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Chain Gang Boy, Part 3

By Dale Hart

submitted August 8, 2002

Categories: Free Form

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A little of the street vernacular slips from the lips of Mike Beard as he is driving back to headquarters. "This sucks," he says aloud as he is silently pondering what to do about his discovery of Robby and Hank doing gay sex in Marsh Creek. He says, "This sucks," again, this time squeezing the steering wheel with masculine consternation. Using the vulgar word suck doesn't even faze him--this is a man who lives in two worlds: one real (hence, this sucks), and one ideal, that is to say his job description and his role as Preacher, husband, father, etc.

The answer he is seeking comes to him while waiting at a stoplight. At Teachers College he learned that one way to deal with misbehavior is to ignore it--this is especially true when the behavior hasn't hurt anyone and is not likely to repeat itself. This was true for these boys stealing sex on the job. What he'd do was make sure he didn't let the two of them be placed in a place so attractive and private.

But Mike thought he needed to let them know that he knew about them. He decided that this message would be "in the air" if he sent an aide to pick them up.

The result was better than he had hoped for. The aide came back saying that the boys were hard at work and were finishing up what should have been a two-day job in just one day. And for the remainder of their sentences the two of them worked their balls off regardless of what they were assigned. Mike assigned them to work together without a worry. They had gotten his message and they understood that he respected them, so they worked for him to show that they respected him.

But these guys were well-hung studs. Their yearning for each other's body had begun in a creek on a Friday. The weekend lay open to them and they were going to finish what they had started. They were going to get to know each other and they were going to drop their pants facing one another, ready to know all that the rough and tender touch of their bodies could tell.

So this story begins with their hanging up their work clothes, showering and getting into their own gear. Robby is wearing Levi's 527's and the lust he wears is pricey. Hank wears baggy jeans hung as low as Robby's tight-fitting queerboy outfit. Hank drives his Subaru Outback right on the rear bumper of Robby's Jetta GL and they make it to Robby's apartment in East Mt. Airy at speeds that pressed it a bit. These guys were hot for each other. Looks like bed without dinner is the way to go.

Inside Robby shows Hank his large one-bedroom apartment--it has a breakfast nook with lots of glass to let in the sun. Lots of light shows Robby's body and his friendly willingness to have special people like Hank have anything they want from him. The Levis slung off the hip might seem feminine, but his muscles and the way he moves is pure male and hot. Hank takes what he wants; his hand goes to the basket and discovers there something that is alive, moving, growing.

Robby stands there enjoying this sex so flagrant. Suck my nips, suck 'em. Hank doesn't go straight for them, but starts to suck on Robby's neck while letting one hand go under his tee, very reluctant to let go of Rob's enormous cock. Both hands help the tee off feeling for the nips as the tee falls away. But God, first he's got to kiss this guy and Rob's tongue welcomes the hot licks of Hank's tongue. They go French in a kiss that is so full of turns and junctions it's good they have the map in their heads. They go extra miles in this kiss to make up for the kiss they lost in the water. Robby is sucking Hank's mouth and in this lost world of what a kiss admits to it is strange to see his fingertips placed lightly upon Hanks nipples in a touch that is distracted but felt powerfully by Hank who moans and grinds his loins at Rob's sex point so ready, so hard, oozing pre-cum.

"Strip my jeans down and take me in your mouth!"

"Oh yeah, you cannot let a cock like yours swelter. Let me cool your man with my tongue." H. is down on his knees and unfastens the bulging jeans and pulls down Robby's pre-cum soaked mini-briefs. The cock of a man is in his face and he does the only thing you can do when faced with a cock that is so large and ready: you lay your lips upon it and taste it. You take it in your mouth and gorge yourself with the gift it gives and the gift it holds for you until you taste it perfectly.

Hank has never sucked such before. This is a miracle and it is too much cock--a two-hander. He can't get it down his throat without gagging on it. But over and over he lets it pulse in his mouth awaiting its gift, which is soon to come, if Robby's moans mean anything. The boy is ripe. He's trembling and he pulls upon Hank's head with such violence that Hank is getting his face fucked, drowning in wet cock and coming back for more.

But now there is a wail that comes from out of the fissures of the earth, no, out of Robby and cum is going to be thrown along his long shaft. It is coming! "I'm gonna cum! No!! Yess!! Take me!!" The cumshot is perfect, laying hot cum into Hank's cum-seeking mouth. He sucks the dick. He swallows the cum of his lover. He goes for more and more comes so that his lips run a river of glorious cum down his chin and to his chest! Now Hank is a madman and he goes for more when there is no more! "Gimmemore!"

Robby teeters in ecstasy. There is this crazy boy at his cock! He won't stop! Rob wonders what this boy will do in bed--in a bed with mirrors to let him see!


Cum with me my true love...

The mirror sex scene follows.

Some very good fucking.

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