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Construction Stud Slave, Part 1

By Perseus

submitted March 12, 1999

Categories: Bondage

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I saw the guy every day on my walk-throughs. Short, blond, built like a brick shithouse: pecs bursting through his thin, ripped

tee, broad shoulders, and a heavy, round-muscled ass. Probably 22.

I wanted him.

And he was cocky. I could tell. One of those stud boys who knows you're looking at him and struts his stuff just to tease.

The older carpenters gave him the scut work. It was because of this that he was always the last one out, clean-up duty, on Fridays.

One week earlier I had made up my mind to have him. That week I made my preparations. I had an ulterior motive on my walk-throughs: I was now checking out equipment possibilities for the plot that was shaping itself. I could hardly sleep at night, working out different hot scenarios.

Finally I was ready.

At 3:00, just before they quit for the day, I went to the foreman with a trumped-up business of needing extra clean-up. Of course, the boy was told to do it all.

At 5:00, well after everyone else was gone, I went down the stairs to the Undercroft with a small cooler. The boy was working, shirt off, gleaming with sweat, wearing his customary slashed jeans showing more than a small glimpse of his plaid boxer shorts, thighs, and knees.

Chummy, I greeted him and explained that I had come back to see how he was doing. I felt bad about giving him the extra work and had brought a six-pack. Would he like a cold one?

He accepted readily and I reached into the cooler and popped two bottle tops. Little could he see that the beer I gave him was already open. And it had a special ingredient.

At first he was just sleepy but within a minute or two he could tell something was wrong. I had to help him over to a chair. I thrilled to the feel of his sweaty body as I supported him. He decided he was sick. He could hardly move. I offered to call an ambulance. I went to the kitchen and trumped up a false phone conversation. I assured him the ambulance was on its way. Within 5 minutes he was out cold.

The drug I had given him ensured a heavy sleep for 4-6 hours.

Once I could tell he was well out of it I went around the building and locked the doors, taking care to jam the panic hardware so that the doors would not open, even with a key.

Then, after double-checking my unconscious stud, I went to the unused class room where I had hidden my paraphernalia. It took several trips. I set up the video equipment and then the photo camera with the remote "porno cord" before inflating the queen-sized mattress. I rolled my charge on to it, then set up the lights to spotlight my prize. He was blissfully unconscious. I turned on the video camera and joined him on the mattress. I felt him up, running my hands all over him, thrilling to know that, unconscious, he was completely helpless. Then I slowly removed his jeans and boxer shorts, leaving on only his work boots and socks.

He was all I had imagined. I slowly and lovingly fondled his privates and buttocks, rolling him over to get a good close look at his wonderful ass. His buttocks were the roundest, thickest muscles I had ever seen. I had intended to start on his nipples, but I changed plans. I was dizzy with desire. I tucked a pillow under his crotch to raise him, and spread his relaxed legs wide. Kneeling between his shapely thighs I glimpsed the shadowed depths of his ass crack. Leaned closer. And closer. Smelled the musk rising from it. Smelled his sweat. These smells put me over and I lowered my face to him, kissing and licking his superb butt, working my spit into his damp crack and zeroing in on his tight little rosebud.

I kissed it.

Licked it in slow circles.

And penetrated him with my tongue. Deeply.

He was silent, unconscious, for the next 30 minutes as I methodically devoured his ass, reaming him with my eager tongue, slurping at his musky cleft.

Finally I stopped, not because I was tired of this glorious ass but because I had other things to get done.

I licked all over his body, familiarizing myself with its tastes, rolling him over to lick his chest, armpits, crotch, scrotum, and penis. Worked his nipples, chewing on them.

Then, still fully clothed, I lay on top of him and kissed his face and lips. Spreading his thighs, I pressed my groin to his. I dry-humped him while forcing my tongue into his slack mouth and french-kissing him. My cock was rock hard, trapped in the cloth of my Levis as I ground against his naked body. I used the remote to take a few snapshots of this.

It was time to get naked. I tore off my clothes and got back on top of him again. For a long time I luxuriated in rubbing my body all over the naked, gorgeous boy toy, knowing that there was no intimacy he could deny me, loving the feel of his skin against my naked body, my rigid prick poking at his fuzzy blond groin. I took some shots of this.

Then I posed a few more shots. First: fellatio. I lifted his head and stuck my dick in his loose mouth, rubbing my penis against his gums and tongue. Then: analingus. I swung around and sat on his face, spreading my buttocks to plant my anus right on his lips. Squirming and writhing, I imagined him being forced to service my ass, lapping at my butt to drive me into ecstasy.

After a while I had another idea for some good photo poses. I took his heavy leather tool belt and put it on me. Then I took a pair of handcuffs and dog collar I had brought (for later!), cuffed his wrists together in front of him and put on the dog collar with its heavy leash. I sat him up, hanging on to his shoulders to keep him upright, then stepped through the circle of his arms, facing away from him, and hooked the cuffs to the front buckle of the utility belt I was wearing. This made it look like he was sitting up and gripping my waist. His lolling head was a few inches from my ass. Pulling on the leash I drew his face to my buttocks and guided his mouth to my anus. Posing sensually, I took photos as I unobtrusively held his head in place with the dog leash. These shots made it look like he was sitting between my legs and eagerly devouring my butt as I spread my ass and writhed in ecstasy.

Then for good measure I turned around and re-cuffed him and made it look like he was hugging me and sucking my dick.

By this time I was so hot I nearly shot in his mouth. But it was not my plan to do that so soon and I withdrew, letting him flop back to the mattress.

He had been out for 3 hours. It was time to pop his cherry.

I rolled him over and propped his hips up. Lubing up a finger, I slid it into him. He was like butter. Eagerly, I lubed my cock and slowly pushed into him. Asleep, his anus offered no resistance. I slid easily through his sphincter until my entire length was in him. His virgin interior felt like wet silk clinging to my throbbing member.

Slowly, lovingly, I worked my iron-hard cock in his ass, fucking him in slow, grinding circles.

Helpless, relaxed, his ass welcomed me like pussy. He was my fuckboy. My buttslave. I added lube frequently so as not to abrade his tender virgin assflesh.

The butch blond construction stud lay there, face down, thighs and buttocks spread wide as I violated him, dominating his sweet, virile, athletic body and degrading his masculinity.

This scene was making me so hot that I had to stop for a few minutes. It was almost time to cum - but not quite.

There was one final degradation.

Trembling, I opened my duffel bag and took out the cheerleader's outfit. It was difficult but I managed to slip the sweater with its built-in falsies over his torso, then pulled the pleated skirt up his masculine legs to snug it on his narrow hips. Quickly I put the blond curly wig on his head and applied garish lipstick and rouge to his handsome face. His little blond mustache looked wonderfully incongruous with the red lipstick on his mouth.

Then I put on my costume: shoulder pads, jersey, jock strap, white socks and cleated football shoes.

Repositioning the video camera for a better angle, I arranged his unconscious form to look feminine and demure: knees together, both to one side; hands clasped together on one side of his head, which was turned coyly away.

The scene was set.

I jumped onto the bed and grabbed his wrists, forcing them to the mattress. Then, like it was rape, I french-kissed his painted mouth while feeling up his "tits" and putting my hand up his skirt.

I roughly pushed up his skirt to expose his crotch to the camera, then lifted his legs high and bent them back toward his head, spreading his ass pussy and putting it at a good mounting angle. Then, face to face with my victim, I put my hard dick against his slick boy twat and entered him.

Without further ado I fucked him. Hard. Raping him as I pinned him to the mattress.

After several minutes I could wait no longer. With a shout of triumph I came, pumping his sweet virgin ass full of my hot white seed.

I came for a long time, and then lay there with my dick in him, savoring the feeling as I softened in his wet, buttery rectum.

I cleaned him up and looked at my watch. He would be out for about another hour or two, but I wanted to take no chances.

It was time to tie him to the scaffold.

And wait for him to wake up.

When, bound, gagged, and blindfolded, he would be my sex toy a second time.

Wide awake.

And he would be forced to enjoy it.

*** *** ***

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