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Dad And Me At The Rest Area

By jason

submitted June 24, 1998

Categories: Chance Encounters

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Hi my name is Jason and I have a habit of walking over to the highway rest area near my house. Well, in this rest area there is a nice glory hole in the stall walls, which you can see into the next stall and also stick a nice hard cock through it, or even fuck a nice ass.

Well one night I was in the restroom, waiting to see a nice hard cock and someone entered the restroom, and went into the next stall. I didn't see his face, because I was so interested in what I saw when that man dropped his pant and underwear. I saw the biggest, hardest cock that I have ever seen--it was nice and I had to have some of it.

Well, I keep looking through the hole and soon that man got up and put his cock near the hole. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, and he put that nice cock in my mouth. I licked the head and took as much of that cock in my mouth as I could and sucked and sucked on it. His balls were also very big and shaved smooth; I love smooth balls. Well, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and he reached through the hole and pulled me towards him, pulling me up. He then unfasten my pants and pulled them down.

I didn't have any underwear on, so he then reached toward my ass and turned me around and started to feel my ass. He found my hole and started to finger fuck me. Well, he soon stopped fingering my hole and then pulled me closer to the hole again. This time, I felt his hard cock against my butt hole and I knew he wanted to fuck me.

He sure did, and his cock entered my hole--it was great to feel that big cock entering my hole, as he started to fuck me. I loved it! What a great feeling--that big cock going in and out of my hole. Then it happened, he came in me. I felt tons of cum shooting into me. It was great, his cum felt hot, and I loved it!

Soon, he pulled out of me and fingered my hole just once more. Well, I thought it was time to take a break, so I pulled my pants up and the man in the next stall did the same. I really wanted to see what he looked like, who knows, maybe I could talk him into fucking me again sometime.

Well, I waited until I heard the door open on his stall, and then I opened my door too--there was my dad--staring at me in disbelief, but looking right at me! I got close to my dad and leaded forward, kissing my dad on the lips. I told him that I loved him....

This was the start of a new and exciting relationship with my dad.

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