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Caught By Dad

By daddy's boy

submitted March 22, 1998

Categories: Family Fun

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Mike lay on his parent's bed talking to his father who was in the bathroom taking a shower. He was attempting to explain why he should be allowed to take the car out this weekend, when his father walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing at all.

Mike loved to see his father naked. His dad was a tall man, 6'4", built like a brick shit house, and covered in dark hair. He was a construction worker and had the body to prove it. Mike sometimes felt scared being around his father naked. He knew that if his father found out what was going through his mind he would probably kill him. But he couldn't help himself.

Within seconds of seeing his father naked his running shorts were poking up. Mike tried to roll over on his stomach to hide it, but it was too late. His father saw it. "Why the fuck you popping a boner for, kiddo?" his father asked tersely.

"You getting off to your old man?" Mike started to get up and leave when his father bolted to him and knocked him on the bed. "No...this is want you want isn't it? You think you're the first? I knew guys like you in the army. Always wanting to see my cock or even suck it, well...be careful what you wish for, son."

With that his father ripped off his son's gym shorts to expose his fully erect cock. He reached over the bed to his son's already hard cock and began to gently run his fingers up and down the length of the shaft. "You have a nice cock, son. Just like your father's," he said has he reached down to stroke his own cock.

While 25 years separated father and son their bodies were astonishingly similar. Both were fairly hairy with the same pattern of hair traveling up from the stomach to spread out over their big barrel chests. The son looked down at this father's cock. It was identical to his own. Both had enormous low hanging balls.

Both had large cocks that even when flaccid drew looks from the other guys in the gym showers. But when erect they were a sight to behold. Two twin trunks of manhood. Both thick and 9" long and surrounded by a think nest of dark hair. Precum oozed from the tips of their heads and sweat glistened off of their bodies. The son pulled himself towards his father so that he could smell his masculine scent. Burying his face into his father's arm pits he took a deep long inhale and reveled in the musky scent. He then started to lick his father's pit at first.

Letting the long dark hairs tickle his face and nose, then he dived in and started slurping up gobs of saliva, hair, and musky sweat. Meanwhile his father worked a spit coated finger into his son's asshole. His tight pink sphincter quivered with anticipation as the large index finger plunged into the depths of his body.

Then after the father had worked his entire fist into the tight boy ass he pulled it out with a jerk. "Down on the floor you fucking queer!" his father exclaimed. The boy obeyed his father diligently. Standing over his cowering son the father took his think meaty tool and aimed it at his naked boy. Letting loose a stream of hot piss he coated his son in his hot yellow urine. His full bladder, aching for release, now felt incredible as it emptied itself onto the fruit of his loins. Steadily the piss continued to stream onto the son. He let it cover his face and run down over his chest and onto his legs. He opened his mouth to partake of the father's gift.

Still kneeling on the floor in the pool of his father's piss, the boy raised his anxious buttocks into the air as his father knelt down to straddle him. Forcefully he rammed his 9" dad meat into his son's piss coated hole. Pumping and pumping every inch of his monster into his son, he yelled and groaned as the young boy bucked violently straining under the force of his father. "Fuck me harder!" the son begged.

His father obeyed and rammed his son even harder so that his low hanging balls struck with such a force against the son's ass they made an audible slapping noise. The father reached downwards and with his great strength picked up his son off the floor. While holding the boy in his arms he continued to pump his ass full of hard dad cock. The son looked at his father watching the sweat glistening body that was fucking him. His eyes traveled down to the sweat covered chest which was full of wet, matted hair.

The son began sucking on one of his father's large nipples. Bathing it with his tongue and feeling the great strength of the pectorals muscle underneath. The bit into the tender nipple and tugged on it with his teeth. The father groaned with pain and pleasure from the torture his son was inflicting upon him. Having enough, the father threw his son down onto the bed. Reaching down with his powerful, hair covered fingers, he spread his son's ass cheeks open wide and looked with anticipation at the sweat and jism coated man hole before him.

Then he dove in with the full force of his tongue. The son grunted with approval as his father's rough five o'clock shadow scraped the insides of his ass sending exquisite feelings rippling all through his body. As his father buried his face into his son's ass, the reached around and started to jack off the son's dick. Pumping slowly at first then building up to a frenzied pace. The son shot off his hot load while father continued to eat out his ass, with each contraction from his ejaculation the boy's ass tensed up squeezing the father's tongue and drawing it deeper inside. The father then turned his son over and forced his thick prick down his son's throat. With both hands holding his son's head the father fucked his son's face with full force. Finally he felt his own cum erupting and pulled his cock out. Shooting stream after stream onto his son's face and hairy chest, he then bent down and licked it off. The father then stood up and began to walk out of the room.

"Clean up this mess," he said, "before your mother gets home." The son obeyed and worked to erase all evidence of what had occurred.

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