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Captured By Indians

By The Blade

submitted January 3, 1998

Categories: Bondage

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Rick had been riding out on the range alone when he found himself surrounded by 8 Indians. Rick knew that he didn't stand a chance in escaping them, so he simply raised his hands in surrender. The leader motioned for him to dismount.

He got off of his horse and one of the warriors led the horse away. The leader walked up to Rick and slapped him across the face. He told him that he had been riding on sacred burial ground, and that he would have to be punished. Rick tried to tell them that he didn't even know, but all the leader did was slap him again and tell him to be quiet. The leader then stood directly in front of him and ripped off his shirt. Rick had a smooth muscled chest that the leader caressed for a moment. Then, Rick's hands were tied in front of him, and the other end of the rope was tied to the waist of the warrior. The warrior then mounted his horse and forced Rick to walk behind the animal. The other warriors followed silently behind.

After about an hour's journey, they arrived at a ceremonial area, where Rick was untied. He stood at attention as the other warriors dismounted and tied their horses away from the area. The warriors then surrounded the cowboy once again. Rick looked at each one of them. They were strong, handsome men, who wore only loin cloths. The sight of these men only heightened his excitement at what might happen.

Rick was then pushed to the ground, where his hands spread apart and tied to 2 stakes in the ground. Then, the warriors removed his boots, socks, pants, and underwear leaving him naked. Only, then were his legs spread and raw-hide was wrapped around his ankles and fastened to 2 other stakes. Rick was laying on his back, spread-eagle under the hot sun. Two of the men would alternately caress and then bite at Rick's large nipples. In unison, they both bit into them and began to pull at them as if to rip them out of his chest. Rick knew not to scream. then, another member of the tribe started to play with his balls, and just as Rick was getting excited, he would grab and squeeze them as if he were trying to crush them. The captive winced, but did not say anything.

A fire had been started nearby and soon the leader walked over to him carrying a red hot coal, dropping it onto Rick's hand. The pain was too intense and for the first time the cowboy screamed. He tried to move his hand to get rid of the coal, but it seemed to take forever before he could tilt his hand so that it would drop to the ground.

One of the men came over and poured cold water onto the bound man's hand, and then he stooped to give Rick a drink. The water tasted so good, Rick asked for more. All he was told was that this was it for the night and they would resume his torture in the morning.

The Indians left him lying alone, nude, and hungry, staked out on the desert ground for the cold evening. Rick could barely sleep because of the cold, as well as the continuing pain in his hand.

The next morning, his tormentors appeared again. Rick was again surrounded by these 8 beautiful men, and at the sight of their bodies, he began to become aroused. The warriors laughed. Then, the leader said that this was the sign of evil in their midst and he walked away, returning with a bullwhip. The men all stood back as the leader proceeded to whip Rick across his chest, legs, and even his semi-hardened dick. Rick writhed in pain as the whip ripped into his nude body. The leader was becoming aroused, watching him flex his well-toned muscles. After 20 lashes, he stopped. Rick's chest was bloodied and scarred from the savage beating. Now it hurt even to breathe, and he began to wonder how long this punishment would take--and if he would just be killed, slowly.

Then, the whole scene changed. One warrior came over and began to put warm, soothing oil onto Rick's body. It felt good to be caressed and touched like this. First his shoulders, then his chest--and down to his legs. Finally, the brave started to caress Rick's balls and ever-hardening penis. Rick, in spite of his pain, was being turned on. The warrior then, lowered his head and began to suck on that hard dick. It was so gentle and loving that Rick almost forgot the beating that he had endured. It didn't take long before he was so aroused that he shot a wad into the brave's mouth.

The brave smiled and then he crawled up on top of the captive. He removed his loin-cloth exposing a huge 9" dick and pushed it into Rick's mouth. The brave forced Rick to suck him off. Rick wasn't fond of this... but he did what he had to -- and was beginning to enjoy. When this brave came into Rick's mouth, he left, only to be replaced by a second man, then a third until all 8 men were serviced!

By now it was Noon and the sun was hotter than ever bearing down on this nude body. Rick had finished blowing the last brave and then, the men left again.... leaving him alone under the hot sun... with the raw-hide contracting and growing ever tighter around his ankles and wrists.

Before they left, they had applied more lotion to his nude body. Rick pleaded with them not to leave, but they all laughed as they rode away. He struggled to be freed, but he simply could not free himself. Then, he noticed a new sensation over his body. That lotion was more than lotion, it must have been like honey or sugar for now ants and insects were starting to crawl onto his nude body and were literally beginning to eat him alive!

It seemed like an eternity, as his body became covered with all kinds of creatures. The insects were soon attracting the snakes who had come to feast upon this banquet! Just as it almost became unbearable, a lone horsemen rode up--and threw water onto the captive. It was Rick's best friend, who had tracked him down. He quickly freed Rick and helped to brush all of the ants and the like off of his body.

He then had Rick climb onto his horse and they both rode away. As Rick described what had happened to him, to his friend, Vince, he decided that maybe he would like to explore these sacred burial grounds as well!

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