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Coney Island Rape, Part III

By Speedo Papa

submitted January 20, 1998

Categories: Tales From The Locker Room

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I felt his hard cock at the entrance to my insides.

"Relax and take it like a man." he told me.

I let my muscles go limp, and he slowly penetrated my little ass. Suddenly a fierce pain shot through me. I tried to pull away but, the boys held me firmly in their grasp. The intruder paused for a moment and the pain subsided.

"Relax Cutie. You can take it." He slapped my butt and resumed his assault on my virgin butt hole. Now it began to feel really nice. Finally, he was all the way in, and I could feel his pubic hair against my butt. He began slowly pulling out. I wanted to shout, "No. Don't pull out. Stay in me forever!" but I kept quiet, like a good little boy, and before he pulled all the way out he reversed and began slowly entering me again.

My penis was so hard that I thought it would burst. I could feel electric shocks shooting up my spine. I was in heaven!

"How do you like getting fucked?" asked his blond friend, who was standing in front of me.

I was so into what was happening to me that I could not speak.

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