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Cousin Sees My Uncut Cock

By Uncut

submitted February 12, 2002

Categories: Foreskin Fun--Uncut

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I was 18 and my cousin turned 18 no long ago and he moved into his own place. I helped him move in and he asked me to stay the night. I am 5'7 " 165 pounds, brown hair and eyes, 6" uncut. Native American Indian and work out often so I am in good shape.

My cousin Freddy is 6' 185 also in good shape with blond hair and blue eyes. Anyway since I was sweat, after Freddy showered I showered next. When I came out of the shower I didn't have clean clothes so I wrapped a towel around my waist and joined Freddy in the living room.

We were watching some television and Fred asked if I would like a little snack or something. I said, “Sure, what do you have we could eat?” When he got up I also got up and my towel fell to the ground. There I was totally naked in front of my cousin, he had never seen me naked before.

I was embarrassed and reached for my towel. Fred said, "Wait, I have never seen an uncut cock up close, can I look at yours?" “ I paused and replied, I guess so, after all we’re cousins.”

He walked over to me and knelt down before me and began closely examining my cock. Then he said, "Can I touch it?"

I was a little worried because I knew if he touched me, I would get hard and I didn't want him to think I was gay. I said, “Sure” as I thought to myself--just think of other things and try not to get hard. It worked for a little while, but as he continued to rub my foreskin and my shaft as he said how cool it looked and felt, I could not stop anymore and I started to get a hard on.

He didn't seem to be alarmed and said, "Cool, I was hoping I could see it hard." He continued to rub my foreskin and then he leant in and licked my foreskin and I got a full-fledged hard on. He smiled as he opened his mouth and took my hard, uncut cock in his warm wet mouth and began sucking. He would nurse on my loose foreskin and then go up and down my shaft sucking, slurping and moaning.

He really enjoyed sucking on my foreskin and putting his tongue inside my foreskin and licking my head. Then he would bob up and down the shaft and increase his speed. It didn't take long before I was shooting my load down his throat.

He just continued sucking and soon afterwards, I sucked his cut cock. We were sucking each other all that night. That was just the start of many future sessions.

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