out and then I backed out and followed. Here I am not knowing what to expect, I’m 5'9, dirty blonde, 160 lbs, and in great shape. I follow him down toward to the second parking lot to this huge beach; he makes a signal, a fast not normal signal, like he was manually doing it for me to notice to turn with him. Ummmm, so I did!!! He pulls in and I follow him down to the end of the parking lot. I pull up beside him.

He keeps looking down toward his crotch, I see from my car, as if an invitation and looks up at me, this goes on for a minute or so, and I nod my head. He points for me to go behind the truck, and I get out of my jeep meet him there as he is opening the back of the truck. Man I was shaking. He was so fucking gorgeous, not model like, but you know the butch type of 28, brown hair and eyes, clean cut, All American look.

He helps me in the truck and we both notice cars passing the front as I am kneeling in front of him, so he walks toward the front and shuts the divider to the back and returns in front of me, we made small talk as I unzipped his uniform to find a nice dick of about 7 inches and on the thick side, with a nice set of balls. He puts his hand behind my head and I take his dick in my mouth and I start sucking slowly and feeling his balls in my hand at the same time. I look up and he is looking in my eyes with complete lust and an awesome smile that just made me suck him even harder.

He warned me that he’d give up a large load, and I just nodded for him to give it to me. Now he just starts thrusting into my mouth and I feel his balls start to tighten and I knew I was in for a fucking treat. This awesome dude let out a moan like you wouldn’t believe and shot 4 to 5 squirts of his hot load down in my throat.

I stood up and started kissing him and made out for like 5 minutes. We agreed to meet again, and I definitely accepted. We are also planning on getting together for possibly something more. But I have never had an encounter like this in my life, the thrill and excitement was just way too much.

I went home and jerked off just thinking about his face as I was giving him the blow job of his career!!! I can’t wait to see him again.

Please let me know what you think, email me at : JOEBOO1969@aol.com Thanks!!!