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Cum Face

By Brian

submitted August 23, 1999

Categories: True Stories

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I can't get enough cum. I love to be on my knees in front of a guy while he jacks off on my face.

A couple years ago, I was in the college men's room standing at the urinal. I was so hungry for some thick cock cream, I started to get hard. I stared at every cock that was pissing next to me. The guy next to me saw me staring at his cock. My heart was pounding from the danger but I kept staring.

After the other guys left, he turned to me with cock in hand and said "Do you want it?" My mouth was watering. He told me to follow him. We went to a study room down the hall that locked from the inside. He shut the door, and took off his shirt. He was smooth chested with big shoulders and muscular arms. His face resembled Brad Pitt with short sandy hair and intense blue eyes.

Without saying a word, he slid his belt open, popped open the top snap of his jeans and pulled his zipper down. I couldn't wait any more. I dropped to my knees and pulled his jeans to the floor. His cock was hard and I admired the perfect shape of the head through the bright white briefs. I pulled the waistband down and hungrily popped all 8" in my mouth.

I sucked that thick cock like my mouth was made for it. Every time he was ready to cum, I stopped and started to lick his balls and lick up and down his shaft. I could taste his pre cum on my lips. I was crazy for his cum. I wanted to feel the tube pulse at the bottom of his cock and feel the squirt of thick juice splash on the back of my throat. I wrapped my lips around the wet shaft, he grabbed my hair, and began a slow fucking motion.

He pushed his cock head down my throat until his sandy pubic hair was tight to my tips. I sucked for that milk like it the cum I lived on. Suddenly, he pulled my head back with his left hand and held the shiny shaft in front of my face. My mouth hung open and my tongue stained to reach that delicious cock. He just looked down at me and smiled.

He started jerking it. It shot in big, volleys of sticky, white streams. One jet after another. On my tongue, my lips, my nose, cheeks and chin. Another warm blast hit my forehead, and a stream flew into my hair, warming my scalp as it dripped off my hair.

Finally when he was done, he pulled up his jeans and reached in his pocket. He pulled out a handkerchief and carefully cleaned off his cock in front of me. He zipped up and looked down at me on knees with my face plastered in cum.

I looked up with a helpless glaze on my face and tried to lick around my lips to catch the cum dripping off my cheeks.

He gave a little chuckle, adjusted himself contentedly, and walked out the door.

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